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Side Effects Of Sugary And Glycemic Index Food On Your Health

What does too much sugar do to your body – Throughout your life, you wish to maintain your physical and mental health. You need to stay consistent and sacrifice your cravings so that you can manage a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

You have to sacrifice your desire for sugary and glycemic index foods because they can harm your immune system.


Some of them are known for their different recipes, and most of them are famous for their fast food items. The fillings in fast food items are full of sugar and glycemic index. What does too much sugar do to your body, they have sodas and unhealthy carbohydrates, which only increases your blood sugar level and fat too.


However, you must maintain your physical health so that you may stay mentally healthy. Mental health and your physical health are directly proportionate to each other.

If you succeed in eating healthily and engage in healthy activities in your routine, then your mind will have relief from regular stress too. Indeed, whatever you eat will directly affect your body.



Effect of Sugar on Immune Systems:

We usually find soda, preserved juices, and other artificial juices pretty tasty. All these drinks have nothing but just more than 30 grams of sugar and 140 calories. Fast food items like pizza, fried pies, pastries, crackers, cookies, and many others are also full of sugar, what does too much sugar do to your body, these types of foods only increase bad calories in your body.

What does too much sugar do to your body

Due to unhealthy sugary items, you can increase the risk of having diseases related to your heart and diabetes. Consuming too much sugar can put a limitation on your immune system. What does too much sugar do to your body after your sugar intake, the restriction stays for a few hours.


These extra and unhealthy sugars can increase the sugar level in your blood, and insulin helps it to become healthy. There are times when the resistivity of insulin breaks due to an excessive intake of sugar in your bloodstream.


Moreover, the side effects of sugar on the Immune system can be a severe threat to your health. It is complex reciprocity of your hormones, metabolism, and immunological processes.


What does too much sugar do to your body



Effects of Glycemic Index on Immune Systems:

To understand the results, the Glycemic Index impact on our immune system is essential. We tend not to focus much on our intake and do not pay attention at all as to how healthy or unhealthy the food we eat is.


What exactly is the Glycemic Index? Well, it is the measuring of how quickly a food item can make our blood sugar levels increase.


The measured positions food on a scale is zero to 100. Foods that are generally on the  glycemic index are easily, quickly digested, and absorbed. This causes a spike in the level of blood sugar. The diets that are ranked high on the Glycemic Index scale are usually high in processed carbohydrates and sugars.


Examples of food items with a high Glycemic Index are white bread, corn flakes, rice pasta, pretzels, and melons. These items have a GI of 70 and above.


Food items with a low Glycemic Index are not quickly digested, and they are absorbed at a slower rate. However, they do make the blood sugar levels rise but at a slow pace. Examples of these items are oatmeal and pasta. Now that we know the meaning of the Glycemic Index, and it is time to understand the threat it has to our immune system.


Why do doctors say high blood sugar levels are harmful for you?We know that glucose is valuable energy for all the cells in your body when it is present at normal levels. However, it can change and behave like a poison that slowly destroys you.


High sugar levels slowly wear down the capability of cells in your pancreas to create insulin. Due to this, insulin levels stay too high, and after some time, it will damage your pancreas permanently. A hardening and drastic change of the blood vessels called atherosclerosis is a problem caused by high levels of blood sugar.


Almost any part of your body is vulnerable to diseases if the intake of sugar is too much. If the blood vessels are damaged, then severe problems occur in the body. The following are examples of what can happen to your body due to high blood sugar levels.


  • Kidney diseases that are difficult to treat and even kidney failure is a threat

  • Strokes

  • Heart attacks

  • Blurry vision loss or even blindness

  • The weakened immune system resulting in more problems and creating a higher risk of infections

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Nerve damage, resulting in constant pain in your legs and arms.

  • Injuries and wounds don't heal quickly. In some cases, you must need an amputation.

Control your blood sugar levels close to normal, and this is the only way to avoid all of these severe infections and diseases.



What does too much sugar do to your body




Are they both completely bad for your health?

Now that we have understood the nature of the Glycemic Index and sugary foods, we can make sure we keep our diet in check. There is still a question that people tend to ask; should we remove the Glycemic Index and sugary foods entirely from our lives? Well, as per the research, the answer is no.


Even though high glycemic index foods are hazardous for your health. Moreover, the Health experts suggest you not eliminate all high Glycemic Index foods from your diet and usual intake.


It would be best if you focus on eating more low and medium glycemic index alternatives of such foods. The risks to your health that the high GI carries generally, doesn't mean low and medium ones do too.


Other than these foods are high in the glycemic index, do contain high nutrition, and are low in calories too. Thus meaning getting rid of high glycemic index foods is not advised. A low level of intake would be beneficial. An excellent example of such an item is the watermelon.


Make sure you focus on your daily intake for the sake of your health.


Impact of Sugar on your Mental Health:

Even a small amount of sugar can increase your craving for sugary food. There are studies according to which people are addicted to sugar more than cocaine.

What does too much sugar do to your body, Addiction to sugar can malfunction your brain cells. The reason behind enormous amounts of sugar intake is sometimes depression, or a lump of refined sugar can generate depressive symptoms.

What does too much sugar do to your body

You will experience psychological stress, and it may remain for a long time. The type of stress you feel when your insulin has low resistance, along with stress, you will have mood swings, mental fog, and fatigue. All these types of psychological stress will make your immune system weaker than before.


The adverse effects of sugar can occur on your physical appearance too. Sugar is harming a person’s physical appearance. Overeating sugary food and GI foods can lead to inflammation of the body. It means that your body fat will increase and if you want to look healthy and in shape, sugar will not allow you to do that.


Other than the above, sugar harms your skin too. Severe acne and rashes occur on your skin due to the high level of sugar intakes. Sugar increases the speed of aging skin too.


Sugary items such as sweets are awful for your teeth. Too much sugar intake can make your teeth weaker, which leads to diseases in the gums and falling of teeth. They can be highly sensitive, which will make it difficult to eat and drink regularly.


As you can see, high-level sugary foods are not suitable for you at all. They have harmful effects that cause problems not only within the body but externally as well.



You can easily find foods that are tasty, cost-effective, and easy to cook. However, most of them are not healthy neither for your body nor for your mental health. They carry a low amount of healthy fat and unhealthy carbohydrates, which will lead you towards sickness.

There are many countries where people eat fast food, and it contains sugar and glycemic index. According to medical research, the majority of them are suffering from depression and other diseases like diabetes, strokes, and other heart diseases.


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