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The Importance of Selenium

What is selenium used for – Many essential vitamins and minerals exist that we need in varying quantities for the maintenance of health.


What Is Selenium Used For


Some of the more common ones such as zinc, iron, vitamin C and the B vitamins are required in relatively large quantities.


Others such as copper are needed in far lower amounts, often referred to as trace minerals.


Although required in such small quantities, it doesn’t mean you can go without them.


Another trace mineral your body needs is selenium.



What Is Selenium?


As mentioned, selenium is a trace mineral. Its function is vital to your health.


What Is Selenium Used For


What is selenium used for one of its main functions is in the balance of your thyroid hormone. It also acts as a defense against neurological degradation, thus helping maintain cognitive function


It is also important in DNA synthesis and has been shown to help treat asthma.


In this article, we’re going to go over some of the vital roles selenium plays in your body in a little more detail, before we do that, let’s have a quick look at what happens when you don’t actually get enough of the stuff.



Selenium Deficiency


What Is Selenium Used For


Selenium deficiency is very rare if we’re being honest.


Firstly, it’s in almost anything that has been grown in soil containing selenium, which is most soil.


Secondly, you need it in such trace quantities, it’s kind of hard not to get enough.


If on the off chance you do experience a deficiency, the effects of it can take a while to manifest.


These include:




Where Do We Get Selenium From?


What Is Selenium Used For


Selenium is found in most things you eat, but it is especially abundant in the following:


  • Brazil nuts
  • Brown rice
  • Halibut
  • Tuna
  • Eggs


You can obviously also get it through supplementation, but it's always best to try to get your nutrients from actual food.


This article is going to give a brief rundown of the most important roles of selenium in your body.



5 Important Reasons Your Body Needs Selenium


Boosts Cognitive Function


What Is Selenium Used For


One of the most significant roles selenium plays is in the improvement and maintenance of cognitive function.


This is especially important as one gets older since it protects against cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


Selenium may help protect against the degradation of nervous system tissue. What is selenium used for although evidence is strong to suggest this, a little more research is required to fully conclude this.



Aids In Fertility


What Is Selenium Used For


Selenium plays an important role in sexual reproductive health in both males and females.


It has been shown to stimulate follicle production in the ovaries as well as helping boost sperm production.


Outside of these two pivotal functions, selenium’s importance in genetic material means that it aids in the entire reproductive process, from fertility, conception, and development during pregnancy.



Healthy For The Heart


What Is Selenium Used For


What is selenium used for the cardiovascular benefits of selenium may stem from its ability to prevent fats from oxidizing.


This helps reduce inflammation and the formation of plaque deposits which may lead to hypertension and an increased risk in CVD and stroke.



Great Antioxidant


What Is Selenium Used For


A large portion of selenium’s benefits and important roles stem from the fact that it is a great antioxidant.


Its efficacy in supporting cognitive health as well as cardiovascular health both stem from its useful antioxidant properties.



Thyroid Health


What Is Selenium Used For


Last but certainly not least is the role selenium plays in thyroid health.


It is an essential part of the production of the thyroid hormone, one of the most important hormones in the human body.


The thyroid hormone plays a vital role in growth, development, and metabolism, regulating some of the biggest and some of the most subtle life functions in the body.


Homeostasis, the internal self-regulation of the body’s functional state is one example of s system that relies on the thyroid hormone


Along with iodine, selenium is required for the manufacture of the hormone.




Selenium is here to stay, what is selenium used for you need it so you might as well make sure you’re getting enough.


Getting enough isn’t too difficult with our modern diets, but if you do suspect a deficiency based on some of the symptoms mentioned, best consult a doctor first before embarking on your own form of treatment.

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