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Low Testosterone in Women – Signs and Symptoms

low testosterone in women – How can you tell if your testosterone is too low?

Whenever the conversation about testosterone comes up for women, it is often how to prevent excess levels.

But this is only  because high levels of the adrenal hormone have more obvious consequences. Most women aren’t trying to grow facial hair or sound like Morgan Freeman

The result however is that many women and even researchers haven't paid as much attention to the effects of low testosterone (low T) on female biology.

In some cases, having low T is considered a badge of honor. Big mistake

Though it is the “male” sex hormone, testosterone has a variety of crucial responsibilities in the female body.


The delicate dance between testosterone and its counterpart estrogen brings about:

  • Development and maintenance of muscle

  • Maintenance of bone density

  • Regulation of healthy metabolism

  • Controlling fat distribution

  • Maintaining healthy libido

  • Regulation of mental processes


The misregulation of these processes can only hamper your overall health and quality of life.


With time, the ovaries and other glands produce less and less testosterone. Without the correct interventions, this can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms which we will discuss in this article.


Hormone Replacement Therapy is one solution, however it comes with an increased risk of cancer. Sounds scary, but many women especially after menopause accept the risk to end the discomfort that low T brings.


The female factor supplement, however, provides a better alternative. It's ingredients not only give the body the boost in testosterone it needs but does so in a way specifically tailored to the female body.


That last bit is important. Many other testosterone supplements don't take the unique female body chemistry into account the way the Female Factor does.


But is the Female Factor what you need? Take a look at these 4 common signs and symptoms of Low T to find out. Just remember to take a trip to the doc before supplementing.


Low testosterone in women



Low Testosterone in Women




1.    Difficulty maintaining your figure.

Estrogen encourages your body to hold on to more fat. Testosterone is what helps determine the extent of this effect.

If your body is producing low testosterone, therefore, estrogen will have its way making you gain weight faster, or else find it more difficult to lose weight.

We also mentioned that testosterone helps develop and maintain muscle. When its levels are low this consequently becomes more difficult for your body.

And yes, you might not be trying to develop a “gun show” but having more muscle means you burn more calories and can push yourself harder in your workouts.

More muscle also improves your balance and coordination. This makes you less prone to the painful injuries that become more common with age.



2.    Diminishing skin and hair quality

These symptoms are probably the easiest to spot and will have you looking older than your age.

Wrinkles are a classic sign of aging. They occur due to your skin failing to hold onto as much collagen and moisture as they used to.

Testosterone has a role to play in maintaining your skin's collagen and moisture content. Its deficiency will thus eventually lead to wrinkles and dryness.

In the hair department, testosterone along with estrogen help control the amount and speed of hair growth.

You’ll notice a loss in hair volume as the levels of the hormone diminish, but more noticeable would be the fact that you will have to shave less often on other parts of the body. While that may be desirable, it’s not a good sign.

In extreme cases, your hair may stop growing completely, or start to fall out.



3.    Difficulties with your mental state

Testosterone’s balance with estrogen helps keep your mental state regular and optimal.

An imbalance between the two hormones will manifest mildly to moderately in the following ways:

  • Brain fog

  • Mild panic attacks

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling down and/or depressed

  • Short term memory loss

  • Difficulty planning and organizing

It is important to check in with your doctor first if you are experiencing these symptoms, as they may be the beginnings of more severe afflictions.



4.    Reduced Libido

This is by far the most popular symptom of low T.

Sexual desire is one thing that will dissipate with testosterone levels. This will be true even with a partner whom you share the deepest of chemistry with.

If you do manage to get round to it, you may find yourself experiencing less pleasure even from the things you like. A difficulty having an orgasm is also expected.

So, if you find yourself not feeling as up for it as you once were, the Female Factor may be something you and your partner would appreciate.





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