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4 Most Effective Ways to Overcome A weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss is often a grueling battle. We can all agree that it’s a necessary step to take when trying to improve your health and stave off metabolic disease.


A bit of research and knowledge into the science of healthy weight loss as well as figuring out what your unique needs are make up the first, necessary steps


But even after figuring this out and applying it, it's easy to get demotivated when you hit the proverbial wall.


You may have experienced some hopeful results, then suddenly, the transformation stops.


This slump can be disheartening and is what is commonly referred to as a plateau.



What is a Plateau?

A plateau is an experience where progress and adaptation seem to completely stop in spite of your best efforts to keep things going.


This means all the hard work you’re currently putting into your weight loss effort seems to suddenly result in nothing.


Experiencing a plateau can really dampen the spirits, but it can be overcome. The first thing is to understand what actually leads to this unsavory condition



What Causes a Weight Loss Plateau?

A weight-loss plateau can be the result of many factors, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one.


A common reason you may plateau is simply that the amount of effort you put into your weight loss journey has kind of leveled off.


You’ve reached a certain level of comfort in your routine and you’ve stuck to it, this means your body has now adjusted to this situation and is happy to remain there as long as you do.


Another reason you may plateau is your metabolic set point. When you lose weight, your metabolism might auto-adjust so as to keep your body in the same familiar state.

Plateauing can also be the result of age. As you get older, your body’s ability to transform based on sustained stimuli decreases.


All of these factors are known contributors, but with a mindful approach, you can eliminate or work around them.


This article will dive into some ways you can beat the fat loss slump and keep on track for healthy weight loss.


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Now, back to the issue of your weight loss plateau and how you can beat the slump.


4 Ways To Beat Your Weight Loss Slump


HIIT Workouts For Weight Loss


1. Introduce New Exercises

One major possibility you’ve stalled is because you’re constantly doing the same exercises.


Einstein once said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”


Nothing could be more true in this case. By doing the same exercise and workout continuously, you aren't giving your body any new stimulation and your progress will soon stagnate.


Switch things up by including different exercises or taking on a completely different training method altogether.


This will challenge your body to adapt and give your metabolism a fresh new jolt.



2. Increase Intensity of Current Workout Plan

Similar to changing the way you work out is increasing the intensity at which you work out. If you keep training at the same level, your body will remain at the same level.


Lifting the same weight, running the same distance and just generally exerting the same effort will result in your body staying the same.


Increasing the intensity and volume of your workouts is key to continued progress.



3. Introduce More Strength Training

A big mistake people who are trying to lose weight make is going crazy with cardio.


The thing is, steady-state cardio has very limited benefits when it comes to weight loss. You’ll need to work to the equivalent of running a marathon if you truly want to reap any significant weight loss benefits from cardio.


You should get in on some strength training with heavy resistance. The mechanical and metabolic stress you will experience is a great trigger for improved weight loss



4. Pay More Attention To Nutrition

Last but certainly not least is nutrition. You already know that nutrition is the real key to healthy weight loss.


At the same time, nutrition is so easy to drop the ball on. Food is here one second and down the hatch the next.


It's so easy to get complacent and let the little nutritional missteps slide. But these little cheats accumulate and may actually be holding you back in a bigger way than you imagined.


Try keeping a food journal and track everything you eat. Weight it up against your meal plan and eliminate the weak spots.


You might find the results shocking. If so, you can begin taking the right steps to get back on the wagon.




So there it is. Four surefire ways to beat the bulge and get over a weight loss plateau. Remember to make sure you consult a doctor or health care professional.


That’s because while there are many easy to spot common reasons behind your slump, there could very well be an undetected medical condition lurking. Make sure you keep an eye on your health.


If you have any questions or interesting suggestions, be sure to drop a comment in the section below.


Until next time, stay well.

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