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How Poor Gut Health Negatively Affects Your Immune System

How to improve gut immunity – Have you ever wondered why you’re always getting the seasonal flu or you just can’t shake of a cold even though you’re doing everything right and taking the right medications? The reason may be, because your immune system is somehow compromised and you’re much more prone to catching colds and flu’s so figuring out what may be the problem is the first step.
How To Improve Gut Immunity


When people get constantly sick more often than not they have a problem with their gut which is extremely important piece of our entire immune system and if it’s not working properly it brings our defenses down and makes us vulnerable from invading bacteria.

How to Improve Gut Immunity


Before we let you know how to improve gut immunity we have to talk about the link between gut health and our immune system.

The Link Between Gut Health and our Immune System

Our gut is sort of a defense mechanism that acts as a barrier between our body and what we consume and are now trying to get rid of. It’s a layer of defenses between what our body is trying to take out and our blood that would carry it everywhere.

This is the main reason we are not always getting ill when we swallow things that have bacteria in or on them. Our gut is what prevents the bacteria to get to the bloodstream and be taken out instead.


How To Improve Gut Immunity


Our gut has a major role in our immune system because it’s the first one to stop any bacteria or dangerous substance that we consume. Basically, bacteria is everywhere and not many things are being sterilized perfectly.

We don’t always wash our hands as soon as we touch something and our kitchen and pots aren’t as sterile as we might want to think they are so some form of bacteria reaches us on a daily basis but we don’t get sick because our gut is able to neutralize it. The flora in the gut is able to defend us in a few ways and some of those are:


  • Increased defense of the gut wall – Our gut is layered with cells that protect our body from bacteria and dangerous compounds that are looking to invade our system. It also has a defense in place of the chemical nature like having acids that aren’t friendly to bacteria. This is all supported by our gut flora because it is able to improve the functionality of epithelial cells and if this link was nonexistent the cells wouldn’t be able to function properly and would make your system vulnerable to invading bacteria.


  • They keep inflammation in check – inflammation is a complex issue and keeping it in check is a very important task because sometimes inflammation is good but sometimes our organism over-reacts to it and causes inflammation for no reason which is extremely bad.


  • Production of antimicrobial compounds – one of the healthy bacteria living in our gut produces a compound that is able to neutralize diseases like salmonella and other infections that incite respiratory issues.


  • Consumes the food of bad bacteria – the good bacteria in our gut is constantly feeding with the same things that bad bacteria needs so they make sure that there’s no food for the bad bacteria to become stronger.


How Poor Gut Health Negatively Affects Your Immune System

The immune system and your gut are closely linked and almost 80% of the entire immune tissue is in your gut which makes it invaluable when it comes to fighting off diseases and helping you get better.

However, when your gut isn’t healthy there’s your immune system also takes a dive and it becomes worse.

When your gut health is compromised it won’t be able to deal with pathogens as efficiently as it is supposed to because the barrier that protects us has been compromised and isn’t in the best shape.

This barrier is responsible for keeping bad bacteria and dangerous compounds that we swallow while they are being escorted out of our body and prevent them from reaching the blood stream.


How To Improve Gut Immunity


When our gut health is in a bad shape, our immune system will lack the boost it gets from the gut flora to act on time and prevent any bad bacteria from entering our bloodstream and you’ll find yourself having infections more often than you usually had before.

Another thing that happens when your gut is in poor health is that you’ll be more prone to getting colds and the flu.

When your gut is unhealthy you’re less protected against invaders and it may lead to an issue known as “leaky gut” which leaves our bodies without the proper defenses against potential invading bacteria.

Having leaky gut may make you intolerant to some foods which may develop into an autoimmune condition including multiple sclerosis, eczema, arthritis, migraines, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and depression.


How to Maintain Your Gut Help and Give it a Healthy Boost

The best step to make sure you hold on to your healthy gut and even give it a boost is to make changes to your diet as well as some lifestyle changes.


How To Improve Gut Immunity

Pre and Probiotics

The first and probably most important thing you need to add to your diet plan is the consumption of proper prebiotics and probiotics.

The probiotics are actually the healthy microbes that live in our gut and they will come as reinforcements and be able to populate your gut with enough to give your immune system a boost.

Prebiotics on the other hand are compounds that consist of fiber which are beneficial to the healthy bacteria in our system because while our body can’t digest it the microbes are able to use it as a fuel.


Vitamins and Minerals

The second essential thing that gives a boost and maintains our immune system are vitamins and minerals. They are important for many bodily functions and getting enough of them is paramount for our health.

While vitamin C is the one that is most known for, how to improve gut immunity the other vitamins like B, E and some minerals like Iron, Zinc and Selenium are also having a part in improving it.


Regular Exercise

When you exercise you’re able to diversify the bacteria in your gut which means more good bacteria will be fighting on your side and reduce the risk of getting sick by improving the response time of our immune system.


Good Night Sleep

Resting is another thing that is extremely important and not getting enough of it may lead to a serious negative effect on your gut and your entire immune system.

LIFE RENU’s Recommended Supplements for Gut Health

How To Improve Gut Immunity


Here are several supplements we recommend to combat the daily health and environmental challenges associate with leaky gut:

GI RENU – Improve Your Gut Health with Daily Healthy Probiotics

IMMUNE RENU – Rid Your Body of Inflammation and Boost Your Immune System

DAILY DETOX – Rid Your Body of Harmful Toxins and Improve Digestion with Pre-Biotics

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