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Healthiest Keto Snack Foods

Keto snacks whole foods – The keto diet requires that you drop your carb intake to a minimum and up your fat intake to about 75% of your daily macros.

Keto snacks whole foods

That means a lot of your shopping habits will be aimed at getting the highest fat and lowest carb options you can get your hands on.


This isn’t too complicated, just read the labels and do the math, and you can fill your shopping cart up with keto snacks whole foods.


When it comes to snack foods, the same can be said, the only concern is that snack food is traditionally not known for being the bastion of healthy eating.


That means you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find healthy, keto snacks whole foods that work for you.


With a little insight, you’ll be munching away in a healthy low carb way

7 Awesome Keto Snacks Whole Foods

Unflavoured Crispy Pork Rinds

Pork rinds are high in fat and low in carbs as you can imagine.

Keto snacks whole foods

The crispy preserved version of pork rinds is a popular snack, especially for those who are on a keto regimen.


They fit perfectly with your macro needs and provide the same inviting texture as you might enjoy from potato chips.


When it comes to crispy pork rinds, try and source ones with the least added ingredients, especially ingredients such as MSG and sugars which are typically used for flavor.


Go for the plain, lightly salted flavors with as little added to them as possible. Also, keep an eye out for trans fats.

Unsalted Raw Nuts

Unsalted raw nuts are great because they have all the natural goodness of nuts, including the high healthy fat content, without all the negatives of processing or high sodium.

Keto snacks whole foods

Try to find the certified organic variants as these will likely not have any harmful contaminants such as pesticides or herbicides.


For the sake of keto, try and avoid cashews. This nut (which isn’t really a nut in the first place) is very carb-dense, making it not the best for a keto diet.

Organic Keto Bars

Certified organic keto bars are a great candy bar alternative for healthy, keto-adapted living.

Keto snacks whole foods

Typically, health bars or trail bars are super carbies, but most health food aisles now feature keto-friendly bars which come in either regular or vegan versions.


Again, look out for trans fats and too many additives.

Certified Organic Whey Isolate

As a healthy snack time drink, we recommend a good, organic whey isolate.

Keto snacks whole foods

No serious nutritional arsenal is complete without a good back up protein source you can grab and go.


When it comes to whey, we prefer organic, grass-fed isolate as it delivers a complete, clean and highly bioavailable, low carb protein source.


Protein is essential to your diet keto or not.

Organic Nut Butter

Just as with nuts, nut butters are going to be a great option for you to add to your keto snacks whole foods.

Keto snacks whole foods

Not only are they great on their own just by spooning in yummy mouthfuls, but they are also great additions to other snacks.


Your protein shake is an example of a snack that can combine well with nut butter.


Obviously you’ll want to go for the unsweetened versions, but also look out for sodium and preservatives, rather opting for certified organic.


Avoid cashew butter. As we said, cashews are carb-dense and won’t suit your keto sensitivities.

Certified Organic Beef Jerky.

Beef jerky is a great, naturally preserved protein source with all the other nutritional benefits of meat packed in.

Keto snacks whole foods

Because its dry, compact and portable, it holds well and is the ultimate grab and go snack for meat lovers.


Beef jerky can be high in sodium and other product enhancing additives so watch out for these and opt for organic, grass-fed beef.


If flavor and texture are what you’re looking for, you can also go for biltong.


This is a special South African style beef jerky some would describe as gourmet jerky.


It has a richer, juicier flavor and texture than regular jerky due to more natural curing and drying processes.

Kale Chips

Another crispy snack to land on this list, kale chips are an amazing substitute for good old potato chips.

Keto snacks whole foods

They are crispy, crunchy and healthy, with fat to carb ratio perfect for keto.


You can easily make your own keto chips at home in your oven, but store-bought ones are just as good.


Just make sure, once again, you go certified organic and keep your eye out for trans fats and MSG.


A Keto snack attack is inevitable. Snacking is a normal and healthy part of good eating habits, just as long as the quality and quantity of the foods you snack on are up to code.


We strongly advised keeping your eyes on certified organic sources, with “certified” being the operative term.


Make sure to stay within your recommended caloric guidelines too. It’s easy to go overboard with a few handfuls of yummy nuts.

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