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The Amazing Health Properties of Manjistha

Manjistha benefits – Ayurvedic medicine is a form of ancient Indian medicinal practice.


Manjistha benefits


Many of the herbs and spices derived from this tradition are now common household spices used mainly for their flavor than for their medicinal properties.


There are a few lesser-known herbal medicines from the ayurvedic tradition that aren’t quite that common as culinary seasonings.


One of these is Manjistha, a potent herbal remedy.


Herbal remedies like manjistha have been part of many traditions and cultures with varying degrees of efficacy and authentic usefulness.


Fortunately for you reading this, we’re only going to be discussing the tried and trusted herbal treatments and manjistha benefits is one of them.



What is Manjistha?


Manjistha is a plant indigenous to the Indian subcontinent.


Manjistha benefits


Also known as Indian Madder, manjistha benefits this plant has many health benefits and is touted as one of the most versatile ayurvedic treatments.


This efficacy hasn’t gone unnoticed, and now modern medicine has caught up to the power of manjistha, making it more discussed and researched in mainstream western medicine.


In this article, we’re going to take a look at manjistha and see what it could actually mean for your health and wellbeing.



Top 5 Health Effects of Manjistha


Blood and lymph Health


Manjistha is very well known for its effect on cleansing the blood and lymph system.


Manjistha benefits


One of its most proclaimed benefits is in this department.


By boosting and optimizing the effectiveness of the cardiovascular and lymphatic system, manjistha does several things that benefit your health.


Manjistha benefits when it comes to the blood, your delivery of nutrients, including oxygen is optimized by the cleansing effects of manjistha. You are also able to extract and get rid of excess and waste materials much quicker this way.


With regards to the lymphatic system, manjistha’s effect on it has profound benefits on the function of your immune system.


As you will be aware, your immune system is centralized in the lymphatic system, so making things work better here means you are more effective at fighting infections.



Female Reproductive Health


Manjistha is a great herbal supplement to support the female reproductive system.


Manjistha benefits


It has been shown to help treat symptoms and effects associated with menstrual discomfort such as PMS, hot flushes, dry skin, acne.


It also has a notable effect on stabilizing the mood, reducing stress and anxiety as well as boosting mental sharpness especially during the unstable hormonal state experience during and around a menstrual cycle.



Powerful Antioxidant


Manjistha has a great antioxidant effect.


Oxidative stress happens when free radicals, present in our food and from exposure in our environment build up and wreak havoc on the structural and functional integrity of our cells.


This leads to cells dying off more rapidly than what would be ideal, effectively also disrupting tissue integrity and advancing the signs and effects of aging.


Manjistha eliminates a large number of free radicals that cause this damage, helping clean up your body on a molecular level.


This helps keep your cells healthy and living longer, ultimately allowing you to do the same.



Reduces Chronic Fatigue


The antioxidant effect of manjistha also brings with it some energetic benefits.


Manjistha benefits 



That’s because one of the functional benefits of reducing oxidative stress is the optimization of metabolic function.


Chronic fatigue is caused by a decline in metabolic function due to illness, chronic inflammation and stress.


Manjistha helps alleviate most of these conditions, allowing for a better metabolic response.


By boosting your metabolism, you increase your energy availability, enabling you to function more optimally.



Improves Mental Sharpness and Mood


Your brain requires more resources than most other organs in the body.


Manjistha benefits


It is also sensitive to most imbalances you may experience.


Manjistha benefits is relevant to systems of energy production and proliferation such as your circulation, lymphatic and metabolic system, it has both direct and indirect benefits towards brain function.


By boosting brain function, cognitive function is also improved. This helps increase the level of mental focus and sharpness as well as memory and learning ability.


This is also due to the decline in stress hormone cortisol experienced as an effect of manjistha’s active compounds.





Manjistha is proving to be a powerful health-enhancing treatment.


Evidence shows a strong response by the complex faculties of female health as well as acting as an effective detoxifier for the circulatory system.


Always remember to use manjistha and any other such herbs and remedies only after prior consultation and recommendation by a healthcare professional


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