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4 Best Low Carb Cookies To Purchase

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies With Cream Cheese – One of the most enjoyable guilty pleasures out there are definitely cookies and people often get them to satisfy their cravings for sweets.


When this happens there are a few options. One is to check every corner of the internet for some decent recipes that won’t interrupt your keto diet and load you with carbs or you can be smarter about all this and run to the local market and get some low carb sweet snacks.


That’s exactly what we did and we’ve created this rundown with our favorite ones along with a need-to-know information on all of them.


Let’s start our rundown for:


Keto Friendly Cookies – 4 Best Low Carb Cookies To Purchase!


1. Alyssa’s Healthy Oatmeal Bites


Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies With Cream Cheese


These are the absolute best low carb cookies to purchase and are one of the few things you should always have plenty of whether it’s in your purse, pantry, car or backpack.


One thing that will become hard for you to live without are these Cookies when you are on a low carb keto diet. They have the ability to get you out of cravings for chewy treats you might have after breakfast or dinner.


Of course if you’re not a cook, you’ll love that you don’t have to make them. Another thing is that the compounds these cookies are made of are able to satisfy even the people that are only natural eaters.


The sweetener used is chicory root fiber also known as inulin which has no glycemic impact.


There are two types of these cookies, vegan and regular. The vegan only have 2g net carbs per cookie and the regular ones have 3g net carbs.


2. Fat Snax Chocolate Chip Cookies


Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies With Cream Cheese


The following cookies were actually created exactly for keto dieters and since that was what the creators had in mind they are high in fat and really buttery.


Low carb chocolate chip cookies With cream cheese


When you see the word keto on a package you definitely get a nice feeling because you realize that they created these cookies with everything in mind which includes low carb, sugar-free, keto-focused and quite fatty.


The difference is apparent right away. They are sweetened with erythritol, xylitol and stevia which are all alternatives for sugar with no glycemic impact or a very low one.


The surface is quite fluffy instead of dense and chewy, in fact they remind us of Entenmann’s Little Bites Mini Muffins.


They come in four flavors which are Chocolate chip (2g net carbs, 9g fat), Lemony Lemon (2g net carbs, 9g fat), Peanut Butter (1g net carbs, 9g fat) and Double Chocolate Chip (2g net carbs, 9g fat)


3. Nui Cookies

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies With Cream Cheese


Regardless of it not being mention on the label, these cookies were also created specifically for people on a keto diet.


They were previously known as the “Keto Kookie” and when they decided to re-brand they also figured they’d reach more potential customers instead of just those on keto diet.


They didn’t make many changes to the recipe except for a few compounds that made them a bit chewier and with a better texture.


Specially created cookies for keto diets offer high-fat and added MCT oil.


These cookies come in two flavors: Peanut Butter (2g net carbs) and Double Chocolate Chip (2g net carbs)


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4. Quest Protein Cookies

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies With Cream Cheese


The difference between their cookies and bars is that the cookies contain a healthier quantity of buttercream into their recipe which makes the cookie much softer, more fatty and the texture is less chewy which is actually awesome for keto.


The difference from these cookies and the others on our rundown is that these contain more protein which you’ll need to account for your daily macros tally.


The flavor of these cookies is amazing with a hint of “protein bar” lingering taste.


What’s great about them is that they are huge (58g) and contain only 4g net carbs per cookie.




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