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Top 8 Nuts for Keto Diet

Best Nuts for Keto Diet

Nuts are the greatest nourishment you can have in your low carb or keto snack set. Since they are one of the most nutritionally dense nourishments on our planet they are extremely valuable for you and as an added bonus they are easily portable, tasty and filling.

The question we have posed is actually what are the best ones when on keto diet?

The best thing about nuts is that they have the trifecta, meaning healthy fats, decent protein content and minimum carbs. Although not all nuts are low on carbs there are a lot that are relatively low and keto friendly. Basically it all begins with the manufacturer and the source.

Difference in Brands

There are cases in which two same nuts were taken and had different variations in net carbs. It was all because they were from a different brand and the biggest impact when it comes to different brands comes down to where they get the product from and in what conditions it’s grown over there.

By checking the nutrition sheet it’s quite easy to determine which ones are keto friendly and which aren’t.

The following rundown is made with a careful selection of the best nuts for keto specifically by the brands we most prefer.

Before we get to the rundown of the best nuts we’ll have to mention two nuts that you should absolutely keep away from and they are pistachios and cashews. They are high on net carbs due to the higher number of natural sugar that they contain. Best nuts for keto diet.

Another thing that you should keep an open eye is added sugar and nut butter which are used for enhancing flavors of certain items.

Top Nuts for Keto Diet

1.Macadamia Nuts

Best Nuts for Keto Diet

The best ratio of perfect amount of dry roast and saltiness definitely goes to the Kirkland Macadamia Nuts which is grown from tropical places all around the globe, such as Australia.

Macadamia nuts are extremely high in fat as well as high in calories which makes them one of the best nuts for keto. They contain 24g of fat and only 2g net carbs per 28g. You keto macros are reached effortlessly when consuming this nut.

There’s always a chance that you can go overboard quickly so it’s smart to screen your consumption closely. These nuts are great for traveling because of their high nutritional value especially when going on long flights where the access of keto friendly food is somewhat lacking.

2.Pumpkin seeds

Best Nuts for Keto Diet

Our most loved pumpkin seeds are Eden Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds because they come in an awesome little portable package you can take anywhere with you. They have no net carbs whereas similar brands contain 1-2 net carbs.

The net carb count is important because there are pumpkin seeds on the market that are considered keto, such as Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds that have 3g net carbs which is still not too much but if you lose track for a little bit it easily adds up.

Just like the previous macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds contain high quantities of fat and the brand we’re presenting comes at 16g per serving.

3.Raw Walnuts

Best Nuts for Keto Diet

One of the lowest net carb nuts in the market is definitely the walnut which has a very specific taste. There are a lot of people who prefer to eat plain walnuts but the main reason ketoers love them most is because they are easily added to any salad delivering more fat and crunchiness.

The Nut Cravings Raw Walnuts are the ones that come without any net carbs so these are the ones we recommend.


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Best Nuts for Keto Diet

Raw or salted pecans are the preferred choice for us instead of candied ones. They usually go quite well with sugary delights so it’s best to mix them with some low carb berries which would complement each other perfectly.

There’s a Texas grown pecans that you can use which come at just 1g net carbs with 21g fat.

5.Brazil Nut

Best Nuts for Keto Diet

The neutrality of these nuts makes them perfect for mixing with some low carb berries when snacking. They are quite exotic and their stats fare very well for keto diets. The Nut Cravings brand has only 1 net carb with 19g fat.

Also they are a great source of selenium but you must be careful because you might go overboard on the selenium intake and that might result in some undesired side effects so practice moderation at all times.


Best Nuts for Keto Diet

You probably already know everything about almonds as they are the most utilized nut in the US.

They come in 2g net carbs and 16g fat per serving and are very tasty. They don’t contain too much saturated fat so the extremely fatty taste with this nut is excluded. The option we usually go for is the Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Almonds because of its roasted crunch and healthy quantity of salt.


Best Nuts for Keto Diet

Another nut that is preferred to be enjoyed in moderation because they aren’t as low on carbs as other nuts on this rundown. So self-control is key when you take these on.

The brand we’re recommending is The Peanut Shop Handcooked Virginia Peanuts which come at 4g net carbs and 13g fat per serving.

Try to stay away from canned peanuts because majority of them add sugar.

8.Sunflower Seeds

Best Nuts for Keto Diet

The last item on our rundown are the Woodstock Sunflower Seeds that has 2g net carbs and 15g fat per serving and they are extremely tasty as well as versatile but should be enjoyed in moderation.



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