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Top 8 Testosterone Booster Foods

Best foods for testosterone – Testosterone is a hormone in the human body that mainly affects the sex drive but it also has an important role in sperm production, hair growth as well as muscle and bone strength.

While it’s present in both men and women, women have less of it because their ovaries produce it in smaller quantities while men’s testicles produce a lot more.


Best Foods For Testosterone


Testosterone is being produced our entire life but the production reaches its peak in puberty and starts decreasing around 30.

In order to keep your testosterone production and levels at normal quantities it’s very important to have a diet that is balanced and packed with healthy nutrients that will positively affect your hormonal balance.


This means constructing a diet in which you’ll know the exact amount of hormones you take through your food and one particular hormone which studies have discovered that increases testosterone is phytoestrogen.

Before deciding to add some testosterone booster foods to your diet you should test your testosterone levels and see if your testosterone is low.

This can be done in a very simple way through testing your blood and if it’s anywhere between 280-1100 nanograms per deciliter for men and 15-70 nanograms per deciliter for women, it’s in the normal range and it’s not necessary for you to change your diet but if it’s lower it’s highly recommended that you consider adding testosterone booster foods into your daily eating regimen.

When creating your diet plan to boost your testosterone you need to keep in mind that there are two important components that make testosterone, vitamin D and Zinc.


Egg Yolks

Egg yolks contain a lot of vitamin D which is the reason they are great when you want to increase your testosterone.


Best Foods For Testosterone


Be careful though, because they also contain cholesterol and if you have issues with high cholesterol levels this might not be the best option for you but if you don’t have any it’s recommended that you eat one egg yolk each day.



Beef is a great source of both vitamin D and zinc and can significantly increase your testosterone levels, it is the best foods for testosterone.


Best Foods For Testosterone


Although it’s not recommended that you eat beef or any type of red meat every day because it’s tightly connected to some types of cancer if you avoid cuts that are too high on fat and only consume clean ones the risk much lower.

Try to go for a roasted ground beef which is rich on zinc or beef liver that is high in vitamin D.



Shellfish are high on zinc which is highly beneficial when your testosterone levels are low.


Best Foods For Testosterone


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lobster or a crab because they both contain high levels of zinc especially the Alaskan king crab that can provide your body with about 43% of the daily amount of zinc it needs with a small serving portion of just 3oz.



Also rich with zinc and able to increase the production of testosterone by increasing the zinc levels in the blood especially if you’re suffering from zinc deficiency.


Best Foods For Testosterone


It’s also very good in keeping the balance of male hormones during your adult life.



Beans are a great addition to your diet to your overall health and contain a lot of plant-based protein that improve your heart wellbeing but they are also an amazing source of zinc and vitamin D, best foods for testosterone.


Best Foods For Testosterone


Beans such as black, kidney and white beans all have both important nutrients that are used to create testosterone so adding them to your daily diet will surely bare some results in increasing your testosterone levels.



Aside from the fact that tuna is healthy for you heart, rich in protein and doesn’t contain too many calories it also contains a lot of vitamin D.

Both fresh and canned tuna contain about the same amount of vitamin D and both are healthy and safe to consume in order to increase your testosterone levels.


Best Foods For Testosterone


Make sure that you don’t eat too much tuna and try to balance your diet because all seafood contain a lot of mercury as well which in larger amounts can be very harmful.

Although we mentioned tuna, if you don’t really like tuna too much you can get the vitamin D from other fish such as sardines or salmon.


Low-fat milk enriched with vitamin D

This type of milk is very rich on vitamin D which helps to increase low testosterone levels but it’s also quite rich on calcium and protein.


Best Foods For Testosterone


Aside from it helping with low testosterone, the calcium it contains is also good for your bone strength.

Going for the low fat milk is also much better than taking the high fat milk because it doesn’t contain a lot of saturated fats.


Cereals with vitamin D

When you are thinking about increasing your testosterone through your diet you can also do it by choosing the right brand of your favorite breakfast, cereal.

There are some brands of cereal that contain much more vitamin D than others. This is a very good day to start off your day and get a testosterone boost early in the morning.


Best Foods For Testosterone


There are other ways to increase your testosterone but the safest way is through your diet like the one we mentioned above.

If you’re having trouble with your testosterone levels and you think it’s because of some illness you should definitely visit a specialist that will do some extended tests in order to prescribe some hormone replacements pills, skin patches, gels or even injections.

Since these are serious medications that only a doctor can prescribe and can cause some serious unwanted issues don’t take them unless you absolutely have to because you were diagnosed with low testosterone and the improvements with testosterone booster foods in your eating regimen aren’t working well enough.


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