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Tips To Have a Good Sleep.

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of your daily routine, It's like a reset button, allowing your body and mind to reset and repair. Most people manage to sleep okay. Some on the other hand, find it rather difficult. Whatever the case, knowing why and how to have good sleep quality is vital to healthy living.


You might have a general sense of what keeps you up and what helps you sleep. It is important to also gain an understanding of the science of sleep. How habit and habitat can influence good sleep. By learning this and discovering the true powerful benefits of good sleep, you can unlock a new level of wellness.


Good sleep can improve mood, immune function, hormone balance, metabolic function and genetic expression. For example, a minimum of 8 hours good quality of sleep per day can boost testosterone production in men. There are many more benefits, all achievable through some handy sleep tips

There are numerous sleep boosting methods at your disposal. They don't require much aside from a mindful approach and a bit of knowledge. From changing diet to optimizing your living space, here are 10 tips to having good sleep.


Tips To Have a Good Sleep

Tips To Have a Good Sleep


  • Mattress Matters?
    Right out the gate is the most obvious thing to look out for. The quality of your sleeping surface. Your mattress is the one single space with the largest amount of time dedicated during your daily cycle. Suffice to say it should be at least comfortable. This is even more true when considering your quality of sleep.A good mattress can often be a matter of subjective preference. Some like it soft, others like it firm. One important standard to observe is the balance between cushioning and support. A good mattress must provide ample cushioning, but also be able to support correct spinal alignment.This allows you to improve long term posture, circulation and respiratory function.


  • Improve your Space
    Immediately after your bed is your living space. This is actually really important for good quality sleep believe it or not. Not just in the sense of factors like noise, ventilation and temperature, but even just the general organization of your space.Living in a cluttered, disorganized environment as well as sleeping in one can increase stress levels. We seek order in our habitats and when our environment is out of whack, it can lead to a chronic spike in cortisol (stress hormone) levels. This diminishes the chances of having good sleep.An eastern tradition known as Feng Shui has gained marked popularity in the western architecture and interior design mainstream. It supposes that energy balance in a physical space is determined by how objects within said space are arranged. By arranging them in a suitable format, you can boost the positive vibes in a room or space. Whatever your interpretation of this philosophy may be, having a well-organised space is good for good sleep.


  • Keep it Quiet!
    Quite a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many people miss the mark when it comes to lowering the volume at bed time. Noisy sounds are one of the main disruptors of good sleep. Even if you are able to sleep through a racket, the quality of your sleep will be compromised.


  • Turn the Lights Out!
    Along with a noisy environment, a lit environment also makes it difficult to fall asleep as well as have good sleep. This is because your eyelids don't completely block out light, they just block vision. You are still able to register an active light source even with your eyes closed. This leads to diminished quality of sleep since light sensitivity causes an automatic “wake up” response.Another reason light is bad for sleep is probably less known, but more significant. Your skin produces a hormone known as melatonin in the dark. This hormone signals your brain to go into sleep mode. Too little and insomnia becomes a real possibility.



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  • Train Hard, Rest Easy.
    Being physically active is another tried and tested way of improving sleep quality. It's no mystery that a good workout makes you rather tired. Being tired quickly leads to a sense of sleepiness.Another key as to why exercise helps is the release of endorphins. These feel good hormones are released as a signal to your brain for a job well done. This is in connection with your body recognizing that you’ve just completed a task essential for progress or survival. Your body rewards you and also gives you a well-deserved break by inducing sleep.


  • Stimulant Free Drink
    A caffeine free beverage like chamomile or mint tea is a good way to kick up for some good sleep. The calming effect of drinking a hot, decaffeinated beverage has been shown to improve the ease at which you can fall asleep.Chamomile tea is especially reputed for this. Although no conclusive science exists to state chamomile chemical sedative properties, it’s most certainly more effective than a cup of coffee.


  • Goodnight with GABA.
    GABA (gamma butyric acid) is a hormone that literally helps calm the nerves. It works by reducing excitement across nerve synapses, leading to a more relaxed state. Unlike a hormone like adrenalin which works on the sympathetic pathway (fight or flight response), GABA works opposite on the parasympathetic pathway (rest and digest response).It is one of the best sleep supplements available and also known to reduce stress and anxiety.


  • Sleep Alarm
    You have one to wake you up, but what if we told you that having one to fall asleep is just as important?We live in a world where everything is so fast paced and intense. The passive flow of life is no longer possible, so now more than ever we need things that remind us and help us stay on track. A personal trainer at the gym, a timer for the food you cook, an alarm to wake up, but also one to fall asleep.


  • Avoid the Night Cap
    Alcohol is weird in this regard. It is most certainly going to help you fall asleep. It is a natural depressant in that regard. The problem is, once you fall asleep, the quality of sleep you experience while intoxicated is terrible.


  • Clear Your Mind
    Having a head full of stress is a major roadblock on the path to good sleep. We are all subject to stress be it from work, school, society or family. The goal is to manage it by implementing habits and creating a habitat that minimize stress. As much as less stress leads to good sleep, good sleep leads to less stress.Practice meditation, exercise regularly, engage creatively and limit contact with stressful situations. Seeking professional help such as trained therapists every once in a while also helps. You don't need to be suffering from a serious mental illness to keep tabs on your mental health.



In Conclusion.

It’s obvious that we all need sleep at some point in the day. Without it, the ability to function properly drastically diminishes. What isn’t so common are the other far-reaching consequences of a decline in sleep. Armed these tips, you can avoid them, and better yet, improve your current state with good sleep.

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