Avoid These 3 Foods to Prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome and Inflammation

Leaky Gut Foods To Avoid



Hey this is Dr. Ron Eccles with LIFE RENU and today I want to just encourage you to do three things and it's not about adding, it's about taking away.

Our immune system that keeps us healthy has a large amount of these lymphatic glands around our intestine, our gut and they're just on the other side of the intestinal wall.

The problem is they are being overstressed and overworked because our guts are unhealthy. And when we have an unhealthy gut due to an extreme inflammatory condition we wind up with leaky gut which means that the cell gaps, in other words, that the cells are meant to be snug up against each other.

When the gaps widen just a little bit too much, pathogens, like unhealthy bacteria, viruses, fungus and other toxins can leak through and cause a massive amount of work for the lymphatic. On the other side we have to protect your body against these invaders.

Now remember if you didn't have leaky gut then these gaps would be closed and any harmful and toxic materials would then just pass through the system out of your body. Leaky gut foods to avoid, So creating a healthier gut is going to be very much in your favor when it comes to protecting your immune system.

Now what are the three things that you can take away or reduce in your diet that would help begin healing your gut:


Foods to Avoid With Leaky Gut


Foods to Avoid With Leaky Gut

Gluten is found in wheat rye and barley but it is also utilized in many different processed foods. You'll see now many foods being labeled ”No gluten”. So you want to try to include as much low or non gluten sources in your diet as possible. And you can eliminate gluten completely. It would just be so much better. Everyone would benefit from it. Now there's another thing you can reduce your dairy intake.


Leaky Gut Foods To Avoid

Leaky Gut Foods To Avoid – The body has not been designed to digest the sugar in the dairy sauces particularly in milk. You can substitute milk with almond milk or cashew milk or some of the others that are more easily digested. Goat's milk is another choice, not my favorite. I used to drink it when my kids were younger but now my favorite, almond milk seems to be my choice right now.

3.Refined Sugars

Leaky Gut Foods To Avoid

Leaky Gut Foods To Avoid – Then you've got to really work at reducing or eliminating refined sugars from your diet. Having some sugars in your diet is OK but sugar coming from a structured carbohydrate like vegetables or some fruits are much healthier for you because they not only contain the vitamins and nutrients you need they also contain the fiber that's necessary that helps feed the probiotics in your system.

So I want to make sure you're encouraged as you enter into the new phase of your life becoming a BlueZoner. You're looking to create that optimized health so you can live a healthier longer and more productive life. This is Dr. Ron with Life RENU, encouraging you to take control of the food you put in your body and make sure you stack the deck in your favor.

Make sure you check out the rest of my articles and posts in order to get even more information on how to improve your overall health and stack the deck in your favor.


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