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Stop Doing These Workouts! And The Reasons Why

Never do this exercise here's why – Exercise is an important consideration if you’re serious about your basic health or just want to generally feel and look good. We live in a time where our access to a decent amount of physical activity is on the downturn.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


With more sedentary obligations and increasingly settled, indoor lifestyles peppered with unavoidable conveniences and amenities, it's easy to see why we are less active.


But our body doesn’t discriminate or recognize this. Our bodies still crave and require the stimulus of physical stress. That’s why today we exercise. But just like anything worth doing in life, there’s a good way to exercise and a bad way.


What makes a Good Exercise Good?

A good exercise is one that does 4 things. It boasts a functional capacity, activates latent abilities corrects, rehabilitates or treats deviations, and medical conditions, and helps prevent disease and injury.


Functional capacity is what we use to describe the ability to work within a range of normal human body functions. So boosting this capacity would mean anything from an increase in strength, power, flexibility, and endurance.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


Activating latent abilities refers to being able to build your body and its range of skills from one level to a higher level of usefulness. Treatment and rehab of recovering injuries or disease is another bonus of exercise. And lastly, exercise can also help prevent these diseases or injuries from cropping up


Having said all that, gaining all these benefits is really dependant on not just the fact that you worked out, but it relies on how you work out. In this article, we’re going to see never do this exercise here's why, the fitness world and how they have been ruining gains, amongst other things.


5 Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


Behind the Back Lat Pulldowns

This is a common back day exercise, and why it is still so popular is beyond us.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


This plane of motion is not healthy for your upper spine, and with repetitive use over a long period of time, it can lead to some serious spinal deviation. On top of that, it doesn’t allow for a satisfactory targeting of the muscles you want to hit anyways.


Butterfly Pullups

Butterfly pullups or kip-up pull-ups are a pull-up motion heavily reliant on momentum to produce the desired movement.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


First of all, this means you’re not training your body to be strong in all the required muscle groups. You’re simply cheating yourself for the appearance of having performed a rep. As if how useless this method is for an actual training effect wasn’t enough, it's also a major injury risk.


That’s because the jarring amount of force placed on the shoulders when pulling up out of a heavy hip thrust can tear at the structures and connective tissues of the shoulder girdle.



Crunches never do this exercise here's why, the most recognized ab exercise out there. Unfortunately, they are also amongst the most useless.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


It’s really sad that this exercise has managed to hang around and be relevant to so many people for so long. The training effect of crunches on your abs is almost negligible while at the same time, this action places stress on your back you don’t want to be dealing with.


Leg Extensions

A common exercise owing to the convenience it brings is one of the most popular leg machines in most gyms.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


The leg extension can certainly help you build muscle, but what’s the point if you ruin your knees. Ornamental quads aren’t anything to write home about. Leg extensions place unnatural pressure on your lower leg, pulling it away and forward from the knee, increasing the risk of connective tissue damage and tendinitis.


Ballistic Stretches

Ballistic or rebound stretches are a dynamic form of stretching where muscles are extended rapidly in order for them to contract at their elastic limit.


Never Do This Exercise Here's Why


Think of your muscles as a plastic ruler. You pull it back and release, watching it rebound to its elastic force. This is cool for a plastic ruler, but doing the same with the musculoskeletal system can quickly turn into nasty injuries. From muscle and connective tissue tears to joint dislocations.



Exercise is good to get right and easy to get wrong. A good exercise is a form and technique game and is more than just the volume of reps and level of intensity. The wrong exercise method can easily lead you in the opposite direction from where you want to go with your workouts.


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