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Traveling Fit: What To Pack To Stay in Shape On The Go.

Two of the most sought after lifestyle goals across society are to be able to travel and to get and stay fit and healthy.


These are worthy pursuits and indeed noble and rewarding. But there's a bit of a snag. Because in order to constantly travel and be on the move, hopping from destination to destination, experiencing different cultures, scenes and moments, one has to kind of focus on those moments themselves in order to be truly captivated in a meaningful way.


What To Pack To Stay in Shape On The Go


Then when it comes to being fit and maintaining a decent level of activity and healthy habits, the optimum condition for that to take place is in a rooted environment, where you have full and constant access to everything that caters to your healthy routine. This means having access to your gym and training equipment.


This makes the idea of traveling seem like you would need to sacrifice your health and fitness goals, and it makes the idea of being disciplined with your fitness seem like you have to give up on your travel dreams.


What if we told you you could have both?


In this article, we’re going to give you 5 tips on staying fit while traveling, but before we do that, please make sure you check out the Life Renu Store for some amazing health products, all of them are travel-friendly, so you won't need to worry while you’re on the move.


And with that, let's fly into this article.


5 Travel Tips for Keeping Fit on The Go!

Pack Light.

What To Pack To Stay in Shape On The Go

By pack light we don’t mean skimp on your actual travel luggage, not a chance, we mean pack a light set of portable exercise gear. Things such as resistance bands, push-up handles, a yoga mat, foam roller, and a jump rope are all perfect fit forward travel companions.


These bits of equipment are light and don't take up much space, and you can get a quick and valuable workout that targets all muscle groups and intensity levels.

Trial Memberships Galore.

Another great way to stay in shape while traveling is taking advantage of trial memberships or trial access. Most modern fitness facilities offer prospective members some sort of free trial. You will then be able to access a familiar set of equipment and get your standard workout done.


Once the trial at one particular gym is done, you can find another place to get your free fitness fix.


Outdoor Adventures

Try and include as many outdoor adventures in your itinerary as possible. This is a great way to combine the experience of traveling with the goal to stay in shape.


Get on some hiking trails, go kayaking or deep-sea diving.


Some cultural activities can also give you a good workout. Examples such as Thai boxing classes in Bangkok or a Capoeira roda in Sao Paulo are sure to get your heart racing and your muscles pumped

Man Power!

Or woman power, whichever is applicable. The point is to try and use the power and human movement to move around on your travels as much as possible.

What To Pack To Stay in Shape On The Go

Walking and cycling are quite manageable in many metropolitan tourist cities. Just make sure you know where you’re going.


Also just check that you know the crime and safety stats of the places you’re visiting. The last thing you want to do is go off on a leisurely stroll and end up in gangland.


Some cities such as Amsterdam, pride themselves on having a bike culture amongst commuters, so don’t be a lazy tourist and get moving!

Online Coach.

This one is for those who need an extra nudge, a bit of guidance and a dose of accountability when it comes to fitness matters.

What To Pack To Stay in Shape On The Go

Having an online coach to check up on you and make sure you have everything in place to meet and maintain your goals is a great way to stay on track.


An online coach can help you schedule your workouts within your itinerary, plan your meals and nutrition based on what's locally available and may even be able to offer guidance on where to train.


If your online coach is well enough recognized, they might even be able to leverage some international support for your fitness goals while you’re busy jet setting.

Final Words.

So there we go, that should get you pumped and ready to pack up and jump on your next adventure.


Fitness doesn't have to come at the cost of traveling and being a traveler doesn’t mean you have to ignore your health and fitness.


You can have your cake and eat it, and by cake, we mean nutritious healthy yet exotically flavorsome food.


If you have any questions you feel this article didn't cover, please leave us a comment below and we’ll get right to it




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What To Pack To Stay in Shape On The Go


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