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Top 10 Foods You Need For Optimum Testosterone Levels

Today, We’re talking about the best foods for maximizing testosterone production.



Today I want to talk about foods you can eat to help you naturally produce more testosterone


As you age, testosterone production typically declines.


And most guys start to notice it as they approach their late 30’s and early 40’s.


Now, while it is common to see a drop in testosterone as we age.


It’s NOT normal.


There are lots of factors that can affect your testosterone levels.


And in a previous video I talked about foods known to suppress testosterone.


Today, I want to share with you a list of foods that can actually help boost your testosterone levels naturally…



Starting with…Coconut oil.


Coconut oil has all sorts of health benefits.


But aside from being great for skin, hair, and nails, coconut oil has some amazing benefits when it comes to boosting testosterone.


As a source of healthy saturated fats, coconut oil provides valuable resources for the production of hormones such as testosterone.


Testosterone uses cholesterol which is raised when you consume saturated fats, of which coconut oil has an abundance.


This means your Leydig cells, the cells directly responsible for making testosterone in the testicles, have more to work with, and more to work with means more production.



coconut oil



Another great benefit of coconut oil is it contains MCT or medium-chain triglycerides.


MCT is known to boost metabolic activity by providing an efficient fuel source that also leads to the increased burning of body fat.


These two benefits help boost testosterone in a more indirect way.


The increased energy allows you to be more active, activity leads to more testosterone.


The reduction in body fat leads to a reduction in estrogen, which also ends up benefiting natural testosterone levels of course.


The next testosterone boosting food is cruciferous vegetables.


These include…


  • Broccoli

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Cauliflower

  • Kale

  • Cabbage

  • Lettuce

  • Bok choy

  • And Garden cress


These veggies are healthy sources of many essential vitamins and minerals, they have a low caloric density and are high in fiber.


All of which provide optimal natural testosterone production and better health overall.



Cruciferous veggies


Cruciferous veggies have one special feature that does more than just put your body in a healthy testosterone-producing state.


They have the ability to reduce estradiol, an estrogen hormone.


Estrogen is the number one nemesis of testosterone. It competes for space and influence in your body and can lead to estrogen dominance, a condition that is marked by a significant drop in testosterone and a rise in estrogen.



Veggies Galore


This can lead to rapid weight gain as well as gynecomastia, development of male breast tissue aka man boobs.


Cruciferous veggies are great at lowering estrogen, and this is achieved through a chemical called indole-3-carbinol.


And that’s one of the reasons why broccoli is so favored in the fitness community, especially amongst figure athletes.


Today, you can get indole-3carbinol as a somewhat isolated extract. But why skip on all the other health benefits of having a good quantity of veggies in your diet?




The next testosterone superfood is garlic.


Garlic is great for making food really flavourful, and that’s probably what it’s known best for.


But garlic is also a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.





The effect of these compounds also include optimizing blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol to healthy levels.


Reducing oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, blood sugar, and cardiovascular health certainly place your body in a better condition to produce more natural testosterone.




The next testosterone boosting food is ginger.


Ginger contains a powerful antioxidant called gingerol.


Gingerol fights inflammation and oxidative stress which would normally increase the risk of illness or health decline.



home remedies for high blood pressure that really works



This trait is what allows the ginger to help boost testosterone in men.


It protects and nourishes the Leydig cells, allowing more testosterone to be produced.




Food #5 is oysters.


Oysters have long been touted for their aphrodisiac qualities. That means their ability to increase one’s libido with consumption.


While the idea of foods that make you horny can be quite hit or miss in terms of the validity of claims, I’m glad to report that it is true for oysters.


Yes, oysters are one of nature’s very own types of Viagra if you will, and we know that libido and testosterone levels more or less correlate.





But what’s the science behind this arousing appetizer? It’s because oysters, and other shellfish, contain large amounts of zinc.


Zinc is an essential mineral which means your body needs it for normal function and survival.


Zinc plays an important role in immune function, healing, and recovery.


It is also important for reproductive health, sperm, and testosterone production.


And research shows that improved zinc intake can have significant benefits for men with low testosterone.



Food #7 is Tuna.


Tuna is great for so many reasons.


For starters, it’s a good quality protein source providing all essential amino acids in an easy to absorb package.





Another great thing about tuna is the abundance of omega 3 fatty acids it comes with.


These healthy fats present a number of health benefits including improving cardiovascular health as well as optimizing cholesterol balance.


Next, we have vitamin D. this essential vitamin is commonly activated through skin exposure to sunlight but is also abundant in sources such as tuna.


So what do all these nutrients have in common?


You guessed it, they are great at boosting natural testosterone production.


Vitamin D has been linked to the improvement of testosterone production and erectile dysfunction in men.


Supplementing with vitamin D is a proven way to boost testosterone in those who lack it at normal levels.


Omega 3 fatty acids provide a source of “good cholesterol”


This is achieved by increasing levels of HDL cholesterol.


Cholesterol is, of course, a building block of testosterone, which means healthy fish oils are a bonus.


Plus, the increased protein intake provided by tuna also increases the potential for healthy weight loss. This is important when it comes to testosterone since healthy body fat levels correlate with a natural increase in the sex hormone.


Next we have pumpkin seeds.


Pumpkin seeds are another great source of zinc, and as I’ve already mentioned, zinc is a crucial step in the testosterone production process.


You can enjoy pumpkin seeds directly from a pumpkin, but it’s probably much more convenient to source prepackaged seeds.


This makes them easier and more versatile to use. They can be enjoyed in salads, smoothies, baked goods and pretty much any savory dish.



Next Food is Pomegranate.


Pomegranate has an abundance of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


These antioxidants have been shown to protect and rejuvenate testicular tissue with particular benefits towards the Leydig cells, the very cells responsible for testosterone production.


Another useful benefit of pomegranate is its ability to boost nitric oxide levels.






Nitric oxide is a chemical that helps increase blood flow as well as reduce blood pressure.


This is achieved through vasodilation or widening of blood vessels, a function stimulated by nitric oxide.


By improving blood flow, issues such as erectile dysfunction are greatly reduced, meaning pomegranates have a significant impact on all around reproductive health in a positive way.


Another amazing benefit of pomegranate is its effect on cortisol levels.


Cortisol is the stress hormone, and a well-established understanding is that increases in cortisol tend to cause a reduction in testosterone.


That is why stress is often linked to male infertility and diminished sex drive.


By reducing stress and improving your general mood, testosterone levels can easily rebound and rebalance to your healthy normal.



The last testosterone boosting food is olive oil.


Olive oil is one of the healthiest fat sources out there, being a monounsaturated fatty acid.


This means it is great for the heart and circulation, as well as providing good quality cholesterol for testosterone production.


Olive oil is also an amazing antioxidant and is partially responsible for the longevity in population groups that consume large amounts of the stuff traditionally.



Olive oil


Mediterranean regions, where olive production is customary, have a healthy elderly population due in part to a diet high in olive oil and other antioxidants containing foods.


For men, in particular, this includes the natural increase in testosterone, due to oleic acid, the active component of olive oil, nourishing, and protecting the testosterone-producing Leydig cells.


Bottom Line…


When it comes to natural testosterone production, a few improvements in your lifestyle and habits can certainly tip the scales in favor of a natural boost.


Like always, if you have any questions you feel weren’t answered in this video, please drop us a comment and we’ll get right back to you.


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