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Menopause Supplements

Menopause supplements – The biology of the female is a system of complex mechanisms with resources demands that often collide with what would be a normal sense of well being at times.


Menopause Supplements


The point of contention here is the endocrinology or the hormonal function of a woman’s body as it relates to all the reproductive tasks that the female body is primed for.


Being able to contain and nurture a replicating and developing human being is a task beyond comprehension if you really think about it


The ability to undertake such a task is what sets women above when considering the demands and requirements for health and wellness.


Within all the duties the female physiology is designed to undertake, there is a tremendous amount of lifelong strain experienced


Because of this, as time goes on, the female body has an inbuilt “off switch” of sorts.


Menopause Supplements


This is nature’s way of giving women a break from the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication it takes to just be capable of pregnancy and childbirth.


This off switch is called menopause, and while it might seem like a saving grace, it doesn’t come easy and may present itself as a challenge of its own.


When the female body makes the natural and inevitable transition from fertility to infertility, a lot of changes occur which may lead to physiological and psychological discomfort.


Managing menopause is, therefore, an essential part of maintaining female health for a better, happier sense of well being.


To do that, we need to understand what exactly happens during this transitional phase of life.



What Happens During Menopause?


Menopause isn’t an immediate switch from fertility to infertility.


It’s a gradual journey characterized by tumultuous fluctuations in internal activity


Menopause Supplements


This phase is known as perimenopause and can be quite rough to put it blankly.


It’s not an easy thing to deal with, but with the right approach, many of the complications, irritations, and risks can be minimized for more comfortable and smooth graduation into full-on menopause.


In this article, we’re going to look at some supplements that can be useful for a woman during this trying time.


A healthy diet and attitude to exercise are always the first lines of action in any lifestyle scenario, but with menopause, supplements can help ease the burden tremendously.



Top 4 Menopause Supplements




Calcium is going to be a very important mineral during perimenopause and leading to menopause supplements.


Menopause Supplements


That’s because the hormonal imbalance experienced during this time lead to a decline in bone mineral density, especially when it comes to calcium.


This can open the female body up to an increased risk of osteoporosis, a condition where the bones lose their healthy density, become brittle, and thus more vulnerable to fractures.


Calcium is also an electrolyte, part of a class of essential mineral salts that help control fluid and electrical balance in the body.


During perimenopause, electrolyte levels often suffer beyond the healthy normal, which is why it’s important to keep calcium and other minerals in check.



Vitamin E


As an essential nutrient and a powerful anti-inflammatory, vitamin E is a great menopause supplements to include when it comes to menopause management.


Menopause Supplements


It has the benefit of reducing inflammation, which often reaches chronic levels during this stressful period.


And on the topic of stress, vitamin E shows indications of reducing stress and stabilizing the mood during perimenopause.



Vitamin D


We’ve mentioned calcium, but vitamin D is also an important nutrient menopause supplements, when it comes to healthy bone density.


Menopause Supplements


Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium for proper bone mineral density.


While you would ordinarily get a good daily dose from exposure to sunlight, some situations call for an extra serving, situations such as menopause.



Vitamin B-12


As an essential vitamin, you should be getting a decent amount of vitamin B-12 anyways, but when it comes to menopause, it becomes a pivotal nutrient for a few reasons.


Menopause Supplements


Firstly, anemia or depletion in red blood cells is a common occurrence during menopause.


B-12 plays an assistive role in maintaining normal blood levels.


This nutrient is also responsible for the maintenance of bone health.


We know we’ve mentioned bone health a lot in this article, but it really is a big deal.


Lastly, B-12 can have great benefits in protecting DNA.


during a time when hormones are in tremendous flux, having a good protection for your DNA can reduce many risk factors associated with aging and menopause.





Menopause is a part of life, and life is always beautiful.


Being a woman requires strength and fortitude and for that reason, a little added help is nothing to shun.


Just remember to include a healthy balance of good nutrition and exercise as part of your menopausal protocol.


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