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The Right Way To Eat For Active Individuals

Before we even get started we have to mention that eating the right food is the most important part of the overall complex system of healthy lifestyle both in achieving top professional results and recreational exercising. The diet is about 70% of your success, after that comes your healthy habits and of course your dedication in achieving your goal. In this article we will focus on what to eat during the entire day, what to eat before as well as after working out.

The breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it needs to be well balanced in order to give us energy for the whole day. There is a lot of research whether or not breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some scientists and nutritionists claim that there is no research that proves it's the most important meal while others don't support this opinion. Anyway, it's better for you to have a quality meal to start off your day instead of skipping it by filling your stomach with a strong coffee or even worse, smoking a cigarette. Another positive thing about having breakfast is that you avoid the chance of overeating on other meals because you starved yourself in the morning. The best combination for breakfast is something that will satisfy your hunger while still feeling light and ready to start your day and complete your daily tasks. Your breakfast menu should consist of: scrambled eggs (with low fat feta cheese, spinach, parsley or cottage cheese), boiled eggs with tomatoes or cucumbers, muesli and cereal with yogurt or milk prepared as smoothie with fruit or nuts, one or two pieces of home made bread with cream, whole wheat pancakes with peanut butter or almond butter. Any combination of these by your taste without too much oil and spices. Coffee and tea without any sugar can also be part of your breakfast as well as home made squeezed juice.


Snacks are also an important part of your diet because they will keep you from going too hungry and stop you from eating too much when the main meals of your day come. The best snacks you can get are nuts (almonds, Indian nuts…) which are good food for your brain and they also better your concentration but you can also eat apples, fresh salad or black chocolate.

The lunch

Lunch should consist of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. The ingredients on you menu shouldn't just be healthy but also prepared in a healthy way. Some of the healthiest and also delicious food you can eat for lunch are: fish, veal meat, turkey meat, chicken meat, potatoes, mushrooms, vegetable salad and whole wheat bread but in small quantities. Large quantities of protein can also be found in cooked meals like beans, peas, lentils and green beans. Don't avoid home made soups and salads consisting of broccoli and cauliflower because they are extremely healthy and boost your immune system against many known viruses and diseases. It's very important to have different and healthy lunch every day which is well balanced but the accent should be on the fresh ingredients like the salad you prepare. If you are an active individual, your lunch should be at least two hours before you training session. If you eat your lunch right before you train, the effect of your training will be lower and it can also result in stomach ache. If you don't have any time to have your lunch and your training session is close to starting, eat a banana or an apple, protein bar or cereal half an hour before. Avoid foods that are high on fat like hamburgers, before your training session because there is a high chance to start feeling stomach aches.

The dinner

Dinner is supposed to be light and healthy. You can eat half a portion of what you had for lunch but without any bread. Big salad and soup is a very healthy dinner. For active individuals dinner is very important because they need to eat well in order to recover from their training session. Most of all they need to recover the fluids they lost and then eat proteins, amino-acids, vitamins and minerals that will feed their exhausted muscles. Using quality supplements along with the healthy meal is very important for every active individual in order to build muscle mass and maintain his or her form.

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