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How can the vital proteins, collagen peptides improve your health

Sports research collagen peptides – Collagen is a protein we have in our body and it’s one of the vital proteins that create parts of our bodies such as skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons.


It’s an extremely beneficial protein that has a huge positive impact on many parts of our bodies including our skin and bones. It’s actually considered the glue that holds the molecular structures in your body together.


sports research collagen peptides


The collagen in our body has a few different types, 16 of them to be more precise but the most important ones are the first 4 types:


Type I is the one that is present in abundance in our bodies and its structure is made of fibers that affects our bone structure, tendons, teeth, skin and majority of the connective tissues.


Type II is also made of fibers but they aren’t as dense as Type I and its main role is in the cartilage that acts as a soft cushion to the joints.


Type III is the one that is in charge of supporting the structure of arteries, organs and muscles.


Type IV is mainly found in the skin and helps with filtration.


The effects of reduced collagen can be easily seen and felt as we age because our bodies stop producing the same quality and quantity of collagen and it shows on our skin and more often than not, our cartilage in the knee as it weakens because it’s lacking collagen.



Can We Slow The Process of Decreased Collagen Production?

Even though our bodies are able to produce collagen on their own it’s also beneficial for us to take it from different foods and even supplements.

sports research collagen peptides


The short answer is: Yes we can.


The way we can do something is by improving our diet especially our vitamin C consumption because this is what is used in the process when the glycine and proline are combined to create procollagen.

Sports research collagen peptides the nutrients needed to ensure that your body has everything it needs to create collagen are:


  • Vitamin C which is present in a vegetables and fruits like strawberries and bell peppers as well as a lot of citrus fruits.
  • Glycine which is present in the skin of pork and chicken and other foods that have protein.
  • Proline which is present in dairy products, asparagus, mushrooms, cabbage and egg whites.
  • Copper which is present in cocoa powder, sesame seeds, cashews and organ meats.


There are also some things we can avoid that will slow our collagen production and some of those are:


  • Smoking
  • Too much time spent in the sun because of the UV rays.
  • Sugars and processed carbohydrates.


How Can The Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Improve My Health?


The optimal production of the vital proteins collagen peptides can improve your health in a number of ways and we’re going to discuss them in more detail further down this article starting from:


sports research collagen peptides


  1. Bone Loss Prevention

Since our bones are made out of collagen and it’s what keeps them well structured and strong it’s only logical that increasing your collagen production as we age can prevent the loss of bone tissue.

Sports research collagen peptides a research that was done on taking collagen supplements found that the supplements have an effect that prevents the bones from breaking down which is a sign of osteoporosis. When the research was nearing its end, the people that took the collagen and calcium supplements had much lower levels of protein that incite bone loss than the people who only took calcium supplements.

A similar research done on women that had to take 5 grams of collagen per day for a year found that the ones that took the collagen increased their bone mineral density for about 7%.


  1. Improves Heart Health

It’s still a theory but most scientists are thinking that collagen supplements can improve the heart health by lowering the risks of heart conditions. This is based on the fact that collagen is present in the arteries and if you lack collagen in your body your arteries might weaken which may lead to some unwanted conditions such as artherosclerosis which is an illness that decreases the size of the arteries and it may result in a heart attack or even a stroke.


  1. Increase of Muscle Mass

Because the collagen is very important part of your muscles even though they are not entirely made out of collagen, it’s needed for your muscles to be able to stay strong and function as they should.

As we age we tend to lose muscle mass and collagen can help slow this process down which is highly beneficial.

A research done on men who were weak and took 15 grams of collagen and exercised for 3 months showed that when compared to those who only exercised they had much higher muscle mass and strength.


sports research collagen peptides



  1. Improves Skin Health

Since our skin consists mostly of collagen it is very important in keeping the strength of the skin as well as its hydration. Another benefit of collagen is that it is important in preserving the skin by not letting it dry easily and form wrinkles.

Sports research collagen peptides in a research done on women who were taking about 5 grams of collagen supplements for two months the founding results were quite good since the women’s skin wasn’t as dry and was much more elastic when compared to the women who didn’t take this supplement.

In another research women were drinking collagen supplements for three months and they were showing signs of increased hydration and lowered depth of wrinkles.

The reason behind collagen supplements having an effect on wrinkle depth is that they are able to increase the production of collagen in your body. Collagen supplements also affect the creation of other proteins that are also helping with health of your skin such as fibrillin and elastin.


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  1. Decreases Joint Pain

Because collagen is very important component of your cartilage it has a huge role in decreasing joint pain as you’re getting older. As we age we are constantly losing the ability to produce as much collagen as our body needs and the risk of osteoarthritis increases by a lot.


sports research collagen peptides


Researchers were able to connect collagen supplements with the improvement of osteoarthritis patients who reported that they didn’t feel as much pain as they used to before taking collagen supplements.

A research done on adults who took collagen every day for about 2 months showed that they had a decreased feeling of pain in their joints and were able to do more physical exercises compared to those who didn’t take any supplements.

Scientists agree that collagen supplements are able to decrease inflammation, increase your joint support and significantly decrease the pain in your joints that is caused by a degenerative illness.


While these five points that we mentioned above are the main benefits of the vital proteins collagen peptides they are also highly beneficial and can help with increasing the strength of your nails and hair, your brain health, they can also stimulate weight loss by increasing your metabolism and improve your overall gut health.

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