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Ketogenic Butter Coffees

What is Ketogenic Butter Coffee?

If you don’t have a clue what this is it’s nothing to be afraid of because you’re at the right place to find out about it. It’s know by a few different names like keto coffee, Bulletproof, butter coffee and so on, but the thing that makes this coffee keto friendly is the amount of top notch MCTs that it contains which boost your fat burning engines. This coffee has a bunch of good influence such as fat burning, mental clarity, energy increase, and it also benefits people that are more sensitive to caffeine.



Only recently this coffee became available in stores as companies began to make it. It used to be only available if you were in the mood to make it yourself. Today we have three different ketogenic butter coffee that you can order and enjoy. We decided to compare these 3 great choices so keep on reading below to see what each of them offers.


1.Bulletproof Coffee


when to drink bulletproof coffee


When to drink bulletproof coffee. This is the first one on our rundown and the first one ever to hit the markets. It’s a cold brew coffee and uses a high quality Brain Octane Oil that only has caprylic acid MCTs. It utilizes grass-fed butter and has 12g sugar alcohols in the form of erythritol and xylitol. It’s only 5g net carbs per can and it’s not necessary to be kept in a fridge. It’s also available online and has a version with protein.

All of the Bulletproof coffees are low carb drinks and regarding the taste this is definitely the one we recommend out of the other ones we have on this rundown.


2.REBBL Reishi Cold-Brew


when to drink bulletproof coffee


This one is easy to miss because it’s doesn’t explicitly shows its keto friendly. It has a medicinal mushroom called reishi that has a lot of great benefits among which is increasing mental clarity. So this combined with the fact that you’re already utilizing ketones and it actually makes a pretty great combination. It also uses Cold Brew coffee which has an improved taste and has less acids. Its dairy free since its base is from coconut milk. It’s USDA Organic and just a little bit sweetened utilizing stevia and it has no added sugar. It’s only 3g net carbs per bottle but has no protein option version and it’s also available to purchase online on Amazon Fresh.

Utilizing a couple drops of organic stevia is quite nice since it adds a little more sweetness and accents the flavor. This is a great choice for you if you enjoy coconut flavors.


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3.Picnik Cappuccino Butter Coffee


when to drink bulletproof coffee


This coffee is also one of the first keto friendly coffees that appeared on the market. The cappuccino flavor has no added sugar to it and it’s just 4g net carbs per bottle. It’s enhanced with whey protein and it’s available mainly online although you can find it in a few stores.

The best tasting one on the list is this one although it has a bit of an aftertaste, in fact the name is just right when it comes to the taste but doesn’t have the sweetness the cappuccino usually has.


Master Tip:

  • Drinking any of these along with some low carb keto friendly cookies is an amazing experience.
  • If these are not really tailored to the sweet taste you enjoy, you can always utilize some keto sweeteners to get them to your liking.

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