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Life Renu Testosterone

Life Renu Testosterone – Testosterone just like estrogen, as you might already be aware is a hormone that has a role in the human body of controlling the sex drive. Men have higher levels of testosterone than women while women have higher estrogen levels.


Among other things, testosterone is also the hormone that makes the penis grow in young boys and it also affects the body’s physical appearance in terms of muscle development, shoulder width and even facial hair.

Higher levels of testosterone can also increase the libido of a man although that’s not the only factor that has influence. Testosterone levels in humans vary throughout the day.

Life Renu Testosterone

Life Renu Testosterone


They can be quite high in the morning and drop down significantly by the end of it. Testosterone is also decreasing as we age especially after the age of 30 which is one of the reasons why men’s libido might drop after they celebrate their 30th birthday.

However aging is not the only thing that can contribute to having low testosterone levels in your body, injury to the testicles can also be a factor as well as inflammatory diseases like sarcoldosis or tuberculosis.

In order to avoid getting low testosterone levels or if you already have that condition you can either try to improve your diet or turn to some testosterone supplements which are natural and are able to increase your testosterone levels effectively. Life renu testosterone, the top 7 supplements to increase testosterone are the following:


1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is created in the skin when our skin gets in contact with sunlight. Because of the way of life today, people are rarely exposed to direct sunlight and we all lack this vitamin in our bodies.

Increasing the amount of vitamin D best testosterone boosting supplements, we have in our body can significantly improve our general health as well as raise testosterone levels and even the quality of your sperm.


Life Renu Testosterone


A research was done on this where participants were tested before and after being exposed to the sun in summer days and discovered that they had increased vitamin D levels as well as testosterone levels.

Another research that took a whole year and was done on 65 males who were divided in half and one half took 3300 IU of vitamin D daily while the other group didn’t take anything.

The results were in favor of the group that took the vitamin D since their testosterone levels were higher for about 20% while their vitamin D levels were twice the amount of the group that didn’t take any supplements.


2. D-Aspartic Acid

This is actually an amino acid that is able to increase your testosterone levels. It stimulates the luteinizing hormone that directly impacts the Leydig cells in the testicles to create testosterone. A study that was done on both humans and animals discovered that taking this supplement increases testosterone creation in just twelve days.


Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements



It is also good for your sperm count and quality as indicated by a research that lasted for 3 months in which the men were given d-aspartic acid and their sperm quantity was twice the amount what they previously had.

Overall the entire research that we have available for this acid has discovered that it can be extremely beneficial for people that have lower than normal testosterone levels and those who suffer from a condition that decreases their testosterone but to those that have normal levels it wouldn’t help as much.


3. Ginger

This Ginger spice best testosterone boosting supplements, it has a lot of healthy benefits among which is also the ability to increase testosterone. This is an herb that has been used in medicine for a long time especially to reduce inflammation.


Life Renu Testosterone


A research that was done on men who were infertile and were taking a supplement containing ginger had their testosterone levels increase by 17% as well as their quantity of luteinizing hormone doubling in amount and when they tested the sperm count they saw an increase of 16% there as well.


4. Tribulus Terrestris

This is also an herb like the Tribulus Terrestris and has been used as a medicine for a long time. It’s able to boost your sex drive and raise your testosterone when taking it.


Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements


A research that was done on men that were suffering from erectile dysfunction and lasted for 3 months, discovered that this herb was able to raise their testosterone levels for 16% and increased their overall sexual health.

This herb is great if you’re suffering from some illness that lowers your testosterone levels but if you have normal testosterone levels it won’t do much for you.


5. Fenugreek

Another one in the line of herbs that help increase testosterone levels. It’s believed by scientists that this herb increases testosterone by being able to reduce the number of enzymes in charge of transforming the testosterone into estrogen.


Life Renu Testosterone


A research was done on this in which 15 college male students participated and lasted for 2 months. One group was taking 500 mg of fenugreek daily and the other one wasn’t while both were going through training for the duration of the experiment.

The testosterone levels in the group that took the fenugreek is best testosterone boosting supplements and increased compared to the group that was only training that had a decreased level of testosterone.


6. Zinc

Zinc is a very important mineral that is fundamental for a lot of chemical processes that are occurring within the human body. It has been also closely linked to testosterone levels.


Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements


A research that was centered on banning zinc consumption from food showed decreased level of testosterone in men that are perfectly healthy and on the opposing side there were men who had lower zinc levels and consumed zinc supplements which resulted in increased testosterone levels.

Life Renu Testosterone


Male Factor

Life Renu Testosterone



DHEA is a hormone that we all have in our bodies and it’s short of Dehydroepiandrosterone and it has an impact on our testosterone and estrogen levels.


Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements



A research that proved DHEA has an impact on testosterone levels was done on humans and it involved taking 50-100mg of DHEA supplement every day.

This increased their testosterone levels for 20% contrasted to a placebo group. Taking about 100mg of DHEA per day is completely safe if you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels.

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