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10 Best Keto Products To Purchase At Whole Foods

Whole Foods Keto Grocery List

Although you can get your Keto Friendly products in almost all grocery stores we decided to create a rundown of the best 10 items you can buy in the Americas self-proclaimed healthiest grocery store, Whole foods keto grocery list. Their prices are a bit higher but they have a variety of specialty items that you can only find in their stores and they are pretty high quality as well.

So we present you a rundown of the 10 best products we recommend to buy here but also some items that you should keep away from.

1.Marrow Bones

Whole foods keto grocery list

These are the best choice if you’re in the mood to prepare some bone broth. They’re grass-fed and you can get them frozen and mixed.

2.Frozen Fish

Whole foods keto grocery list

Whole Foods is the place where you can get some extremely high quality seafood such as Atlantic Salmon Fillets which is very rich with omega 3s. Granted it’s a bit pricy but definitely worth the purchase.

3.Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots

Whole foods keto grocery list

Since we’re on a keto diet we can’t go with the regular Kombucha which is very famous in the wellness and health industry so we opt to get the Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots which is a probiotic with a lot less sugar. To be exact it contains 1g carbs per shot so you can easily take a few per day.

4.Kelp Noodles

Whole foods keto grocery list

These noodles are great for some Asian salad because they are a bit crunchy. They only contain 2g of net carbs which is good news if you miss eating noodles and you’ve previously enjoyed them.

5.Sunja’s Kimchi

Fermented foods have a bunch of health benefits so we recommend this brand of kimchi for daily use because it has a great flavor and crunch.

6.Chicken Livers

Whole foods keto grocery list

If you’re not a big fan of veggies it’s imperative that you get your vitamin A from another place, like organic Chicken livers for example.

7.Primal Kitchen Mayo

Mayo is a condiment that goes great with a lot of foods but it’s kind of hard to adjust for keto. Whole Foods have a brand that is very keto friendly since it doesn’t utilize bad vegetable oils to create the mayo so getting this one is totally worth your buck.

8.Keto Crackers

Whole foods keto grocery list

Whole Foods also has a bunch of keto friendly crackers that you can choose from. The ones we recommend are the Moon Cheese and Parm Crisps which are made of cheese so you get nearly 0g net carbs.

9.Marinara Sauce

Whole foods keto grocery list

A ket friendly brand of marinara sauce you can fine in Whole Foods is the Victoria Vegan. It’s very low carb and dairy-free. Another sauce we recommend is Rao’s sauce which is extremely good to use on pizza.


Zevia sodas are zero calories sodas that doesn’t utilize any artificial colors and are sweetened by Stevia. Whole Foods have an enormous selection of this sodas but the flavor we recommend is definitely the strawberry one.


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Other stuff we love at Whole Foods

These are some of the products that barely didn’t make it on our rundown but we decided to give them an honorable mention.

1.The Hot Bar

Whole foods keto grocery list

This is a great option when you’re in a hurry and you want to grab a quick keto lunch and have it on-the-go. You can easily check out the compounds to calculate your macros and the food is of top notch quality.

2.Vega Sport Hydrator

A great way to consume a dose of electrolytes without getting any carbs in the mix. Adding this to a glass of water gives you plenty of potassium and magnesium.

3.Smoked Meat Counter

Whole foods keto grocery list

This is an awesome place to get some smoked meat but you’ll have to check if the Whole Foods Market near you has one because they don’t have them in all of their stores.

4.Butcher Counter

Whole foods keto grocery list

Excellent place to grab a few unique pieces of meat for you lunch or dinner.

5.Coffee Selection

The coffee section at Whole Foods is extremely good and we definitely recommend it. You can find some amazing bullet proof coffee that can make your mornings even better.

6.Raw Cheese

Whole foods keto grocery list

This type of cheese is highly recommended because of its awesome deep flavor, great nutritional content and the easiness to be digested.

Items to keep away from at Whole Foods

1.Frozen Paleo Bread

Whole foods keto grocery list

Although this is a keto friendly product you don’t really need to waste $12 on a few pieces of frozen bread. There are a bunch of other keto friendly bread out there that you get for less.

2.Bulletproof Bars and Drinks

Whenever you see a product with the name bulletproof on it make sure you check out the nutrition label because it might not be keto friendly at all despite the name.

3.Smart Sweets

Whole foods keto grocery list

Although these are regarded as low carb candies they seems to be made of a bunch of weird compounds and fibers so we definitely don’t recommend them.

4.Bone Broth Protein Powder

While it seems like you get a lot of this products it’s very expensive and highly processed and we think it’s much better if you just get protein from your food and make some regular bone broth to drink.

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