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Dr. Ron Eccles Morning Routine List

Morning Routine List


My Morning Routine :- Doctor Ron Eccles here with Life Renu and it's about four thirty in the morning. My wife and I have been up for about an hour, we're getting gready to leave on our trip and I've got to get all things prepared. Now I'm normally up at three thirty in the morning but one of the things that I really love this part of day for is that I get a chance to replenish my body which was sleeping overnight.


Morning Routine List


I usually eat around 4:00 in the afternoon so my body is hungry and it's ready for something really good. And of course I want to win the war at the microbiome level. The war between good bacteria and bad bacteria because, remember now we've been talking about the brain gut axis and how critical it is that if you want to have a healthy brain, which I know you want that, you've got to have a healthy gut.


So we're working together on getting a healthy gut and the way we do that is we start each morning by putting in the right pro and prebiotics GI RENU. You see we've designed this incredible product to make sure it survives, it gets past the stomach acid so we can deliver this powerful group of bacterial strains into the intestines where it belongs to repopulate and make it healthy. You see we stacked the deck in our favor, every single day when we take GI RENU


Morning Routine List


Morning Routine List :- I'd also like to add some extra stuff to it. I'd love to have something really nutritious to go along with that, to wash it down with. So my morning drawing is a mix of spinach, kale, cocumber, ginger, beets, apple, carrots, orange and aloe.


I‘m aware that most people don't have the time to shop for organic product. It's neither cheap nor everyone has time to make it everyday like we do. We don't have children in our house anymore. But you can save yourself time, you can get results much faster when you supplement with the right products and GI RENU is one of them.


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So I hope you're starting your day out by having an awesome, awesome time but also that you're stacking the deck in your favor. You're putting the right stuff in your body so you can win the war at the level in the gut so your brain is optimized.


Lastly I want to remind you to check out our other posts to learn more about the prebiotics and probiotics and also check out our list of healthy products and supplements that will stack the deck in your favor.


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