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The Benefits of Stationary Cycling And How To Get Up To Speed

Stationary bike workout – Stationary cycling or the stationary bike has been one of the longest standing innovations of the fitness world.

Stationary bike workout


Not since the treadmill has such a complete and effective piece of functional gym equipment come to the fore.


With all the benefits of cycling and very few of the risks and resources, exercise bikes are a must.


This method of training has some humble beginnings, starting off as an ordinary bike with the rear wheel simply adjusted to eliminate ground contact.


Since then, stationary bikes have continued to advance, setting the tone for many of the cutting edge innovations in fitness equipment.


The Exercise Bike Tech Revolution

Today exercise bikes come in many versatile forms and features to match.


Stationary bike workout


For instance, almost all modern stationary bikes are fully digitized.


Intensity controls and a display console that shows your workout stats come standard (although not entirely accurate in many cases if we’re being honest).


There are also many cycling apps to go with your stationary bike workout, allowing you to follow guided workouts and even cycle tour sims that put you through your paces as you would in a professional setting.


Virtual reality has even made an entrance in the world of cycling with an array of applications to get you immersed in a world of cycling while staying perfectly still.


Safety, versatility, technology, and ergonomics are all playing a part in making stationary cycling the go-to for your cardio fix.


In this article, we’re going to go into 5 reasons why the stationary bike should always be on your list.


5 Reasons Why Stationary bike workout Are An Amazing Workout

Scalable Intensity

One of the great things about the stationary bike is how versatile it is when applied to exercise. You can essentially scale it up or down in intensity to suit whatever workout format you might desire.


Stationary bike workout


You can use it as a LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio trainer or you can incorporate it into a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) format like Tabata.


The exercise bike is also great for warm-ups or cool downs regardless of what workout is taking place.


You can adjust the resistance on most bike’s settings or you can simply push your own natural limits for the desired training effect.


Benefits Of Cycling With None Of The Risks

As we mentioned, a stationary bike allows you to enjoy many of the benefits of road or mountain biking without the inherent risks involved.

Stationary bike workout

Weather is a big factor and exposure to intense conditions not only poses an undue challenge if getting fit is the only objective, but it also puts you in the face of potential harm.


Just imagine being caught in a thunder or hail storm, blizzard or even just intense heat and solar radiation.


Another common risk is uneven terrain. Unexpected impact or loss of traction on a gritty surface can instantly turn what was a casual ride into and ER trip.


In some parts of the world, risk comes in the form of human elements. You might cross paths with an unsavory individual or just end up on the wrong side of town and get into some trouble while “losing” your bike in the process.


Low Impact Training

Cycling faires better than running in this case. That’s because the foot strike presents a degree of risk of injury or repetitive strain that affects your joints over the long term.


Indoor stationary bikes or any type of bicycle for that matter, eliminate this problem by allowing for the same training effect as running without the bothersome jolt of footstrike.


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Safe For All

Stationary cycling is safer than regular cycling. This isn’t just because it helps eliminate many of the common risk factors associated with cycling outdoors.


Stationary cycling


It’s also because it is safe for anyone to try.


Stationary cycling is a great way to maintain fitness for seniors. The low impact and scalable intensity make it a great conditioner for more fragile bodies.


The same is true for both pregnant and nursing mothers whose bodies are in a vulnerable state but still could use some decent exercise.


People who suffer from arthritis will find better use with the stationary bike workout than they would with a treadmill for example.


Great Leg Conditioner

Well, this one is a bit obvious, so we thought we’d save it for last, but exercising using a stationary bike is a great way to condition and sculpt the legs.

Stationary bike workout

Since all the work is being performed by your legs, no matter what intensity you’re training at, regular use of the exercise bike will result in more powerful and muscular legs.


If you’ve seen any half-serious cyclists, you’ll also notice how sizeable calves are a common occurrence in this community.


Cycling regularly is, therefore, a great way to tap into that elusive calf muscle hypertrophy.



While there are numerous ways to hit your cardio goals, we strongly advise tapping into the benefits of the stationary bike workout.


Not only is it a convenient and safe piece of equipment, but it’s also proven to be one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment ever invented.


What’s more, you can even get your own, since they are relatively affordable and quite space-efficient in most cases.


We hope this article has given you some valuable insight, looking forward to bringing you more.



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