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Panax Ginseng Benefits – Top 7 Benefits

Panax Ginseng Benefits – For centuries Panax ginseng has been used as traditional Chinese medicine for many health benefits.


It comes in various sizes and colors but is commonly spotted by its oval shape, light-color, fleshy root, fairly long stalk, and green leaves.


Basically, if ginger and carrot could breed, this would be the glorifying outcome.


Panax ginseng is believed to have powerful antioxidant properties that can help lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and help treat diabetes.


To gain the benefits of Panax ginseng, Life Renu has designed a Female Factor Supplement which can naturally help reduce your cortisol levels while at the same time improve your testosterone levels.


Why neutralizing your cortisol and testosterone levels are so important?


Because too much cortisol and testosterone, especially for women can have damaging side effects such as aging very quickly and excessive facial hair growth.


The benefits of Female Factor Ingredients are intricately linked to those of Panax ginseng including being an energy booster, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress, which essentially controls your hormone levels such as cortisol and testosterone.


Live a healthier and younger life with Life Renu Female Factor Supplement at any age.


Health Benefits of Ginseng



Panax Ginseng Benefits




1.       Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties

Ginseng has antioxidant properties that may reduce inflammation.


It contains ginsenosides which are known to combat inflammation and boost your immunity.


Particularly red ginseng can be used to help reduce oxidative stress by increasing your antioxidant enzyme movements.



2.       Immunity booster

Ginseng has immune-boosting properties, which may help reduce your chances of getting ill with the common cold or flu.


However, it may not be effective in reducing flu-like symptoms or the length of it.



3.       Improve brain functioning

Brain functions like memory, behavior, and mood can be improved with ginseng.


Research indicates that ginseng is beneficial for brain and mental functioning, stabilizes your mood, and promotes a feeling of calmness in both healthy people and those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


Ginseng is also thought to improve abstract thinking, mental arithmetic skills, and reaction times mostly in healthy people and older people.






4.       Improved energy levels

Ginseng is a natural solution to boosting your energy and combating fatigue.


It may also stimulate physical activity by reducing oxidative damage and giving your energy cells a boost.


Its energy-boosting characteristics can help improve your quality of life.



5.       Cancer reducing benefits

With its ginsenosides, it can help control inflammation, offer antioxidant protection, and maintain the health of cells, which essentially may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.


By reducing your chances of certain cancers, ginseng prevents abnormal cell production and growth.


However, more research is needed on its cancer reducing benefits.



6.       Lower blood sugar levels

Ginseng is beneficial in controlling your blood sugar levels whether your diabetic or not.


It helps your body produce and normalize insulin, which will essentially help your body process food for energy more effectively.


Why is Hypertension so Dangerous



7.       Assist with erectile dysfunction

Research indicates that ginseng may help treat erectile dysfunction in men.


Ginseng contains compounds that may help defend against oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues of the penis, which may help restore the normal functioning of the penis.


It may also help stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a compound that enhances muscle relaxation in the penis and improves blood circulation.



# Female Factor Supplement Ingredients have similar benefits as ginseng

It reduces excess cortisol, which essentially means that it helps to reduce stress.


While reducing your cortisol levels, it also normalizes your testosterone levels.





High testosterone levels have improbable side effects both internally and externally.


As this might not be a benefit of ginseng, it is an added benefit of Female Factor Pills.


As with ginseng, Female Factor Supplements can help you feel energized and young.


It is also beneficial for improving your brain functioning.


Another added benefit of Female Factor: it may help you lose weight.


Life Renu Ingredients may also help with muscle recovery and stamina.


Lastly, as it is a testosterone enhancement designed specifically for women (sorry guys), it may help improve your sex drive and libido.



# Is Life Renu Female Factor for you?

If you’re going through “the change of life” and your experiencing a lack of energy, then Female Factor is for you.


If getting passionate is something that does not excite you, you might be experiencing hormone imbalances.


Hormones that particularly affect your sex drive are testosterone and cortisol.


Yes, testosterone is a male hormone, but it’s found in both males and females and plays an important role in the reproduction, growth, and maintenance of a healthy body.


Cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone and has many benefits like maintaining blood sugar levels and blood pressure, boosting your metabolism, reducing inflammation, supporting memory functioning, and improving your energy levels.


Many of cortisol’s benefits cross-match with ginseng as well as Life Renu Supplements.


The key here is the balance of hormones.


This can simply be achieved by using Life Renu Female Factor Supplement.


It’s a natural testosterone enhancement that is safe to use daily and designed for women.




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