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Best Low Carb Coffee Creamers

Low Carb Coffee Creamers – We’re sure that many of you out there start their morning by having a coffee and for those of us that don’t enjoy black coffee too much the creamer is quite important. As for keto dieters it usually means that the creamier the creamer is, the better it is for you.

Low Carb Coffee Creamers


Low Carb French Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe


Low Carb Coffee Creamers

Low Carb Coffee Creamers – To start this off, first we need to say that there are a bunch of different types of creamers ranging from just changing the color of the coffee a little bit, to completely enhancing the flavor.

Low carb coffee creamers. The criteria we’ll use to present this list to you is as follows:

  • Low carb not only it has to be low on sugar but also low on carbs that might be present due to thickeners and other ingredients. In fact, you can completely skip over the sugar in the creamers and add you own keto friendly sweetener.
  • Fat content – since this is a keto friendly creamer rundown, the higher the fat content is the better it is for keto.
  • Wholesome compounds – the ones that contain more wholesome compounds will be ranked higher than those with lower natural compounds.
  • Easy to Blend – depending on the difficulty of how the creamer mixes in the coffee we’ll rank each creamer from easiest to hardest.
Low Carb Coffee Creamers

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

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Low carb coffee creamers easy to make and no time taking procedure
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 2 People
Calories 29 kcal


  • 3 cups Plain unsweetened almond
  • 1 cups Heavy cream or coconut cream
  • ¼ tbsp Pure stevia powder / equivalent powdered sweetener


  • Mix together all of the ingredients.


Keyword Low Carb Coffee Creamers


1.Quest MCT Powder Creamer

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

This particular brand is the absolute number one low carb creamer. It utilizes MCT oil in powder form as a main ingredient and because of this it contains high amount of C8 MCTs. As an addition it’s really easy to blend and makes your coffee even tastier.

It contains 7g of saturated fat due to the MCT powder and in case you’re not quite adapted to MCT or maybe you’re sensitive to it, get the lower Fat one which should be easier to process.

The reason this keto creamer is very easy to blend is because it contains additives. Some of the other compounds are: Sodium Caseinate, Sunflower Lecithin, Soluble Corn Fiber and Silicon Dioxide.

All things considered it has 0 net carbs and great mixability.


2.Left Coast Keto Coffee Creamer

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

This second brand on our rundown actually has all the right compounds. The primary one is of course MCT oil but it also has Coconut oil and ghee. In case you previously made Bulletproof coffee in the morning this creamer would make it much easier for you because it lets you skip a few steps.

It’s a great coffee creamer as both keto and low carb creamer because it contains 0g net carbs and it’s mixable utilizing a blender or frother.


3.Omega Powder Creamer

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

This one is actually very much like the keto coffee creamer but it doesn’t utilize MCT oil as primary compound but instead uses ghee and coconut oil for the base.

The tastes comes out buttery because of this but it’s not too keto-optimized. It contains 0g net carbs and utilizing a bender or frother for mixing would be needed.


4.Coffee Booster Creamer

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

One of the simplest answers to use for you coffee is this brand which only utilizes coconut oil and gras-fed ghee. Although MCT oil is better for keto dieters the coconut oil will deliver some coconut flavor to your Coffee. Low carb coffee creamers.

It contains 0g net carbs and utilizing a blender or frother would be needed to mix it up.


5.NutPods Dairy Free Creamer

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

One of the creamers we mentioned before that makes your coffee just a better color is this one which is a low carb no-dairy creamer made of coconut cream.

The MCTs in coconut makes this creamer great even though it’s not too much. You only get 10 calories and 1g of fat per tablespoon which isn’t really anything. It has 0 net carbs and it’s mixability is quite easy because you only need a spoon or a straw.


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6.Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Protein Mix

The best choice for Paleo people for sure is this one. It’s a completely natural low carb coffee creamer.

The taste is comprised by the coconut milk powder and the collagen peptides, it has a good Fat content and it’s easy to mix. It also has a really tasty flavor because of the utilization of monk fruit extract and vanilla in it.

It has total of 1g net carbs and mixing it is easily done using a spoon or straw.


7.Laird Superfoods Unsweetened Coffee Creamer

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

This great sweetener comes to us from Laird Hamilton who is a legendary big wave surfer. The product he brings to us is made for the Paleo folks which means it utilizes coconut as its base. The primary compound is powdered coconut milk with a small amount of calcium and coconut oil to improve it’s texture. It’s quite nice although it doesn’t have much fat. Low carb coffee creamers

It has a total of 0 net carbs and to mix it up it’s best to use a blender.


Ideas to make it better:

  • Use a keto friendly coffee sweetener like BetterStevia Glycerite because it mixes quite nice and has no aftertaste.
  • Add heavy whipping cream but be careful not to overuse it. Just a little splash would make your coffee into something beautiful.


Side Notes:

Most stainless steel Thermos bottles that have “cream” writing on the label right next to the coffee aren’t usually heavy whipping cream but are filled with half and half which has a high quantity of carbohydrates and that isn’t keto friendly.


Blender Preffered

The choices listed above all work best if you have a blender because of the higher fat content. If you don’t use one the coffee might come out as a bit “greasy” which is why we recommend that you use a blender to mix the low carb coffee creamers.

In case you don’t have access to a blender you can always get a milk frother which provides better result than stirring but you might have to re-froth once in a while since it’s not as good as a blender.




low carb coffee creamers

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