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TOP 8 Low Carb Crackers to Buy Online!

Are there genuine low carb saltines to purchase? Indeed, thereare!  Some of the time you simply miss that crunch and thoughtless chomping. Or on the other hand you simply need a cracker for your most loved dip.



You don't need to avoid the dip with the following low carb and keto saltines. Also, no, you won't undermine your eating regimen simultaneously. Rather, you'll open up your options to things like hummus, spinach dip, queso and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


How about we get the list.


To Begin With, Careful With the Imposter Low Carb Crackers

First of all: not all saltines are made equivalent.

For instance, if you have seen Blue Diamond Almonds Nut-Thins at the market,they have an engaging name that influences your opinion to expect that they are made predominantly from almond flour (low GI).

In actuality, Nut-Thins tip the scales at 23g net carbs per serving, with the high GI elements of rice flour and potato starch as two of the main three compounds.

However we have to burrow somewhat more profound.


The Criteria

This is what we are attempting to concentrate on when searching for low carb and keto saltines:

  1. Low net carbs: Total Carbohydrates subtracted from Dietary Fiber and Sugar Alcohols
  2. Low glycemic index/load compounds that are high up on the rundown of compounds.


Compounds on a nourishment label are recorded in decreasingmanner by amount. In this way, the main compound recorded makesthe vast majority of the item.

On the off chance that everything is equivalent, the sort of flour, say almond flour (low glycemic) versus rice flour (high glycemic) assumes a job in your body's assimilation of that nourishment. We are searching for low GI compounds like almond, flax and coconut flour as the primary compounds.

All things considered, we are searching for lower net carb saltine alternatives with lower glycemic index. We've separated it for you in our following rundown of low carb saltines to purchase!


1.Liberated Cheddar Crackers

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


We at long last have discovered Cheddar Cracker with zero net carbs. The Liberated Cheddar Crackers are comprised of just 4 compounds: Almond Flour, Cheddar Cheese, Organic Eggs, and Sea Salt.

What's more, they are an ideal snack for keto diets since they have a lot of fat. Accordingly, a bunch of these can keep you topped up for quite a long time.

It's a great opportunity to put all your preparing skillets and almond flour away, because these are the genuine article!


The Liberated cracker assortments include:


Cheddar Crackers – 0g net carbs per serving (30+ saltines!)

Herb Crackers – 1g net carb per serving

Fiesta Chips – 2g net carbs per serving


2.Cali’flour Cauliflower Thins

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


Cali'flour makes top notch cauliflower-based nourishments and we were eager to discover that they turned out with some new Cauliflower Thins!

The best thing aboutthese is that they come in at 0g net carbs per 6 saltines serving!

How is that even conceivable? We’ll find out by investigating the compounds:

almond, egg whites, cauliflower, extra virgin olive oil, leavening, chia seeds, sea salt, red lentil flour, natural rosemary extract

The primarycompounds have insignificant to immaterial net carbs (for the most part fiber). Be that as it may, you can round down while summing up the nourishment certainties in the U.S., so there are unquestionably a few carbs in these saltines since 0g does not mean no carbs.

Almond, cauliflower, chia seeds and red lentil flour are comprised, in some part, of sugars. Yet, interestingly, in any case, the saltines are incredibly low in sugars.


In any case, how would they taste?


Extremely plain, which means they are incredible as dippingsaltines. Since cauliflower isn't the principle compound, the cauliflower taste isn't too solid either. There is no sweetness at all and the salt is almostunperceivable. Essentially, most likely by plan, these aren't something we'd snack on without a dip.

The raising and red lentil flour make these saltines a touch thicker, however they help us to remember the surface of those thin Italian breadsticks that sit on tables at lounges.

Once more, these Cali'floursaltines don't act as a burden at all so dipping in things like queso, spinach artichoke dip are immaculate here. Particularly for 0g net carb, these are a flat out easy decision for dipping saltines.

Notwithstanding the Classic flavor, there is an Italian Herb flavor choice as well. This really is Italian Herb, and they simply blend in some exemplary Italian flavors. The flavor isn't excessively overpowering here. We think you utilize these as a bread garnish substitution in servings of mixed greens and furthermore as a breadcrumb substitute in recipes.

Flavors (0g net carbs per 6 crackers):

  • Classic flavor
  • Italian Herb flavor


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3. JilzCrackerz

For those keto and low carb individuals who are on the stricter side of checking carbs, you should be aware of JilzCrackerz.

We are dependably a little incredulous when individuals in surveys talk about how a portion of the low carb items taste simply like their completely stacked carb opponents. However, in actuality, those items have an aftertaste like cardboard and the analysts haven't had a genuine sugar in years.

In any case, with Jilz Crackers, you really get an incredible flavor and crunch.

