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Become A Superhero With This Workout

Workout routines for beginners – We all know and have grown to love the Heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk all come to mind when we consider the pinnacle of physique potential.


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We love these legends of the MCU as just that, legends. People with unattainable attributes, including their body composition.


Well, what if we told you that it’s totally possible to look like Thor or Captain America (not so much The Hulk, unless you get a little extra something if you know what we mean…).


After all, these two heroes are played by two real men, using their real bodies. Two men named Chris.


So if you are a Chris, you already have a foot in the door, if not, don’t worry, you have an equal shot too. We can all look like superheroes with the correct program and level of discipline.


Your training game plan will determine your endgame and it's right here! You’ll just need to buy your own cape and costume.


How to Train for your Superhero Badge

So we mentioned that discipline is going to be key in achieving what we have set out in this workout guide.


Superhero Badge


What that means for the training tips we’re about to share is you need to hit them 4 times a week for 4 weeks. Workout routines for beginners. Yes, you heard us right, 4 WEEKS!


Transformations can happen in that timeframe, but you need to be focused…it's not easy being and Avenger


Each of your 4 weeks will be periodized and you can cycle this workout for sustained results over 8 and 12 weeks (2-3 cycles)


Resistance level should be at 55-60% of your 1 rep max


  • Week 1: 3×10 reps
  • Week 2: 4×6 reps
  • Week 3: each exercise for 40 seconds with 20-second rest intervals


On non-training days, go for light intensity cardio or work on your mobility with yoga, animal flow or a sport you enjoy.


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How To Be a Real Superhero: A 3 Step Workout Guide


Step 1: Warming-up


Warming up is essential to getting the most out of your workout and in improving your odds against injury.




Focus on joint mobility, breathing, and heart rate.


Never do static stretches during a warm-up, this is an ancient mistake than many people still make. Stretching before a workout leads to increased injury risk. Stretching is for after.



Step 2: Working Out.


So now we get to the meat and potatoes of your road to superherodom, workout routines for beginners.


Working Out


Remember to follow the 4-week periodization protocols which you can cycle up to 12 weeks, just increasing resistance with each cycle.



1. Rear-foot elevated static lunge.


Standing about 15” in front of a box, bench or raised the solid surface, place one-foot upside-down (resting on the top of the foot) on the raised surface behind and engage a lunge by bending your front leg until your front quad is parallel to the floor.


plank position


Make sure you maintain an upright posture and keep the dumbbells in balanced positions in each hand.


Perform the set and rep range for each leg. Don’t alternate, the key is to optimize time under tension for each leg.



2. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift.


With dumbbells in each hand, take a neutral stance with your feet hip-width apart, workout routines for beginners.


Romanian Deadlift


Lock your core, look forward and bend over about the hinge of your hips. Slight flexion (bending) of the knees is good.


Stop as soon as you feel a slight burn in your hamstrings. Pause for about 4 seconds under this tension and lif up, engaging the glutes as your main muscle of focus to complete a rep.


Also, remember to always look forward even in the downward phase of the deadlift for correct postural alignment.



3. Dumbbell bilateral Tempo Row.


In the same position as the downward phase of the deadlift. This time, you maintain the position, locking your core and engaging your shoulders.


bilateral Tempo


With dumbbells hanging in each hand, pull them up to hip-height in a rowing motion, then lower down slowly to the start position to complete one rep.



4. Dumbbell Single-arm Half Bench-press.


Lying on a flat bench, hold a dumbbell in one hand leaving the other hand free. Hang the side of your body with the arm holding the weight slightly off the edge of the bench.


Dumbbell Single-arm


Hold the weight up with a straight arm to begin. Slowly lower the weight until it's close to chest height. Push up to complete one rep.


Repeat the set and rep range for each arm and don’t alternate.



5. Bent-over Triceps Kickback.


Bent over with a hip-width stance, pull your arms up until your upper arm is parallel and lined up to your torso and your forearm is at 90 degrees.


Bent-over Triceps Kickback


In this position, you lift the dumbbells backward about the elbow until your arm is more or less straight.


From here, slowly lower your forearm until you get back to the starting position, that completes one rep.



6. Tempo Hammer Curls.


In an upright stance, holding dumbbells in each hand, lift a curl, making sure to maintain a neutral grip (palms facing inward).


Tempo Hammer Curls


Make sure to really squeeze your biceps at the top and lower slowly to maximize the eccentric benefits. That's one rep.



Step 3: Warming-down.


Now that you’ve trained, it’s important to wrap things up and bring your body back to a resting state.




You can end your session with very light cardio for about 10 minutes, followed by some static stretching of all major muscle groups.





Superheroes weren’t built in a day, but they certainly can be built in 4 weeks if you follow through with this workout guide.


You also need to remember that nutrition is key. Workout routines for beginners all this will count for very little if you don't get your diet locked down.


Also, remember to rest. Rest is as essential to making gains as training.


If you have any questions or suggestions, remember to drop a comment in the box below, and we’ll get right back to you.


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