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Role of Microbiome How Does It Affect Our Brain and Behavior

Microbiome And Mental Health

It's quite apparent that there isn't a company that's selling products out there in the space which isn't interested in making profits. We are too, by I have to tell you, we're on a bigger mission than that. Our primary mission is to help chane the quality of life you live.


Microbiome and mental health – Yes, this is directed directly at you and here's why you matter to us. We know that you are someone's sister, brother, mother, father. You're a friend to someone and you have people around you and make a difference in this world because we believe in making a difference.


That's what we're about as a company. We strive to do that by delivering the best products on the planet, and we're constantly working and formulating and creating things that are even better than what you find anywhere else out there on the marketplace.


Let me start by writing about something I'm super passionate about. The more I read, the more I studied, the more I learned about microbiome and if you've been following me at all, you know that the microbiome is essentially the bacteria that live in our bodies and our surface of our skin that will constitute more DNA than heart or cells of our body contained.


But these bacteria, these microorganisms are super critical to our health and especially when we talk about the relationship between the brain and the brain-gut relation. The secondary brain, as scientists described it, is critically important in not just your ability to have brain health but also immunity. So think about that for just a minute, your ability to fight off diseases that invade your body from the outside.


Microbiome And Mental Health


Microbiome and mental health – They are finding tremendous links between the problem when your own immune system begins to turn on your body and attack it. We call that auto immune disorder. Back when I was in Chiropractic college, I remember them talking over and over again about the philosophy of what we did as doctors which was that we believe that health comes from the inside out and I totally see that even clearer now.


Three and a half decades later and scientists from all over the world are rediscovering what civilizations have known for years and that is, what you put inside your gut makes an enourmous difference in your brain function and your overall health.


So as our commitment to empower you by providing excellent advice, excellent information that is scientifically based, I want to make sure I encourage you to get your microbiome in order because that's where a lot of problems happen for a lot of people.


We created a product called GI renu which is about renewing your gastrointestinal tract. It's about putting the healthy microorganisms back into your gut, that has 40 billion CFUs in one dose of this. Now I happen to take this twice a day because I'm so commited to making sure I'm putting the right products in my body to replenish my microbiome, my GI system, my gut – my large and small intestine. I want to make sure they are loaded with the right kind of bacteria.


Microbiome And Mental Health


Microbiome and mental health – Here's a little hint from me. I'm 60 years old and I'm concerned about keeping my body lean and healthy and this is what has been brought ou by scientists, that if we kind of break up the two biggest groups of bacteria in the body, firmicuties and bacteroidetes we look at the FB ratio.


In other words the firmicuties to bacteroidetes ratio, the bacteroidetes are the ones you want and you want more of them. You want less firmicuties and here's why: The firmicuties are really good at extracting calories from food therefore they make us fatter. They pull more calories out for our body to use and since we're not using them all, the body stores them in fat, but people in civilizations where the bacteroidetes cultures inside their GI system is higher than the firmicuties, you don't see obesity.


And what is the one problem in our society today, particularly in North America? It's obesity.


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Back in the 20th century doctors were more concerned about eliminating communicable diseases and they use things like antibiotics and different medicines to help wipe out these invading organisms that were being spread from one person to another person killing tens of thousands of people.


That's not the main problem in the 21st century. We've entered into a whole new era, even through there are pockets of the world where that's still going on, in North America that's not the main problem.


Microbiome And Mental Health


Microbiome and mental health – The main problem here for you and me is fighting off obesity. One third of the country is of normal weight. Two thirds are either obese or morbidly obese, which means it's either making you sick or it's going to make you sick to the point where you die from it. Things like cancer and diabetes, autoimmune disease that lower brain function, Alzheimer's have all been related and tied together. It's critical that we understand that much of this is centering around these gut bacteria, gut bugs and if we make our populations healthier, well it's going to stack the deck in our favor. And you already know that is one of my favorite terms.


So I want to encourage you to get some of our GI RENU and start putting the right types of bacteria colonies back into your GI system. You need this. Remember there's a special coating made with a special process. It helps bypass the strong acids of the stomach to get it to the place we need it, the small and large intestines.


Get a hold of your subscription right now. Check out the link below here, where you can find more information about it but more importantly, I want to make sure that you, like our entire team here at Life Renu, is commited to optimizing YOU. We're here because of you and we really value your commitment to impact in the world around you by first paying attention to your overall health.

This is Dr. Ron Eccles and I look forward to speaking to you more.

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