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6 Best Vegan Foods to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Natural testosterone supplements – Most people agree that there is one hormone that makes a man. That hormone is testosterone.


This androgen, or sex hormone is essential for maintaining a healthy male physiology and psychology.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


First and foremost, testosterone is responsible for producing sperm. Sperm, of course is essential for human reproduction.


Natural Testosterone Supplements



Secondly, testosterone is aids in health development of male sexual characteristics.

Things such as:


  • A deeper voice
  • Broader shoulders
  • Development of reproductive organs
  • Facial and body hair
  • Increased bone density
  • Increase muscle mass and density


These traits are necessary for a functional male both from an evolutionary and social level.


Without testosterone, men wouldn’t be able to fulfil their half of the deal so to speak.



Decline in Global Testosterone Levels


The problem today is that there seems to be a year on year decline in average testosterone levels in men around the world.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


There are many factors contributing to this decline, many environmental, social, lifestyle, and genetic factors are all coming together, making male testosterone levels diminish year by year.


One of the leading causes in terms of lifestyle is definitely nutrition.


Poor nutrition is abundant these days due to mass production and mass processing.


This leaves our food deficient in essential nutrients, many of which are required for normal testosterone production.


Our food today is also packed full of additives and chemicals which work against testosterone.


Is Plant Based Living the Answer?


As we mentioned, one of the main reasons testosterone is declining from a food perspective is because of the level of processing involved.


What if you switched to a more wholesome, plant-based diet. Free of nasty processing and additives?


Natural Testosterone Supplements


Natural testosterone supplements, this article is going to cut through all the nutritional nitty gritties you need to know if you already have or are considering a vegan diet.


We’re going to give you the best foods you should be eating, free of animal products, that will help boost testosterone levels.


Before we do that, please check out the Life Renu store. There you will find some premium lifestyle supplements made by us with your health in mind.


Without further ado, let's look at plant based ways to maximize your testosterone production.



Top 6 Natural Testosterone Supplements



1. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous veggies are a group of leafy vegetables so named because their leaves grow in a cross like pattern.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


This category of edible plants includes:


  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Chard
  • Watercress
  • Cabbage
  • Bok choy


Another thing these awesome plants have in common is the availability of of a phytochemical (plant based chemical) that limits the presence and activity of estrogen.


Estrogen as you might know, is the female sex hormone. It works directly against testosterone.


When estrogen is present in the male system, testosterone can easily be suppressed.


So what's this miraculous chemical called?


Its called indole-3 carbinol. It is quite abundant in cruciferous vegetables, which come packed full of other essential nutrients.



2. Pomegranate juice


The effect of pomegranates on sexual and reproductive health is not a new story, but as science becomes more precise, the exact effect this fruity goodness is now better known.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


Pomegranates are mini antioxidant bombs whose dense nutrient profile makes them amazing for general health.


The antioxidant effects of pomegranates allow them to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, released by activation of the sympathetic nervous system.


When cortisol is present for extended periods, it counteracts the healthy production and effects of testosterone.


The antioxidant profile of pomegranates is also great for your circulation, which helps loads with testosterone and erectile function.



3. Olive Oil


Olive oil has many health benefits. Its history dates back centuries and is a common staple in Mediterranean cuisine.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


This prevalent use in the region is one of the possible reasons why people from south-western Europe and parts of the Middle East often have a youthful glow and age slower.


The nourishing blend of antioxidants is great for the body both inside and outside.


Olive oil also contains a fatty acid called oleic acid. This fatty acid nourished the Leydig cells in the testicles, which are directly

responsible for testosterone production.



4. Garlic


Garlic is an awesome, flavor enhancer if ever there was one. natural testosterone supplements a little too awesome in many cases because of the lingering odor it leaves on things and people.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


Besides its use as a useful ingredient, garlic has been shown to improve natural testosterone production.


It boosts testosterone production with the help of a chemical called diallyl-disulfide.



5. Ginger


Ginger is often referred to as a root, its is in fact an underground stem called a rhizome, and doesn’t function the same way as a root.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


But the intricacies of plant anatomy aren’t the reason you’re here.


You’re here because ginger is very healthy, amongst its health qualities is its ability to boost testosterone production.


Ginger is most common as a spice, but it contains many testosterone benefiting chemicals including one called gingerol.



6. Black Pepper


Black pepper is probably the most common thing on your table after, well…salt.


Natural Testosterone Supplements


It's not too spicy but not too mild have made it the perfect way to add punch to almost any dish.


It’s been revealed that certain chemicals in black pepper actually have profound health benefits.


For instance, the blending of black pepper along with turmeric (another super healthy spice) brings out some potent anti-inflammatory properties.


Along with this, piperine, one of the active components of black pepper is known to stimulate testosterone production.



Final Words


All natural testosterone booster, there is a common misconception that living a plant-based life is a gateway to weakness and emasculation.


Natural testosterone supplements the truth is, when your get to the science, a plant-based life might be more beneficial towards maintaining healthy testosterone production in men.


With the right knowledge and insight, a vegan diet can be a bulletproof testosterone enhancing diet plan.


If you have any questions, please drop a comment below and we will get back to you.


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