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Warning Signs of Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults – Type II diabetes is one of the most rampant health concerns in modern history. Its a strong indicator of something going wrong with the way people today interact with their state of health.


Deaths due to diabetes are amongst the highest recorded causes of adult mortality. Chances are high you probably know a few people who suffer from the condition. But how does it happen. To answer that, we need to look at what diabetes is.


What is Type II diabetes?

Just a disclaimer, but it is well known that there are two forms of diabetes. Type I and Type II. for the sake of brevity, we will only talk about type II.


Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults


That's because its onset and causes can be avoided and managed which is what we want to provide insight on. Type I, as far as we know, just, unfortunately, happens to some people, and is beyond control with current medical knowledge.


With that said, type II diabetes is when your body can no longer effectively regulate blood glucose levels. This happens when your cells become insulin resistant, meaning they don't respond when insulin tells them to store excess sugar as glycogen. The accumulation of glucose in the blood because of this can have a severe impact on your health.


Effects of Diabetes

Once taken hold, diabetes leads to a litany of negative health conditions categorized as metabolic diseases.


These include:

  • Kidney damage
  • Eye damage
  • Obesity
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Dementia


It's pretty clear that avoiding these is essential if you want a longer, healthier life. The tricky part is, noticing the warning signs before it’s too late. In this article, we’re going to look at the warning signs of type II diabetes and how to avoid them before it’s too late.


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Top 5 Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 2 In Adults


1. Abnormally high appetite.

Polyphagia or hyperphagia is one of the most well known early symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults of impending diabetes. The sufferer will experience an abnormal desire for food.


Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults


This is because the body is incapable of converting glucose in the blood into glycogen which can then be used as energy. Think of it as having a bag of candy that you can't open. You have the candy, but you can’t “have” the candy.


The body then registered this to mean you haven't eaten enough so your hunger hormones kick into overdrive, meanwhile, you have eaten enough, and now you’re just adding to the problem, making things worse the more carbs you eat.


2. Abnormal levels of thirst.

Another excessive obsession that comes with pre-diabetes is polydipsia or excessive levels of thirst. That's because your body responds to excess blood glucose by trying to add water to the mix in order to balance concentration.


Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults


If you’re constantly thirsty, even after a large drink of water, this could be a symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults creeping in.


3. Frequent urination

This one leads straight from polydipsia. The more you drink, the more you pee naturally. Frequent urination in a prediabetic state can also be a response to the need for excess sugar removal.


Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults


As the body tries to filter out excess sugar which isn't being converted by glycogen, it will make the kidneys work overtime in producing more urine for the excretion of glucose.


4. Weight fluctuations

Dramatic fluctuations in weight can be the result of the early onset of diabetes. When it comes to weight loss, this can happen because your body hasn't got enough energy in the form of glycogen.


Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults


That's because your insulin is ineffective at signaling your cells to convert enough blood glucose into glycogen for energy. Your body then eats away at your fat and tissue protein. When it comes to weight gain, most diabetes and prediabetes sufferers will have an excess amount of body fat.


5. Fatigue.

The lack of energy that would have otherwise come from glucose as well as chronic metabolic stress can easily cause fatigue during the prediabetic phase.


Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults


If you constantly feel tired, even after rest and sleep, this might be a symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults.



While all these signs and symptoms are indicators of pre-diabetes, the truth is, any one of these could be related to a separate underlying health concern. Your best bet is to seek medical advice and get your blood screened for elevated glucose levels.


Just going off signs and symptoms won't give you the right information. It's also a good idea to reverse any habits you are aware of that can typically lead to a pre-diabetic state.


Things such as excess refined carbs in the diet, lack of exercise and a poor diet which lacks essential nutrients and fiber.


If you want to know more or have any burning questions about diabetes and your blood glucose levels, please drop a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.





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