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How Stress Affects Hormones and Weight Loss

As a fitness professional, I always encourage my clients to live a healthy and active lifestyle outside of the gym.

Especially women over 40… I recommend that they cut back on sugar, preservatives and trans fats – that they stay hydrated throughout the day and get plenty of sleep. And for the most part they stick to my plan like glue. Yet, even with the best intentions, there’s one thing a lot of women have a hard time controlling. Stress…



See, most women live full and busy lives. They have family responsibilities, work obligations and things can pop up during the day that can stress them out. Household issues, money concerns, relationship friction and dozens of other frustrations can come up each day that kick their stress hormones into high gear. Our lives are fast paced, we’re addicted to technology and we never give ourselves a break.

Unfortunately, uncontrolled stress is one of the most damaging things there is to a woman's body. And prolonged stress can mean trouble for the metabolism. It can also cause heart trouble, brain fog and sleep issues. It can even cause us to gain weight.

In fact, an increase in stress hormones is one of the primary reasons why women have trouble with their weight in the first place… And NOT for the reasons most people think. While stress IS one of the biggest factors contributing to excess weight gain in women… For the longest time, we had no idea why.


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How Stress Affects Hormones and Weight Loss


How Stress Affects Hormones and Weight Loss

Sure, excess cortisol can cause problems with insulin and blood sugar. And that can cause problems with cravings, appetite and even other hormones. But new research actually explains why stress also makes us fat. In recent studies, scientists have discovered that the stress hormone cortisol has a devastating effect on one key metabolic hormone.


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