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Keep Still: Isometric Holds For Ultimate Core Strength

What is isometric exercise – Most of us would like killer abs, but the one drawback is how to get them. There have been countless attempts to sell and resell miracle ab workouts and workout equipment.

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Empires have been built and just as soon fallen around the commercialization of the 6 pack.


But time and time again, these quick-fix solutions don’t seem to do the trick.


The first big reason why “quick abs guides” don’t work is that ultimately, most people already have decent looking abs, they are just hidden under a layer of fat.

A layer of fat that can’t be gotten rid of by training your abs, it can only be gotten rid of through allround good exercise and nutrition.


Fat loss naturally not sites specific, so if you want to get rid of belly fat, you’ll need to get rid of all fat.


Another big reason is when enhancing the size and tone of your abs is a consideration, you’re probably doing it wrong.


Endless crunches and sit-ups just won’t cut it (no pun intended). What is isometric exercise, you need to go isometric.


What is Isometric Strength?

An isometric contraction is one where your muscles sustain a load or force without changing angle or position.

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That means your muscle length neither increases or decreases and you hold a static position.


An example of an isometric move is a handstand. It’s tough as hell but does not involve any reps of movement cycles.


Isometric training is great for developing next-level strength, but when it comes to your core, it has a special benefit.


Why Train The Core This Way?

Your core is the central junction between your top and your bottom. Training it, therefore, means strengthening the suspension structure between your upper and lower body.


The constant tension is predominantly isometric in nature, meaning your core is triggered to function isometrically.

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In order to truly train and gain your core, isometric training is the best way to do it.


In this article, we’re going to introduce 5 isometric training methods that will help you strengthen and build your core so that you have more to show.


Top 5 Isometric Holds To Boost Core Strength

1. Plank

The plank is a classic hold that not only triggers your abs, but also the upper parts of your quads for a compound activation.

With a neutral spine and straight legs, rest your weight on just your toes and elbows.


Legs should be together and your elbows should be stacked under your shoulders, pointing backward.


Engage your core and hold this position for one minute with a short 30 rest interval in-between.


2. Side Plank

With the same body position (straight back, straight legs) hold yourself sideways on one elbow and one base foot.

Side Plank

Hold this position for 1 minute on either side to complete one set. Rest 30 seconds between sets.


3. Dragon Flag

Find a strong sturdy pole and lie on your back, placing one shoulder against the pole.

Dragon Flag

Grab the pole above your face so that your back is now a fulcrum and your torso and lower body form a lever.


Lift your legs by crunching your core up to go into a dragon flag. You can have your legs tucked to begin with and straighten them up for the added challenge.


Do this for 30 seconds on and off.


4. L-Sit

The L-sit is to tricep dips what planking is to push-ups.


Grip a set of parallel bars in either hand and hold yourself upright and suspended.


From this position, draw your legs up straight to a position as close to 90 degrees as possible.


Hold this for 15-30 seconds on and off.


5. Superman

This one is aimed at the lower back.


Lie in a prone position (on your belly) on a yoga mat or any other clean training surface.


Keeping your arms extended forward and your legs extended backward, arch your spine, engaging your glutes and lower back so that your entire body curves off the ground.


Hold this position for at least 15 seconds, with an equivalent rest period.



These exercises are not just going to help you in your quest to gain a sweet 6 pack, what is isometric exercise, you’re also going to activate and amplify your core strength, something that has far-reaching benefits beyond just looking great on a beach day,

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