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How Zinc Improves Female Testosterone Levels

Zinc is an awesome mineral. If you are looking to boost your testosterone and haven’t considered it, we have a lot to teach you

If you have considered it but are wondering exactly why it is so important, you’re in the right place.

There is a reason why Zinc features in the LifeRenu Female Factor ingredients. It lives up to its hype in so many more ways than people know.

Lets find out exactly why.






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Zinc and Testosterone


Zinc is an essential mineral. This means you need to consume itthrough your diet since your body can’t make its own, and can’t store it adequately.

Zinc has a crucial role to play in the following processes

  • Immunity

  • Wound healing

  • Growth and development

  • Muscle development

  • Fetal Development

  • Fertility

  • Libido

  • Sense of taste and smell


How zinc influences testosterone levels aren’t fully understood. Having the mineral insufficient levels, although, may benefit your testosterone in the following ways.



Zinc improves the functioning of Testosterone producing cells.

More than 100 enzymes rely on zinc for their proper functioning. Zinc is also involved in a variety of processes that keep your cells running properly.

Ovarian cells are the chief producer of testosterone in the female body. Adrenal glands and fac cells also produce testosterone, so proper functioning of all these cells is important to hormone levels.



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Zinc Blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Aromatase is an important enzyme. It prevents your ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells from raising your testosterone levels too high by converting it to estrogen.

The delicate balance between male and female sex hormones keeps your body functioning optimally. However, when your body begins to produce less testosterone, this balance is disturbed.

Hypogonadism is a state of deficient testosterone, and may also occur due to the following:

  • Diseases affecting the ovaries

  • Chemotherapy

  • Obesity

  • HIV

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Chronic stress


If you don't have any of the above conditions, then a dietary deficiency in zinc could be the cause of your low testosterone levels.

Another cause of low testosterone is age. Over time, the ovaries produce less and less zinc, with the sharpest drop occurring after menopause.

Decreased testosterone levels may manifest in the following ways.

  • Low Libido

  • Poor muscle and bone density

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Reduced skin elasticity

  • Hair thinning and loss

  • Mood swings

  • Brain fog

  • Mild anxiety


Fortunately, supplementation with zinc showed a decrease in in the severity of these symptoms. It was a no brainer for LifeRenu to add the mineral to the female factor formulation, though they went a step further with other testosterone boosting substances.

But what benefits will you be able to see and feel thanks to Zinc’s beneficial effects? Let's find out.



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Improved Libido

When you lack testosterone, it will be harder to turn you on, regardless of your partner or stimuli.

More specifically, you’ll experience the following:

  • Decreased sexual fantasies

  • Decreased desire for sex

  • Decreased response to sexual stimuli

  • Reduced enjoyment of sex

  • Difficulty reaching orgasm



This is where zinc comes to the rescue. Studies have shown that daily supplementation with the mineral boosted the libido of women, reversing many of the above symptoms.

Zinc also improves your immunity and general health. This is because it plays a role in the function of u to 100 enzymes in your body.

A healthy body is a sexy body. Your added confidence will shine in the bedroom.

It's important to take the mineral daily and in sufficient amounts. This is because your body has no way of adequately storing zinc. Taking your daily does of your Female Factor pills is the most convenient way to reap the benefits.



Improved skin and hair.

Testosterone affects the quality of your hair and skin. Losses in these areas are classic symptoms of aging.

The amounts of collagen, in your skin are in part regulated by testosterone. Without the androgen, your skin will hold onto less of the protein, leading to wrinkles.

When it comes to your hair, it will become thinner and less vibrant due to decreases in testosterone. Yes, you will find yourself having to shave less often but in extreme cases deficiency can lead to baldness.

With zinc reducing the rate at which your testosterone gets converted to estrogen, your hair and skin can maintain their youthful state.



Easier Weight-loss

Estrogen causes you to gain weight while testosterone wants you to lose it. By blocking aromatic, zinc tips the scale in the favor of fat loss.

Increased testosterone also boosts your metabolism, and helps you gain more muscle. You’ll thus find it easier to burn more calories and tone your body up.


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