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10 Best ketogenic movie snacks


ketogenic movie snacks – It’s not really easy to have some keto snacks when you go to the movies because there aren’t many snacks they offer over there that are keto friendly and you might find this kind of depressing because of all the snacks you can’t have while watching the movie.


Best ketogenic


There are some theaters that offer some keto snacks or meals but that’s usually not enough.


You don’t have to despair though, because we made a list of convenient keto friendly snacks you can put in your bag, backpack or pocket and sneak them inside to enjoy.


Top 10 Healthy Movie Snacks




1.Sugar-Free Candy

  • Smart Sweets Sugar Free Gummy Bears
    • Some very delicious and awesome sugar free gummy bears that taste sweet and chewy.
    • They are sweetened with tapioca fiber, insulin and stevia and they utilized real fruit to get the color and the flavor right.
    • They have no sugar alcohols at all so you won’t have any inconvenient bowel issues.
    • They are packed in portable bags and have about 3g net carbs per bag


  • Koochiko’s aka Keto Lollipops
    • These have almost the same compounds as the previous gummy bears we described and are also very tasty.
    • Real fruits are utilized for the flavor and coloring and tapioca fiber as a sweetener.
    • They are organic and each keto lollipop has 1g net carb.


  • ChocZero Bark
    • This is a type of chocolate that has a crunch and has no sugar alcohols at all which is absolutely awesome.
    • Monk Fruit Extract is utilized as sweetener.


  • Lily’s Chocolate Bars
    • Amazing low carb chocolate bars which are sweetened utilizing erythritol and stevia which have no glycemic index
    • Getting some of these is a great choice because they taste amazing and are available online and in a bunch of stores.
    • The flavor we recommend is salted almond and milk.


  • Twizzlers
    • The taste exactly like the original but they are sweetened utilizing maltitol and sorbitol so don’t go overboard when eating these.


  • Reeses Pieces
    • Mini cups sweetened utilizing maltitol and lactitol so also keep in mind not to eat too much.


  • Atkins Peanut Candies
    • If you love M&M’s these would be a great alternative but be careful because they are sweetened using a lot of maltitol.



2.Nuts and Seeds


healthy movie snacks


Probably the most perfect snacks to sneak in to the movies are these tasty, filling and portable treats.


Here’s a list of our most loved Nuts and Seeds we like to take with us in the movies:


  • Pumpkin seeds
    • The Eden organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds are the ones we recommend since they are packed in awesome mini packages and also come at 0g net carbs.


  • Sunflower seeds
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Almonds



Low calorie movie snacks, if you’re missing the saltiness of popcorns or maybe the crunch of nachos you’re definitely going to enjoy the Liberated’s Cheddar crackers which are extremely easy to pack and has 0g net carbs.


Something you can do to make your crackers even better is buy some nacho cheese at the theater and use it as a dip for your crackers.


4.Keto Cookies


Keto Friendly Movie Theater Snacks


Sweet keto friendly movie snack that is easily packed into the pocket or purse.


The brands we recommend are:






We recommend two particular bars that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


  • Epic Meat Bar – if you’re up for something savory or you want a hot dog but can’t have one because of the bun, these will surely satisfy those cravings. They have 1g net carbs per bar.
  • Sola Granola Bar – If you’re up for something sweet and nice these will hit the spot for sure.



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6.Peeled Snacks Organic Butter & Salt Puffs


The best alternative to popcorn for sure is this particular snack.


The flavor we recommend is Butter & Salt and even though the name contains butter the puffs have kind of a cheesy flavor also.


The primary compound is pea flour with glycemic index of 22, these are a way better choice than most puff substitutes.


You can easily eat around 35 of the puffs and have like 10g net carbs.


The flavors they offer are Butter & Salt, Aged Parmesan and Nacho.



7.Pork Rinds

healthy movie theater snacks



If you’re missing the crunch or saltiness of popcorn and nachos, the pork rinds will bring it back to you for sure, healthy movie theater snacks.


These are even easier than the crackers to turn into nacho and they are probably more delicious as well.


There are a variety of flavors such as: Epic Pork Rinds, 4505 Chicharrones, Field Trip and Pork Clouds.





Zevia is actually the soda we recommend when you’re on keto.


They have a lot of flavors and are all sweetened utilizing stevia.


Best of all they are easy to sneak into the movie theater.


The flavors we recommend are: Strawberry, Grape, Cream Soda, Orange and Black Cherry.



9.Hapi Water


This is a new product in the keto world so it’s not too spread out in markets yet.


The flavors they offer are: Apple, Strawberry Kiwi, Fruit Punch and Grape.


They taste kind of like Capri Sun but keto friendly with no carbs and sugar.


They are sweetened entirely utilizing erythritol.



10.Keto Ice Cream



keto movie snack


Considering that most ice cream brands that have keto ice cream recommend that the ice cream should sit out for about 20 minutes to get the desired surface you can easily grab one from the fridge and sneak it into the theater to have it as a snack once the movie starts.





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