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The Keto Struggle, 5 Ways to Make Sticking To Keto Easier

Starting the keto diet – If you’ve been following the latest health and nutrition trends, you will have heard of keto by now.


Maybe you’re even trying it, and are excited about the potential results.


Keto or ketosis has been proven, both anecdotally and with solid research, to boost the potential for healthy weight loss through accelerated fat metabolism.

Starting the keto diet

This happens because when your body is in ketosis, it switched from using carbs as a primary fuel source to fat.


That means keto is more than just a switch in diet, it's a complete change in how you allow your body to process nutrition.


Because of this, Starting the keto diet, achieving and maintaining ketosis can be challenging.


You’re not just sticking to a meal plan, you are harnessing an alternative biochemical functioning of your body.


In this article, we want to provide some insight into how you can make the keto diet easier to implement and maintain.


But first, how does keto actually work?


How Keto Works


Ketosis occurs when your body is “starved” of carbs


That of course, doesn’t mean you should totally starve yourself.


That’s where the fat comes in.


Because in this state, your body switches to using fat as a metabolic substrate.

Starting the keto diet


This is achieved by the liver converting lipids (fat molecules) into ketone bodies.


These are then used in the reactions that produce ATP.


By reducing carbs to about 5% of your dietary intake, and increasing fat intake to about 75%, with the rest being protein, you can effectively place your body in a ketogenic state and activate a healthy weight loss condition.


Sounds great right?


We believe so too.


And without further ado, let’s look at ways to make a healthy keto diet easier to stick to.


5 Keto Hacks To Make Your Fat Fueled Diet Easier


Consult a Professional


Starting the keto diet right off the bat, your most essential consideration should be to consult and seek guidance from a qualified health and nutrition professionals.


A registered dietician will be able to help you out with the necessary recommendations.

Starting the keto diet

This way you will not only be advised on the correct general guidelines, but you’ll also gain access to understanding your unique individual dietary needs and match them up to an ideal keto program.


You might also want to consult a doctor and cover all bases by making sure you are aware of any sensitivities, intolerances or deficiencies you might be at risk of.


Because keto is such a drastic change in your body’s function, seeking advice from the pros is essential.


Research And Learn


Just as much as seeking professional guidance through professional consultation is necessary, conducting your own research is just as important.


Learning about how your body and nutrition work, especially with regard to ketosis, is important for allowing you to build a clear path on how you will go about it.

Starting the keto diet

In as much as professional guidance is useful, having your own understanding of what's going on enables you to really harness the benefits.


When researching, focus on peer-reviewed research articles and science journals, you know, the official studies and facts, don’t rely on blogs and magazine articles, and that includes ours.


That’s because while many of these offer useful insight and introduction to the concepts of health and nutrition, they are just that, insight and not expert research.


Try Focus On Whole Foods.


For you to be able to stick to keto, you will need to try and avoid industrially processed foods.


It’s pretty obvious that these foods are generally unhealthy, but specifically from a keto perspective, processed foods might be a hindrance.

Starting the keto diet

Processed foods are often high in carbs, so your options are already pretty limited.


Secondly, the type of fat present in most processed food can lead to poor health, even in foods that meet the general keto profile.


The presence of trans fats and the imbalanced ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids common in such foods make them unhealthy overall.


Get Used To Meal Prep


Keto is a plan based way of eating. Because with regular food options, whether they are from processed sources or whole foods, carbs are king.


Just think of any staple meal or food and the chances are high that it is carb dominant.

Starting the keto diet

With this in mind, you will need to plan your food carefully so your macros match up to your keto requirements.


The best way to do this is through meal prepping.


Preparing large batches of keto-adapted meals that are ready for you to grab and go not only eliminates the stress of trying to figure out your keto profile with each meal, it's also darn convenient.


Upgrade Your Kitchen


Continuing on with meal prepping is the need for specialized kitchen utensils and appliances in order to make your keto meals easier to prepare.

Starting the keto diet

Handy food containers and measuring implements such as volume cups, measuring jugs and a kitchen food scale are a must!


You should also look into getting a reliable food processor or blender.


Lastly, we recommend getting an Instant Pot or similar appliance that allows the process of cooking to become that much easier.




A keto-adapted lifestyle starting the keto diet more than just low carb, high fat, its an intricate balance of nutrition that results in your body changing how it fundamentally works.


Because of this, it’s important to support your system with the right strategies, resources, and guidance.


We hope this article provides some insight into how to do just that.

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