These saltines have a greater amount of the consistency and surface of sesame seed saltines. They are not excessively undesirable or chewy. Essentially, on the off chance that you've at any point had a common Asian sesame seed saltine, these will taste exceptionally recognizable.

These are incredible options for your cheddar and saltine evenings, or chips and guac.

JilzCrackerz come in three distinct flavors:

  • Tuscan
  • Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt
  • Mediterranean

They are all delightful. What's more, the important part is there are just 5g net carb per 10 saltines (0.5g net carb per saltine), which effectively beats Simple Mills for each saltine carb tally.


4.Julian Bakery Primal Thin Crackers

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


These Julian Primal Thin Crackers utilize a principle compound of parmesan cheddar! Since cheddar is exceptionally low carb, that keeps these saltines' carb content down.

All things considered, for some odd reason, the cheddar taste doesn't generally appear. In this way, we think about these more as seed saltines as opposed to cheddar or cheesesaltines.

This is extraordinary news for dipping, making queso, guacamole and fish plate of mixed greens your potential new closest companions.

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned cheddar, the rest is comprised of seed mix and some tapioca starch sprinkled in for a smidgen of crunchiness. Once more, the saltines don't have an overwhelming flavor without anyone else yet that is the thing that you need when you are searching for a scrumptious dipping saltine!

They come in at just 3g net carbs per 6 saltines (0.5g net carbs per saltine)!

Advantage: They are 100% USDA Organic, which is special out of the pack!


5.Flackers Organic Flax Seed Crackers

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


Because we are big keto fans, we needed to toss these Flackers Flax Seed Crackers on the rundown since they are genuinely low carb. We're talking 1g net carb per 6 saltines(or 0.17g net carbs per saltine)!

These “flackers” are produced using flax seed, which makes them exceptionally chewy and liable to adhere to your teeth. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can't have any extra carbs, these arethe option you have to go for.

The surface is chewier in light of the fact that they utilize entire seeds, which means they aren’t processed too much contrasted with flour. Likewise, flax seeds are an extraordinary wellspring of omega-3's to adjust your unsaturated fat proportions.

Master-Tip: We like these with solid flavors like fish or egg salad in light of the fact that the surface and tastes of the saltines don't dominate to such an extent.


6.Fiber Gourmet Thinables

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


Fiber Gourmet Thinables are a diet sustenance, completely. These take the course of high fiber, which can be extraordinary for keep net carb includes under control.

In any case, since they are a “diet” sustenance, Thinables are low fat. Furthermore, since cheddar has a decent measure of fat that implies there's not as much cheddar, and also implies the flavor is to some degree lacking. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need more flavor, simply prepare something to dip them in and you're have a great snack!

In addition, they use wheat and palm oil, so it's certainly not showcased to the common, whole foods markets like a portion of alternate items on this rundown. Be that as it may, this enables the saltines to be have a decent crunchy freshness.

At last, they carry out their mission and you can eat a huge amount of them. That is on the grounds that the net carb tally is actually low at 7g net carbs per 30 saltines (or 0.23g net carbs per saltine).


7.Skinny Crisps – Gluten Free Crackers

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


Skinny Crisps are an extraordinary expansion to the low carb saltines family! The majority of their low carb saltines hit the imprint for each classification including:


without gluten




No hydrogenated oils

Rice free

Wheat free

Casein free

Dairy free


The primary compounds are almonds, flax seed, and chickpea flour—all low glycemic compounds.

Our most loved flavors are Say Cheese and Plain Jane for dipping. These two tastes come in at around .75g net carb per saltine, which is lower than most keto agreeable saltines available!

From a taste point of view, they have a slight flax taste, alongside a wheat-like surface and only a slight trace of sweetness. They are actually all around adjusted!


8.Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

Low Carb Crackers to Buy


Simple Mills saltines appear to be all around us right now, so we needed to put them on this rundown. We've seen them at all natural-only marketsand also at Costco!

The nuts and seeds and cheddar utilizationis entirely anticipated. These basic compounds consolidate together to pack in the flavor and fat, making the cheddar saltines very satisfying.

Another positive is that these saltines are made out of nut flour (flax seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds) so they are additionally low glycemic. That makes the 1g net carb per saltine tally somewhat simpler to process.


Are Simple Mills saltines keto approved?


While the nut flour mix is the fundamental compound, these low carb cheddar saltines likewise are comprised of a moderate measure of tapioca starch. That makes it somewhat less keto approved given the high glycemic record and all out carb tally of tapioca.

Be that as it may, we for the most part have no issue remaining in ketosis while eating a moderate measure of these low carb saltines. The main word here is “moderate”– Don't go over the edge!

They arrive in a decent assortment of different flavors including:

Rosemary | Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil | Sea Salt | Cracked Black Pepper | Smoky BBQ


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