Keto Bread Recipe

● Avocado oil spray
● Almond flour
● Coconut flour
● Psyllium husk powder
● Instant yeast
● Coconut sugar
● Grass-fed beef gelatin (we like Vital Proteins!)
● Organic apple cider vinegar
● Grass-fed clarified butter
● Sesame seeds


Keto baking is a delicate balancing act involving finding the right combination of gluten free flours, healthy fats, binders, and leavening agents that will yield a loaf that actually looks and tastes like bread!

We did quite a bit of experimenting in the kitchen to make sure we developed the best loaf of keto bread we possibly could.

The best part is our bread is super easy to make. It mixes up similar to how a cake would mix up, without the need for a rise time. We use yeast, but it’s just for flavor, not as a leavening

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