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The Keto Vegan Warrior Diet

Vegan and Vegetarian

Keto Vegan Warrior Diet – When it comes to dietary protocols, none has taken public consciousness more profoundly than the vegetarian and vegan diet. The vegan diet or veganism consists of sourcing all nutrition from plant and non-animal sources.

Its popularity lies in the motivations and incentives being both internal, for the benefit of one’s health, and external, from an ethical standpoint.


Vegan Warrior Diet


Vegetarianism posits that it is fine to eat animal derived product as long as it wasn't obtained through direct suffering or death of an animal. This means milk and eggs are on the menu.

Veganism transcends from just a dietary preference to a full-blown lifestyle, affecting not just your food, but your fashion, furniture and cosmetics choices.

Keto Vegan Warrior Diet



Entering Ketosis

The keto or ketogenic diet is one that is gaining massive traction as well. It's a nutritional protocol that acts to switch your body’s energy fuel use from carbohydrates to fats. This switch from carbs to fat as the primary metabolic fuel is known as ketosis.

Many health benefits are said to arise from a keto diet. Since fat has a higher energy yield than either carbs or protein, it makes sense that a ketogenic lifestyle would put you at an optimized energy turnover.


Entering Ketosis


Ketosis is also shown to improve weight loss since your body in ketosis would naturally use up your own stored fat as fuel.


The Keto Vegetarian Diet

Warrior Diet What to Eat During Undereating Phase


Often, these two worlds collide. You may be steady vegan or vegetarian and one day decide to optimize your metabolic energy turnover through keto. Or you might be a keto warrior and have decided the state of the ecosystem and the welfare of animals could do with one less meat eater.

Either way, those familiar with either or both of these lifestyles will know that it is often difficult to source the right foods and recipes that are wholesome, tasty and easy on the pocket. Cutting down on animal products is easy enough on its own. Cutting down carbs is hardly complicated by itself.

The problem lies in combining the two. Luckily we live in an age of information. A time where it's easy enough to click a button and find a good keto vegetarian diet menu.


Basic Keto Vegetarian Diet Menu


Fatty Fruits

The best of both worlds, a fruit for your vegetarian persuasions, full of fat for your keto sensitivities.

Right of the bat we have the old faithful avocado. This fruit is one of the most calorie dense natural foods available. Half a cup of the green mush awards you with 120 calories, 100 of which are from healthy, mostly unsaturated fat. Avos are a great way to check the keto and vegan boxes at the same time while also getting a healthy dose of nutrients. Just remember to watch the calorie counter with this one.



Another low carb fruit with a famously high fat content is the coconut. Despite having “nut” in its name, the coconut is a fruit. Delicious to snack on raw, coconut has also found popularity through its many versatile uses. It can be made into flour, dairy and spreading substitute. Its high fat, low carb content and culinary versatility make it indispensable when coming up with tasty keto-vegan friendly recipes. Half a cup of coconut milk contains 276 calories, of which 260 are just from fat! You definitely need to keep your calories in check with this one.

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Lastly we have the olive. This fruit the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists of high levels of antioxidants from fresh produce and high nutrient seafood diet, introducing a healthy dose of essential fats, proteins and minerals. Also known as the “bluezone” this diet is naturally high fat and low carb. It is also sparing on the meat side, making it easy to adapt into a keto vegetarian diet. The olive is the main ingredient in most Mediterranean cuisine and its oil is drizzled on almost all dishes generously. The abundance of micronutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids make olives a keto vegetarian must!

Warrior Diet What to Eat During Undereating Phase


Warrior Diet What to Eat During Undereating Phase


Right around the corner from fatty fruits is fatty nuts. These little crunchy bits come packed with a plethora of health boosting nutrients. When it comes to fat, nuts are absolutely brimming.


The walnut, hazelnut and almond are great examples of nuts to go nuts about.


The walnut is a great source of ALA, an omega-3 essential fatty acid. ALA helps maintain a healthy circulation and also provides structure to your nerve tissue.


The hazelnuts are also a great source of the nutrients you are probably deficient in. they contain high concentrations of vitamin E. Vitamin E is fat soluble. This means it needs an adequate amount of fat as a transport medium. This is convenient considering the high fat value of hazelnut. Vitamin E is a cell protecting anti oxidant.


Lastly we have the humble almond. This nifty nut takes it a step further, because while affording you all the benefits of the others in this list, almonds have proven to be a versatile ingredient. Almond milk is a popular dairy substitute while the ground powder of almonds is a low carb, gluten free flour substitute.


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Warrior Diet What to Eat During Undereating Phase


Not very different to nuts in both anatomy and nutritional content, seeds are also a great way to expand your high fat, low carb, vegetarian menu.


Let's take a look at the hemp seed. This little gem contains a high dose of ALA omega 3 fatty acid. It also contains omega 6. This has been shown to have remarkable health benefits regarding circulation and blood pressure. Hemp seeds are also protein rich and are one of the few plant sources with a complete protein profile.


Other great seeds include flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.


Other Foods

Legumes such as peas, peanuts, beans and lentils are a good food source for a keto vegetarian diet.


When considering vegetarian options, and not specifically vegan, you might want to incorporate eggs and dairy. Fermented milk products such as cheese and yogurt are packed with nutrition and eggs have a decent dose of good HDL cholesterol.



It’s not as easy as browsing your local grocery aisle when putting together a meal plan that’s both vegetarian and keto friendly. With the right knowledge and patience it's a little less complicated and a lot tastier.


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