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White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker

White kidney bean carb blocker – Ever since the famous Dr. Oz introduced them to the public and made them quite popular, white kidney beans have been widely recognized as not just some regular and ordinary bean.


White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


The white kidney bean extract, that is created from them is also linked to promoting weight loss and blocking carbs as well as lowering the amounts of sugar in our blood stream which are a few reasons why white kidney bean extract benefits are a real thing.  It’s the same ingredient in our popular KETO CHEAT


Let’s just start by getting you familiar with what we’re talking about here and explain a couple things before we get to the benefits.


What is White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker?

This extract actually contains a protein which is known to stop the process of breaking down and digesting carbohydrates. The effects of this protein to us might be a few of the following:


  • Assume a role to stop the absorption of carbs
  • Aid in diminishing the excess of fat
  • Lower your cravings to eat
  • Decrease your blood sugar levels and increases of insulin after eating


The substance in the white kidney bean carb blocker, that actually suppresses the appetite and your cravings for food is called phytohemagglutinin which if taken in large quantities may be lethal but the amount that is present in the extract is safe and able to act is an appetite blocker.


White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


The primary active substances in the white kidney bean carb blocker are the a-Amylase blocker and the phytohemagglutinin.


a-Amylase blocker is also known as phaseolamin and it assumes a role as a Carb blocker by stopping the link between the carbs and the enzyme in our bodies that is in charge of breaking it down known as a-Amylase.


The phytohemagglutinin, as we mentioned before, is suppressing the appetite by linking to the receptors on the intestinal walls and affects the discharge of some hormones.


Of course there are a few other substances that are present in the white kidney bean extract but they can be found in very small doses. Some of them are: Phaseolin, Saponins, Phytic acid, Arcelins, Trypsin and chymotrypsin blockers.


How The Process Works?

The way the white kidney extract works is actually connected to how we digest carbs which is mainly done by certain enzymes called a-Amylases and are present in the pancreas and the saliva.


White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


The white kidney bean carb blocker is rich with a-Amylase blockers which link to the a-Amylase enzymes and block the access of carbs which in turn affects amount of digested and absorbed carbs in the intestines.


In order for this blocker to work efficiently the pH levels need to be slightly higher and it works best about 40 minutes after consuming it.


The second active substance which is phytohemagglutinin links itself to the intestines and stops the discharge of hormones that cause you to feel hunger while simultaneously helps to release the hormones that tell our bodies we’re not hungry (cholecystokinin and glucagon).


White Kidney Bean Extract Health Benefits


1.  Weight Loss

Because of its active ingredients and what they actually do in our bodies, the white kidney bean extract is great if you want to lose weight. It’s pretty good for people on keto as well because it would block the carbohydrates of being digested and absorbed into your system.


A research that was conducted in about 60 overweight participants showed that taking a Phase 2 extract every day for 30 days made the participants lower their body weight, body mass index, fat mass, fatty tissue thickness as well as their hip, waist and thigh size all while maintaining lean body mass.


White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


2.Lowers Blood Sugar and Insulin

After a couple of experiments on participants that consumed 1500mg and 750mg of Phase 2 along with their meal showed a large difference in the absorption of carbs.


A different study involved taking a high dose of 3000mg of Phase 2, and it resulted in lower blood sugar levels after having consumed their meal.


A third research done on white kidney bean extract involved taking 50g of carbs and 4-10g of pure white kidney bean a-Amylase blocker and it resulted in lower blood sugar as well as insulin levels after a meal.


3.Reduces Appetite

Because of the second active ingredient in the white kidney bean extract it suppresses your appetite levels which causes you to crave less for food.


A study was conducted where the participants had a 12 hour fast and afterwards took 100mg of Beanblock along with their meal. The result was reduced discharge of the hormone in charge of hunger (ghrelin) which meant reduced appetite.


White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


Along with this another positive discovery in this study was that the insulin and glucose rise in the blood was much lower than expected.


4.Prevents Cavities and Bleeding Gums

The primary active substance in the white kidney bean extract, a-Amylase has some positive effects in the mouth as well. Some of those are:


Blocking the a-Amylases of digesting complex carbs and stopping the creating of simple sugars.


Stops the a-Amylases to bind with the mouth bacteria which will produce acids that can dissolve teeth and create cavities.


Stops the a-Amylases to bind with enamel which improves the formation of teeth plaque. Excess plaque can lead to bleeding gums and cavities.


White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


5.Prevents Colon Cancer

The starch that wasn’t digested and absorbed can have a similar role as fiber in the large intestine which actually helps to prevent colon cancer.


A research done on rats that were given a substance known to cause cancer showed lower amount of incidences of colon cancer when they were given a diet containing white kidney bean extract compared to the ones that had a normal diet.


It was also found that the purified white kidney bean extract prevented the growth of cancer cells and increased the cell death.


6.Lowers the Risk Of Blood Clots

There aren’t any studies done on humans yet to verify this fact but it was found that the white kidney bean extract reduced the clumping of platelet cells which means that it can lower the creation of blood clots.


Basically people that took white kidney bean extract as a carbs blocker reported back that they successfully lost weight and had lower appetite levels as well, while the most common side effects and unwanted symptoms they encountered were bloating and gas.


To summarize, the white kidney bean carb blocker benefits are outweigh the unwanted side effects which makes it a great supplement to take, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re used to eating food that is high on complex carbs and you’re constantly feeling hungry.


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White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker


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