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How To Make The Most Of Having A Personal Trainer

What do you need to be a personal trainer – Getting a PT to help you along in your health and fitness journey is certainly a great way to boost your prospects of achieving your wellness goals. Those goals can range from simple body composition, whether that’s losing weight or packing on muscle, all the way to performance goals, whether that’s improving strength or endurance or correction and rehab.


What do You Need to be a Personal Trainer



Whichever the case, getting a certified fitness professional involved in your quest for self-improvement is an ideal investment. But anyone can pose as a trainer, so finding a credible and capable trainer is the real first step in making the most out of your PT, and here’s how.



First Thing’s FIrst, Pick The Right Trainer

When searching for a good trainer, it can be tricky, especially when navigating all the options available on the internet and on social media. One thing to definitely look for is certification. Do I need a personal trainer, make sure your trainer is a certified pro first and foremost.


But the catch is, you can’t just go by certification alone, you also need to make sure of the credibility of the certification. Many certifications today, especially those online 24-hour course floating around offer little value in terms of knowledge resources they provide their candidates and are typically non-accredited.


Do I need a personal trainer


This means anyone and their dog could essentially get certified and present themselves as a worthy trainer. Avoid this by looking at their certification for accreditation by either NCCA or DEAC. These are the two recognized accrediting bodies in America and act as a seal of authenticity for any cert bearing their validation.


Lastly, you want your trainer to have the necessary first responder certifications. First aid and CPR/AED. Accidents happen and you might be someone who’s prone to them due to a medical condition,  injury or bad luck.


It’s important to know that your trainer can deliver immediate primary care to decrease the risk of things getting worse while also improving the odds and quality of your recovery. Once you have a solid lock on a good trainer, the ball is now in your court.


It’s now your responsibility to make the most of your opportunity (and money). This article will help you with a few handy tips on gaining the most benefits from your fitness instructor’s services.


What do You Need to be a Personal Trainer

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Having A PT

1. Manage Your Time

Time management is essential in order to optimize your experience and goals with a PT. Firstly, you need to be able to set enough time aside so that your goals can be met. No use training on and off with large gaps of inactivity in between.


What do You Need to be a Personal Trainer


You need to have a frequent enough workout schedule for all the necessary progression and adaptation to take place. Another time-related factor is actually making it to your sessions on time. Any good trainer out there probably has loads of clients besides just you.


These clients are probably stacked tight on a running schedule before and after your sessions. What that means is that it is highly unlikely your trainer can fairly credit your lost time when you get to your appointment late. Even if they could, it’s not an obligation, so make your sessions on time.


2. Be Honest

Being open and honest with your trainer will allow them to make the right calls, adjustments, and modifications to your program. If you did something you’re ashamed of like slipped up on your diet or if you’re not up to a certain physical challenge for whatever valid albeit awkward reason, you need to be open about it.


Do I need a personal trainer


Not being open with your trainer might also be risky when considering how certain things you might be instructed to do might lead to aggravation of underlying or overlooked conditions. You might think it’s harmless, but your trainer should have enough insight to pinpoint potential problem areas hidden in plain sight.


3. Have Clear and Realistic Goals

Having goals is what got you to get in touch with a trainer in the first place, but are they realistic?. A realistic goal isn’t just based on physical attainability. It's also based on sustainability and timeframe.


You might want to get a rock-hard chiseled body for summer beach season, but guess what, it's already halfway through summer. Or you might want to drop half your body weight using a crash diet…that’s just not sustainable.


Goals need to be the result of gradual and habitual progress and not one grand event. That the only way, you can keep them realistic and achievable.


4. Focus On Habits Instead Of Outcomes

We mentioned how goals need to be the result of habitual progress. What that means is to have goals that are milestones in the execution of good habits rather than having goals as one-off events.


When you focus on habits rather than outcomes in this way, you develop lifestyle patterns that allow you to not only crush your goals but go past them to greater success, changing your life for the better in the process.


5. Learn and Research

Another way you can maximize your PT experience is by doing a little research and learning of your own. Sure, you should be able to trust your trainer’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition science, but that doesn’t mean you should go in the dark.


What do You Need to be a Personal Trainer


Having a grasp of the concepts at play allows you to fully appreciate the service you are receiving and will also make it easier for your trainer to assist you towards the results you want.



So there we go. 5 useful ways to make the most of having a personal trainer. What do you need to be a personal trainer. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s you doing the work. Do i need a personal trainer, just because you’ve paid a trainer, doesn’t mean you will miraculously achieve your fitness goals.


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