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Top 5 Diets Recommended By Personal Trainers

Nutrition for weight loss – When it comes to getting on a good nutrition plan, there are just way too many options out there right now. It becomes so difficult knowing which one to pick.


Nutrition For Weight Loss


The situation becomes even trickier when you consider the fact that your body has unique needs that no cookie-cutter meal plan can ever sort out.


The internet is both a gift and a curse in this regard. An absolute information overload, often with misleading or completely incorrect information.


We try to err on the side of being one of the internet’s gifts, that's why we’re not gonna tell you what meal plan to follow, but rather let the pros tell you what they think.


This article will look at the opinions and advice of 660 professional health and fitness experts and what diets they recommend.



The Truth About Good Nutrition


Good nutrition is a contentious topic. Over the years, the concept of healthy food vs unhealthy food has constantly been shifted.


Nutrition For Weight Loss



Once upon a time, not so long ago, any form of fat was vilified as being an abhorrent part of the diet, the source of everything from obesity to heart disease.


Now we are learning, and as you will soon see, fat is great for losing weight, nutrition for weight loss.


The concept of good vs bad nutrition was often dominated by the macronutrient debate.


Today, the micronutrient universe is the central focus as science begins to unravel how the biochemistry of our bodies truly interacts with the elements of nature.


We now know that today, humans have a diet that’s woefully deficient in the micronutrients that are essential to healthy function.


In a nutshell, good nutrition is the presence of the right amount of all essential nutrients and the absence of toxic elements. Its a balance of good quality and a good quantity.



Nutrition For Weight Loss


When trying to lose weight, good nutrition should form the basis of whatever meal plan you want to go for.


Nutrition For Weight Loss



You will, of course, need to take your nutritional values to fit your personal needs as well as your outcome parameters.


One constant you can rely on when it comes to weight loss is having a negative energy balance.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “calories in versus calories out” and the term “caloric deficit”. Well, a negative energy balance is a caloric deficit, where the calories you consume, are less than the calories you burn.


This forces your body to balance its needs by turning to your fat stores, leading to nutrition for weight loss.


Nutrition For Weight Loss


In this article, we’re going to go through 5 diets, that with the correct energy balance and quality of nutrition in place, are sure ways to healthy nutrition for weight loss.


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And with that said, let's look at 5 diets recommended by personal trainers.



Top 5 Diets Recommended By Personal Trainers


1. Keto


Here at Life Renu, we’re pretty big on keto. And this just proves why. When a resounding number of health and fitness experts vouches for an idea, it’s usually a good one.


Nutrition For Weight Loss


Keto is different from other diets, its essentially your body making a complete switch to a different metabolic pathway, burning fat instead of carbs as its main energy source.


Suffice to say, your body fat reserves will burn away faster on keto than any other healthy diet on this list.



2. Vegan

The vegan diet is one of the most popular lifestyle adoptions of our time. Unlike other diets, veganism is a full-on lifestyle and is more than just a nutritional preference.


Nutrition For Weight Loss


We all know the ethical motivations behind going vegan, but today, let’s focus on the nutritional implications.


Going vegan opens you up to a higher abundance of essential micronutrients than you would be exposed to on a more animal-based diet. It's also a quick way to a negative energy balance without the need to feel starved.



3. Low-carb high-Fat

LCHF works similar to keto in that the decreased availability of arbs leads to an increased reliance on fat.


Nutrition For Weight Loss


Unlike keto, your body still relies mainly on carbs for basic organ and brain maintenance while balancing its full metabolic needs with fat.


This is a good way to stave off the heightened level of oxidative stress associated with high carb intake. It's also a good way to ease into keto.


Diets such as Atkins and Banting are popular Low-carb strategies.



4. Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is to veganism what low-carb is to keto, just to put that into perspective.


What that means is unlike a vegan diet where absolutely no components from your food come from animals, vegetarianism simply cuts out the consumption of once-living animal tissue.


Nutrition For Weight Loss


That means in whatever animal products you put on your plate, no living animal was harmed or killed.


That means you can have dairy (Lacto-vegetarian), eggs (ovo-vegetarian) or both (ovo-lacto-vegetarian) as part of your diet


This is a great way to reap the benefits (and ethical dignity) of a plant-based diet while also getting in on some of the nutrients and of course flavors, you’re missing out on with animal-based foods.



5. Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers system was developed in 1963 by Jean Nidetch as a way to track weight loss through a mindful recognition of nutritional values in food.

Nutrition For Weight Loss

Instead of just focusing on caloric value, the Weight Watchers point system assigns you as a participant, a certain amount of points as a quota. You then track your daily food intake, with different foods having different point values based on their nutrient content.


The healthier the food, the fewer points it has, meaning the more of it you can eat before reaching your quota. Unhealthy foods will net higher points, regardless of calorie value.


This is a great way to focus on quality rather than just quantity and also helps form good long term habits.




So there you have it. 660 personal trainers have spoken and this how they say you should eat.


We couldn’t agree more and hope you gained some value from learning about this.


If you have any questions about this or have suggestions for future articles, please drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.


You can also check out the rest of the site for articles on similar topics.


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Nutrition For Weight Loss


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