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How To Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Benefits



Ron Eccles here with LIFE RENU coming to you with another subject about what not to put in your body.


Intermittent Fasting Benefits :- You know there's a big trend going on right now about fasting and I believe that fasting, isn't actually a trend because it's been around probably as long as people have been around but it's taking it's emergence in society today because we are eating from fast food restaurants all the time.

Fasting has been proven to be very healthy. Depending on your body makeup, some people can't handle fasting because their blood sugar drops too low and get headaches and other unwanted nervous system effects. The average person, however, can use a couple of different strategies and here are two that I use on a regular basis.


How To Intermittent Fasting


I use a minimum of a 12 hour fast every day which means typically my last meal is at about 4 in the afternoon.


How To Intermittent Fasting :- I know that's early but that's how I like my routine and I don't eat again. I don't have another meal until about 6-7 the following morning, sometimes even at 8 when I get back from the gym.


That's more than 12 hours, bu that gives my body this break from putting food into it and then I begin by breaking that fast with a good protein meal.


I've just completed a 43 hour fast but when I finish my fast I've got to have my protein shake loaded with healthy fats, a really good source of protein and just a little bit of quality carbs and it's absolutely incredible.


How To Intermittent Fasting


After 48 hours I have to tell you how incredible that tastes. And that's just something that we need to be working on a regular basis, learning how to break from eating too much, give our bodies a chance to rest, replenish and then come back and put a really good fuel on. You'll start appreciating good fuel so much more.


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