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Staying Alive: Healthy Habits fo a Long Productive Life

We live and we die. Nothing is more constant and unavoidable than that reality. But how we live out our days is always in flux. Thats because the quality of our lives and the quantity of time we live it are both subject to a myriad of variables.




We often assume that lifespan is a luck of the draw occurence genetically speaking. Those with considerably long lifespans are said to have won “the genetic lottery”.


The truth is, genetic and heredity is just one of those many variables we mentioned. The bulk of what influences lifespan is actually down to the decisions we make and the conditions we are subject to (habit and habitat).


The way we chose to live and the environment we are exposed to are the biggest influences in our aging process. But how does this happen? For that we need to understand what aging is in the first place.


What Makes Us Age?

Aging shouldn’t be confused with growing older. Growing older is an indicator of time spent living. Growing older is inevitable and happens at the same rate for each and every one of us.




Aging, on the other hand, is the physiological effect of what happens during this time. It doesn't happen at a constant, uniform rate for everyone.


What that means is that while aging occurs as we grow older, it doesn’t necessarily mean our phsyiological age correlates directly to our chronological age. Theoretically, with enough advancement in medical science, aging could be brought to a screeching halt. For now, we can only slow it down.


Aging is the process where your cellular regeneration rate starts to slow down compared to the rate of cellular death. In our elderly years, the rate of cell death begins to overtake the rate of regeneration.


Lifespan vs Healthspan, what's the difference?


Our lives will eventually come to an end, but if we slow down the aging process, we can prolong life. We can take this a step further and aim at not just longer lives, but a longer period of productive and independent living.


Lifespan vs Healthspan


With medical advancements, human lifespans have generally gone up, but with a decline in life-sustaining habits such as regular exercise and good nutrition, our healthy years fall drastically short.


That's where the difference between lifespan and healthspan comes in. lifespan is how long you are alive for. Healthspan is how long you are healthy and productive for.


A key aim for anti-aging and longevity practice should not just be making people live longer, but it should help them stay healthy longer. This article will take a look at ways you can invest in a prolonged, healthy future but implementing a few good habits today.


One of those habits might be taking a look at the Life Renu Store and grabbing some of our health-boosting natural supplements. We’re sure you’ll find at least one thing that will help you reach your health goals. So let's get into it, shall we?


4 Healthy Habits for a Longer, Fuller Life


1. Pay Attention to What, When and How you eat

Food is a pivotal factor in general health and quality of life. Needless to say, it will have a big impact on how long and productively you live.

What do you want to eat for longevity?

Focus on whole foods with a varied and seasonal diet. Try and cut out as much processed food as possible.

high protein low carb

High protein, low GI carbs, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense foods are what you’re looking for. While we advocate for healthy, clean eating, we don’t do orthorexia (an obsession with healthy eating). The whole point is to enjoy life, so treat yourself, just not too much!


Another vital aspect of nutrition is hydration. We can't stress this enough, but your entire system is pretty much water-based, so drink up and live longer!

When to eat?

Try not to eat too early or too late. Remaining in a fasted state for longer does wonder to the body. It has a cleansing effect that reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. Intermittent fasting is a great way to practice this power.

How to eat?

Be mindful of your food, chew it fully, focus on every bite and don’t inhale your meals and snacks. This allows you to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of nutrient absorption. It also helps you limit any digestive problems which may become chronic and lead to a decrease in your overall lifespan.


2. Regular Exercise

Staying fit and physically active are unequivocal ways to improve your life and healthspan odds. For one, you are conditioning your body for the long haul.

Upper body dynamic stretches

Your body will have a more stable foundation of physiological integrity due to all the tough muscles, healthy blood vessels, strong bones and snappy nerves you will have built up.

Regular exercise also keeps more subtle systems moving. Your metabolism and hormone functions will be so conditioned to optimum operating capacity, they won't let up as soon as most.


3. Get Enough Rest and Sleep


Resting and sleeping are vital to short term health, but when it comes to the long game, they may be more important.

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally

The ability to recover, rebuild and recalibrate both the body and mind only occur during a state of rest. Sleep is necessary for many important reasons. Although science has yet to prove and pinpoint one defining reason, the effects of a lack of sleep are best to avoid. Each night of good sleep adds extra time before the final big one.


4. Avoid Drugs and Toxic substances.


You want to keep your body as feee of toxins as possible. Unfortunately, no matter how clean you eat and live, there will always be toxins either introduced or naturally produced in our bodies. So why add to this unavoidable situation by purposefully adding more?


Drugs and narcotics can offer an amazing escape from reality. In some cases they even unlock dormant parts of the brain and may provide valuable insight (psychadelic experiences).




These types of effects are rarely the case or worth the trade off for adding toxic elements to your body. Even alcohol, a seemingly harmless social drug if you really think about it, has its definite drawbacks. It probably ends more lifes than even the hardest street drug.


Smoking doesn’t even need mentioning here, just don’t do it! In general, toxic  substances will trim years off your lifespan due to the increase inflamation and oxdative stree we experience while using or being exposed to them. Avoid them unless they have been made medically necessary.




While these four habits may seem like absolute no-brainers, implementing them is a daily challenge for most people. Its also easy to ignore the importance of each good daily habit in the bigger picture. An accumulation of bad habits wont show any consequences until its too late.


We hope this article sheds some insight for you. If you still have any burning questions, please drop a comment below, and we’ll get right back to you.

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