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5 Reasons In-Peron Training is better than Online Coaching

Today, fitness is a burgeoning industry. The ever-increasing need for physical fitness offerings has seen a rampant wave of different products and services flooding the market.


Our health is in crisis. We move less and eat more. There was once a time when most of our health and fitness needs were automatically taken care of simply by the necessity of our everyday activities.


We’ve now built ourselves into a world that removes the natural good stressors that keep our health in check.


That's why keeping fit has gone from something we took for granted, to something we now have to invest actual effort and resources into.


An ever-growing platform for this is online fitness



The Growth of Online Fitness

Online fitness is huge today. From fitness tracking apps, online coaches and downloadable health and fitness plans, the digital domain of fitness is one of the most frequented for consumers and one of the most lucrative for fitness pros.



Where Online Wins

Online coaching offers, to a large extent, the same value as you would get from a face to face consultation with the convenience of eliminating logistical constraints.


You don’t have to travel anywhere or waste any time getting there in order to connect with your preferred coach.


It also tends to work out cheaper in most cases.


Online coaching is also great for trainers themselves, allowing to convert and manage way more clients than they would on a one on one, real-world basis. Statistically, trainers with an online component to their business net the highest average income.



Is In-person Training Dying?

This news might suggest that in-person coaching is on its way out. I mean, if you consider the convenience for both trainers and clients of doing everything online, It’s almost a no-brainer.


But we beg to differ. Although stats show shows a rise in online coaching, there doesn’t seem to be a slow down in real life personal training.


This article will look at why in-person training isn’t losing out to online coaching and why, in fact, it is still a superior form of service delivery.


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5 Reasons In-Person Training is Better than Online Coaching




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1. Hands-on Assessment and Guidance

One important aspect of the training or coaching process between a PT and their client is the drawing in and assessment of the client and their goals.


As a client, it's important that your trainer gets as much of the look and feel of where you are and where you want to go as possible.


Without that, you won't be getting a full value service that takes your precise needs into account, but rather an educated estimate based on calculations and figures.



2. Helps Keep Clients Motivated

When conducting training over a bunch of emails or even a Skype call, it's hard to create or maintain the energy needed to build momentum and motivation through training sessions.


In-person, however, a trainer can demonstrate, encourage and give real-time feedback and motivation.



3. More Personalized Training

Lets face it when it comes to the state of your health and fitness, nothing is set in stone.


When getting an online program, especially one set to work over weeks or months, it’s created under the assumption that you will fall into a rigid set of parameters and reap a specific outcome.


Nothing could be further from reality, that's why face-to-face training is superior. Not only are you getting a personalized program, but you’re also getting tweaks and modifications that work for your specific circumstances as life happens around you.



4. Better Feedback on Form and Technique

When you’re working out, it can sometimes, or rather, oftentimes be hard to spot incorrect technique.


It is also hard for an online coach to spot incorrect technique, that’s because and best, will only have a two-dimensional, one-sided view of what it is you’re doing.


That’s why you’re best off with a real-life coach who can pan around you, see what you’re doing at every phase and give appropriate feedback and corrections in real-time.



5. Enforces Consistency.

It's kind of difficult to keep tabs on online clients. The level of accountability greatly diminishes when there’s an online barrier between the client and the coach.


This is more apparent considering and online coach probably has hundreds, if not thousands of clients on their books.


Being in direct face-to-face contact leaves little room for slacking, and consistency and accountability are better met.



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So that’s our verdict and the 5 reasons behind why in-person training is better than getting with an online coach.


Don't get us wrong, we aren't saying online coaching is bad, in fact, we think it's great and necessary.


The convenience it offers is second to none. All we want to put out is if you have the option, rather go for the real-life option and have online as a supplement or a plan B.


If you have a busy life, are remotely located or are constantly traveling, online coaching is a good way to stay in shape.


If you have any other burning questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below, we’ll get right back to you.


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