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Infected Lip Piercing – Causes, Symptoms and Home Treatment

Lip Piercing Infection – Getting your lip pierced is something that has been around since ancient civilizations but it rose to popularity not too long ago and it developed into a trend.

People get their body parts pierced for different reasons but, like everything else that is unnatural, piercing as well has it's good and bad side effects.


Lip Piercing Infection


One of the worse things that can happen when getting your body is pierced is getting an infection and one of the worst situations is if you get a infected labret piercing swelling inside, especially if it's severe.


Infected Lip Piercing




The treatment of this sort of infection isn't too hard but it will take some time to fully heal and it's advised that if you get an infection like this you should take the piercing out and keep away from piercing your lip in the future.


Signs of a healing lip piercing


signs of a healing lip piercing


Our entire body can get an infection if we pierce it but the lip is especially prone to it because of the numerous different bacteria that is present in the mouth. The infection manifests by soreness and pain and if left untreated it may spread to other areas near it like your teeth or gums.


Possible Causes Of Lip Piercing Infection


Most common cause of a lip piercing infection is using an unsterilzed set to perform the piercing. Basically it begins at the moment when a bacteria enters the wound (pierced part) of the lip. Because the piercing is close to the oral cavity there is a large number of bacteria that can contaminate the wound and cause an infection.


infected labret piercing

Infected Lip Piercing

A few other common reasons for getting lip piercing infection  are the weak immune system of the person getting pierced, unsatisfactory oral hygiene, cleaning the wound using a dirty absorbant and improper hand washing.


Lip Piercing Infection Symptoms


The first symptom that will be visible is the redness of the pierced lip and inflammation in the area followed by swelling and becoming even more red. It may also happen that the infected area starts to burn or itch and become irritated.


Lip Piercing Infection


Be careful and try to treat the infection right away because there's a chance that a fever might occur in a day or two or even more serious symptoms like swollen lymph nodes.


A few other symptoms that might occur is severe pain which gets worse as time goes by and the infection isn't being treated as well as difficulty eating and chewing. Along the way, there's a chance that a pus may develop which might give away a foul smell.


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Home Treatment of Lip Piercing Infection


Get some sea salt and mix it in a cup with some warm water and use it to rinse the mouth for four times a day, preferably after every meal. It's also good if you can find an antibacterial mouth wash and use that as well.

Home Treatment of Lip Piercing Infection

Lip piercing infection – make sure you brush your teeth with a gentle toothbrush and try not to push any food near the infected area because they might get stuck in the wound. You can get some ice and suck it or chew it to take care of the inflammation and pain.


Definitelly avoid consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes because they will surely delay your recovery. Also, avoid squeezing the pus if it formed and don't remove the jewelry from the spot because there's a risk of creating an abscess which can also mess up your healing process.


Some other things you should also avoid are lipsticks or lip glosses at least as long as you still have the infection as well as sharing drinks and food with others because there's a lot of bacteria involved and it might worsen the situation.


Lip Piercing Infection


Another good thing you can do to make sure the healing is going in the right direction is to change your pillowcase often and don't rub your face with a towel after washing it, especially around the infection. Instead try to dry it by gently touching the towel near the infected part.


Remember that the treatment described above is actually a home treatment and it's something you can do on your own to help with your infected lip. Also remember that the sooner you recognize the symptoms and start the treatment the better it is and the infection will not develop to an alarming state.


However it's always good to consult your family doctor if you're able to because he would know your medical history and what treatment will be most efficient for treating any lip piercing infection you develop.



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Lip Piercing Infection


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