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Testosterone and the Female Sex Drive.

The link between testosterone and libido in women hardly a secret. But have you ever wondered how the how this “male” sex hormone interacts with your female biology?

Also, why does fading testosterone levels cause a waning sex drive? Actually, why do they even fade in the first place?

Fortunately, you don't need a degree in biochemistry to understand this. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of the hormone and its role to play in your love life.

We’ll also give you some potential interventions you can make to negate the effects of low libido.

So, let’s get to it by first understanding more about Testosterone.



Every Day Is Leg Day




Testosterone in the female body

Testosterone is produced primarily by the ovaries, but also the adrenal glands. Its levels of production are far lower than in men, with the opposite sex producing as much as seven times more.

Other than regulating your libido, testosterone also does the following:

  • Maintains and develops muscle

  • Regulates healthy bone density

  • Regulates metabolism

  • Maintains skin and hair vitality

  • Regulates mood and mental clarity

As we age, the production of testosterone decreases. The biggest drops for women are seen soon before and after menopause. A decreased libido is only one of the symptoms.



Testosterone and Sex drive

Sexuality is a complex affair. Everyone is different, and what will turn you on also changes from situation to situation.

When we talk of reduced libido, therefore, we mean relative to the individual in question. Only you can determine what it looks like

If your drive still feels low after considering the following, then you can start looking at your biology:

  • Chemistry with your partner

  • Novelty

  • Security

  • Overall state of health

  • Mental Health



Testosterone helps trigger thoughts of sex in our brains. It fuels the fantasies and desires that run through our minds, and makes us want to fulfill them.

The hormone also stimulates our bodies to be more receptive to situations or physical stimuli of a sexual nature.

Consequently, its decline will cause a decline in desire and enjoyment of sex. This happens as we age in part since evolution decided baring children past certain ages is not ideal.

Your body doesn’t see the need to have a spicy sex life when your fertility has dipped, leading to the following manifestations in your sex life.


  • Decreased desire for sex

  • Less Sexual fantasies

  • Less positive response to sexual stimuli

  • Less enjoyment from sex

  • Difficulty reaching orgasm


Waning testosterone also manifests many of the symptoms of aging. These can take a toll on your self-confidence if left unchecked, and will further lower your libido

Age is just a number, fortunately, and you can still enjoy a great bedroom life even if your body would express otherwise. Let's take a look at how.






Combating Low libido

There are many testosterone boosting interventions you can take to improve your time under the sheets. Changes in your lifestyle, diet, and supplementation have been shown to do wonders.

Exercise is one option. It increases in testosterone levels, while also boosting your endorphins and giving you having a sexy bod that you’ll definitely want to take for a spin.

Avoiding and managing stress is also a good way to get you libido back up. This is because the stress hormone cortisol which is produced, well, in times of stress, actually blocks the action of testosterone and other hormones.


When it comes to your diet, there are a plethora of herbs and spices that claim to boost testosterone. There is a lot of BS out there, so with a prior trip to the doctor, some self-experimentation will be needed to determine what’s best for you.

Clinical interventions also exist. Hormone replacement therapy for example is used by many women. This is despite the fact that it increases the risk of breast cancer.

When it comes to supplementation, though, LifeRenu has you covered.


The Female Factor pill was formulated specifically for the female body, much unlike other testosterone boosters on the market.

This means you won’t have to worry about taking too much or too little as you would with other supplementations and herbal remedies.

In fact, the Female factor’s ingredients comprise of many of those herbal remedies. The difference being in that they were designed to have the exact amount for you in every capsule.

The Female Factor pills with a good diet and exercise, and you’re on your way to enjoying the sex you deserve.






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