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Best Post-workout Upper-body Stretches

Upper body dynamic stretches – Stretching your muscles is an important aspect of fitness. The maintenance of flexibility not only ensures you get better results from your workouts and improved general functionality, it also keeps you safe from injury.


Upper body dynamic stretches


This is especially important straight after a workout. The benefits of stretching after a workout are that it helps prevent much of the short term and long term stiffness that heavy resistance training often brings. It also helps bring your body down to a more rested state so it can begin the growth and recovery process you’re aiming to achieve.


Stretching after a workout is also advisable due to the fact that your muscles and joints are still pretty warm, making them more supple and easy to mobilize and lengthen. When it comes to your upper body, then upper body dynamic stretches is immensely important.


Over time, many people experience a significant decrease in upper body ROM due to heavy resistance training, and here are some of the reasons why.


The Curse of Upper Body Stiffness

Your upper body contains a compact but complex system of joints and muscles. This differs from your lower extremities which are comprised of fewer, but much larger muscle groups with slightly less complex joint systems.


Upper body dynamic stretches


You just need to compare your shoulder girdle to your pelvic girdle (hips). While both are important and fairly complex joint systems, the shoulder girdle just has more planes of movement it is responsible for at any given moment.


Because of this, all the different muscle groups often compete for motion allowance, and when these muscles grow or strengthen, your range of motion can quickly become impeded.


This is further accelerated by the fact that the majority of androgen receptors, especially in men, are located in the upper region of the body. That means your arms and chest grow faster than your legs relative to the quantity and quality of your workouts.


This means you are very susceptible to losing upper body flexibility unless you stretch properly and consistently. In this article, we’re going to show you a few handy ways upper body dynamic stretches to keep that sweet sweet ROM.


What You’ll Need

In order to maximize your upper body dynamic stretches session, there are a few essential accessories you should get your hands on.

These are:

  • Pull up bar
  • broomstick / PVC Pipe
  • Plyo Box
  • yoga/workout mat

5 Best Upper Body Dynamic Sstretches

1. Hang-Around

This one is a simple upper back opener aimed at adjusting your c-spine and thoracic spine using good old gravity. Simply grip a sturdy, secure pull up bar and hang there with straight arms. Tilt your head back and forth, you might even experience a few clicks or cracks. Hold this for about 20 seconds or until your grip gives in, whichever comes first.


2. Shoulder Hangs

Like the hang-around, but this time you’re targeting a single shoulder at a time. To do this, simply grip the pull-up bar with one arm with the other resting at your side.


Upper body dynamic stretches


Dangle in this position, feeling the stretch in your lats as well. Hold for about 20 seconds on each arm. One big tip is to try using a bar that’s not too high off the ground.


You ideally want som slight contact between your feet and the floor for convenience and safety reasons. Prop up on a plyo box if need be


3. Broomstick Lean

Hold a broomstick or PVC pipe down vertically, applying pressure from the top end with both hands and arms stretched out. Your ears should be brushing past your arms.


At this point, dip your head below arm level and hold that stretch for about 20 seconds, targeting your upper spine


4. Box Lean

Similar to the stick lean, the box lean has more of a focus on your shoulders than your upper spine. Simply place your hands on the surface of a plyo box, arms stretched out, kneeling on your workout mat.


Dip forward, shifting your head down past your arms, engaging your shoulders for a 20-second stretch.


5. Chest Opener

This one targets your pectoral range of motion and opens your sternum, Hold the stick or pipe behind your back with straight arms.

Upper body dynamic stretches

While in this position, draw your hands close towards each other an arch your upper back, stretching your chest open. Hold this pose for about 20 seconds.


And there you have it, folks. 5 amazing ways to open up your chest and shoulders post-workout. We hope these upper body dynamic stretches exercises help. Don’t forget to drop a comment below if you have any questions



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