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Let’s Get Real: Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to losing weight, our intended outcomes and expectations can be pretty lofty.


After all, we are basing what we want to achieve on an ideal standard and not anything in-between.


We often use references or people or images that exhibit near perfection in terms of body composition.


We also want to get there as quickly and effortlessly as possible, which obviously doesn't take into consideration the time and effort it takes to sync up all the necessary variables.


The reason behind this might be because weight loss is more synonymous with looking good than feeling good.


We seem to be more preoccupied with showing than being.


This often leads to many people taking shortcuts or getting duped in an attempt to take shortcuts.


Weight loss should be primarily focused on getting you healthy and optimizing your lifestyle.


Having this point of view also helps you set realistic behavioral goals for your health and weight management.


What is Healthy Weight Loss

There is weight loss and healthy weight loss.


Weight loss is simply that. Losing weight. You can achieve this a number of ways, some of which can have a negative overall impact on your health and even lead you to regain the weight.


Such is the case with crash and yo-yo diets.


These forms of weight loss are often designed for relatively quick results, but the tradeoffs can be immense.


Weight Loss


Healthy weight loss, on the other hand, is a gradual process defined by an all-round shift in attitude and lifestyle, healthy weight loss is meant to be a sustainable process that leads to a new way of living with more benefits than just shedding the extra pounds.


In this article, we’re going to look at ways you can implement strategies that will lead to a realistic goal setting for healthy weight loss. But before we get into that, let's check out the Life Renu shop.


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Without further ado, let's set those goals!



Top 5 Ways To Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals


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1. Accept That It Will Take Time

Patience is a virtue as the saying goes.


This statement couldn't be more true when setting realistic healthy weight loss goals.


It will take time for your system to adjust, new habits to set in and for the weight to drop based on where your caloric deficit should be.


With regard to a caloric deficit, you want to keep it to a moderate level.


The reason you don’t want to go overboard with your deficit is that your metabolic set point will kick in to steer you back to a familiar weight.


You want to coax your metabolism into accepting a gradually changing body composition.



2. Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome

In life, we tend to be more focused on the destination than the journey.


Reversing this way of thinking and focusing on the journey instead of the destination is called mindfulness.


It's very effective with healthy weight loss goal setting because not you are motivated to experience the act of losing weight as opposed to impatiently waiting for the weight to be lost, which brings us to the next strategy…



3. Make your Milestones Smaller

By being mindful, you can also create smaller micro-goals which will eventually lead to the grand outcome.


These can be daily goals or happen within certain events such as meal times where you purposefully make better decisions and feel the sense of reward that comes with them.



4. Don't Compare Yourself To Real People

We all have those who inspire us to do better, and that's great.


But sometimes inspiration can turn into envy and critical comparison.


When it comes to body goals, try not to compare yourself to another person.


That's because you can never be like them, even at your best. You could even surpass them by objective standards, but you will always be limited by the comparison.


This can lead to disordered thinking such as body dysmorphia.


Rather compare yourself to a scientific standard. If you need a visual reference, look at an anatomy book.


You can even use a superhero with a realistic physique such as Wonder Woman or Captain America as a model for body goals.


Your mind will register them as fictional, so there will never be any pressure or scrutiny on yourself to measure up to an existing member of society.



5. Make It About You

Continuing on the concept of not comparing to other people is to try to make your weight loss about you.


If it's about looks, make it about you looking good for you.


If it's something deeper, make it about you feeling healthier or more confident for your own self-actualization.


Losing weight or doing anything for the validation of external observers gives us a very temporary sense of fulfillment. And once that is gone, you might just spiral back to square one.




Healthy Weight loss is 20% diet and exercise, 80% attitude adjustment.


Your mindset is the main thing that needs to change before the number on the scale even begins to drop.


Patience and mindfulness are the keys to the necessary behavioral shift.


To get things moving, consult a qualified nutrition coach or doctor.

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