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The Real Benefits Of L-Glutamine Are Not What You Think

L glutamine benefits – Many supplements are sold today as our consciousness around health and fitness increases.


L Glutamine Benefits


Proliferated by the internet, social media and influential personalities, major corporations in the nutrition game now push these products aimed at assisting in the achievement of lifestyle goals such as good health and beauty.


One such supplement, commonly touted for both its performance and beauty-enhancing qualities is L-glutamine.


What Is L-glutamine?

L-glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid.


L Glutamine Benefits


That means your body needs it, but already makes enough internally under healthy circumstances.


It only becomes essential through dietary sources when normal production declines or special circumstances occur such as disease or injury.


It is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body and a major component of structural protein.


Because of this, L glutamine benefits are isolated and marketed as a useful supplement.


So why is this and what is it meant to do?


What Is L-Glutamine Know For?

Being that it is such an abundant amino acid in structural protein such as muscle protein, collagen, and elastin, glutamine in isolation has been sold as a way to supply an active body with the raw materials for faster recovery and body recomposition.


L Glutamine Benefits


L-glutamine in this way is considered a performance-enhancing supplement, one which assists in building muscle and preventing catabolism or muscle break-down.


In another way, L glutamine benefits is marketed as a beauty enhancer due to its purported anti-aging benefits.


Because it is a major component of structural proteins elastin and collagen, the proteins that give skin its youthful composition, it is considered a beauty enhancer.


L Glutamine Benefits


While the foundations of these theories is true, the practical effectiveness of L-glutamine doesn’t significantly influence these aspects of health and beauty in the ways commonly advertised.


That doesn’t mean it's a useless supplement though.


In this article, we’re going to look at the real ways L-glutamine supplementation is good for your health as opposed to the ways you may have been misled to believe it is.


Top 3 Real Health L Glutamine Benefits


Gut Health

L-glutamine is carved by your digestive system. When you ingest it through supplementation, it almost exclusively ends up in the intestines.


L Glutamine Benefits


Your gut uses glutamine to optimize its function in a few ways.


Firstly it supports intestinal structure by fortifying the tight junctions in your intestinal walls, thus preventing things like leaky gut syndrome.


The leaky gut syndrome is a condition where the intestinal lining is compromised to the point where it indiscriminately allows ANYTHING to pass through.


That includes harmful toxins and germs that are often present in the food you eat.


The inclusion of L glutamine, therefore, improves the integrity and protective qualities of your gut.


Glutamine has also been shown to fuel gut tissues for a more effective function.


Immune Booster

Another useful effect of L glutamine benefits is its role in the immune system.


L Glutamine Benefits


This is also linked to gut health as the majority of immune functions emanate from your digestive system.


Generally speaking, l glutamine benefits it boost your immune function throughout the body.


It is one of the primary fuel sources for the metabolic processes that drive the immune system.


When you exercise intensely, the depletion of L-glutamine is what leads to the temporary drop in immune function. This quickly bounces back, however, when you replenish your nutrition stores with a balanced diet that includes protein.


Prevents Muscle Wasting

L-glutamine helps preserve lean tissue, but only significantly in states of severe muscle trauma or atrophy.


L Glutamine Benefits


Under normal, healthy circumstances, any external form of l-glutamine will just get absorbed by the gut, since the body probably already has enough.


In states of severe stress or shock, such as illness or injury, especially the type that affects the structural integrity of muscle tissue, l-glutamine is deployed to offer support as raw material and immune-boosting super fuel.


Diseases such as cancer and AIDS are among the many special cases where L-glutamine supplementation has a significant effect on the preservation of muscle tissue.


It is also useful in times of physical trauma such as severe burns or open wounds.


Outside of these special instances, L-glutamine shows no useful application in optimizing the composition of soft tissue when taken as a supplement.



L-glutamine is important for your body to function properly, there is no doubt about that.


But your body handles its production pretty effectively without the need for an extra supplemental source when it comes to muscle building and preservation.


That being said, it does have its benefits as a supplement.


It’s good for your digestive and immune systems.


So is L-glutamine worth it?


The answer is yes, but probably for different reasons than the ones you’ve likely been led to believe.



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