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10 Super Ingredients That Will Preserve Your Health

Food nutrients and their sources and functions

It's well known that people who eat healthy have less chances to catch a cold or get sick because their immune system is better because it gets all the necessary Food nutrients and functions to it's maximum potential. So consuming healthy food can actually help you preserve your health and even slow the aging process. Therefor we present to you the 10 super ingredients that will preserve your health:


Beans is protecting us from heart disease, bad blood circulation and colon cancer. Even though beans are usually prepared as soups and salads you can always try to prepare it in a different way. For example try to make a vegetarian dish with legumes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, onion and tomatoes. The chopped up vegetable is boiled for about 40 minutes in small amount of water, once the vegetable is soft it's taken out and dressed with soy sauce, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 small spoons of walnut oil and half a lemon squeezed.

Garlic and onion

Thanks to it's structure it's the best vegetable that offers protection of heart disease and possible cholesterol increase. It's recommended, at least one clove of garlic to be consumed every day and in the period of three weeks about 4 onions. It doesn't always have to be consumed fresh. It can be taken as a sauce when eating soups.
The preparation can be the following: fry chopped garlic, carnation and a small onion. In a few minutes you'll get a caramelized sauce with spicy flavor. To the chopped garlic you can add yogurt mixed with a bit of olive oil, a spoon on vinegar and a little bit of black pepper. You need to mix these ingredients well and the result is an excellent sauce.
To the rest of the chopped garlic you can add chopped cucumber, a few leafs of mint, a bit of curry and hot peppers and you'll have a salad with an interesting taste.

Lemon and lime

Even though these two fruits have anti cancer effect and they are used to treat illness that affects the lungs and breathing pathways they are very rarely used to prepare the main food courses so it's about time to start using them.
It would be great to get any type of fish, spice it with oregano and put some olive oil, lemon oil and lemon juice. Put two or three pieces of lemon on the fish, cover it up with a tin foil and bake it for 15 minutes.
Another way to consume lemon and lime is to make a cocktail and drink it in the morning.


Since it's rich with omega 3, this is a great protection from malignant and heart diseases. That's why the linseed is a great ingredient if you don't have fish on your menu. A spoon or two per day of this seed is quite enough.
It's recommended to be consumed in the morning with oat flakes and yogurt or milk and for lunch and dinner the linseed is usually added to the salads.

Black wine

We should drink at least one glass of black wine per day. This way we make sure that our organism has antioxidant that efficiently protects us from heart illness and gives us better blood circulation.
There is a research which confirms that by consuming one glass of black wine per day, the risk of an early death caused by heart disease is lowered by 30%. The black wine is used when preparing some dishes but it's recommended to be consumed after the main course.

Dark chocolate

The dark chocolate is a mine for vitamin B, magnesium and iron and it helps with stress and depression while also lowers the high blood pressure. Dark chocolate is also considered to be an antioxidant. It's perfect if you can consume up to five decagrams per day. Two or three squares of dark chocolate has 70 to 80 percent cacao.

Rosa canina fruit

Even though the rosa canina is one of the oldest known fruits it's rarely used in today's food menu.
It contains bioflavonoid substance that protects the human organism against cancer three times more then fruits and vegetables.
The consumption would be ideal as glass of juice or eat a few pieces fresh.

Red cabbage

When people get diagnosed as anemic or they have some kind of skin disease, doctors usually advise them to eat more red cabbage. Aside from this red cabbage is very healthy and definitely worthy to mention on this list because it's rich with iron and sulfur. It has anticancer properties and it's recommended to be eaten in a salad with apple vinegar and oil.


Walnuts are a great source of fat acids known as Omega-3. They are valued antioxidants which help with the memory process and help speed up the recovery of heart diseases. That's why it's important to be consumed every day. They can be added to both sweet and salty meals. For example, walnuts can be added in the milk with your cereal in the morning and after lunch they can be served with honey and yogurt as a tasty desert.


Ginger stimulates blood circulation, protects the blood vessels and is does an excellent job when your joints hurt. Even though it has a bit of a spicy flavor it's very good to be consumed daily either shredded in a meal or salad or even as a juice in the morning. You can combine it with carrot juice, spinach juice and beets juice.
Ginger juice is used as medicine against common cold and stomach ache.

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