How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

Increase testosterone naturally – Testosterone is an important hormone in the human body and it’s mostly present in men although women also have small amounts of it. It’s created in women’s ovaries and in the testicles of men while very small quantities are created in the adrenal glands.

When boys hit puberty the testosterone has a very significant role in their development and causes physical changes in their appearance such as larger muscles, hair growth, deep voice and so on.


 Increase Testosterone Naturally


Even though it plays a crucial role during puberty it’s also very important in all parts of life because it improves the general health of the person, body composition, libido, disease risk factors and a lot more.

Even though it’s much more present in men it also has an important role in women and it impacts their overall and sexual health in a positive way. Testosterone can also act as a steroid since it can make your muscles gain mass in a very short period of time of just a few weeks.

There’s been a lot of research done on testosterone and the majority of scientists agree that having normal levels of testosterone is equally important for both men and women. Knowing all this we should all strive to keep our testosterone levels up and all we can to maintain a healthy balance especially through natural ways that are easily implemented into your day to day life.


Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is a staple for keeping a healthy body because it improves a lot of aspects and it has a hand in raising testosterone levels. It’s actually the most effective way to increase your testosterone, especially if your workout routine involves lifting weights.

Training with resistance or weight is the most beneficial exercise if you’re looking to improve your testosterone levels whether you’re looking for quick results or if you want to aim for a long-term better testosterone levels.


 Increase Testosterone Naturally


Another type of exercise that was found to be very impactful on your testosterone levels is the high intensity interval training or HIIT. A research that was done on elderly men discovered that their testosterone levels were significantly higher after they did some form of exercise.

Another research that involved obese male subjects discovered that regular exercising was very efficient in increasing their testosterone levels which proved even better than a special diet that was designed for that.


Sufficient Rest

When you’re exercising regularly it’s also very important to have a sufficient rest for your general wellbeing which includes the testosterone levels.


 Increase Testosterone Naturally


The amount of how long you should sleep would be different for everyone but a research has discovered that sleeping for only 5 hours per night will decrease your testosterone level by at least 15% and sleeping for only 4 hours per night would get your testosterone down to some unhealthy levels.

Basically the research that was done and that’s available to us suggests that sleeping anywhere between 7 and 10 hours per night is the most optimal for keeping yourself healthy as well as keeping your testosterone levels up for a longer period of time.


Less Stress

If we’re constantly exposed to stress it will cause our cortisol levels to rise significantly which is a very bad sign for our overall health. The raise in cortisol levels can also impact the production of testosterone in a negative way which means that the more we are under stress the less testosterone our body produces.


 Increase Testosterone Naturally


High cortisol levels are also linked with other negative effects in our bodies and some of those are weight gain and fat around important internal organs. You should try to avoid stress or at lease minimize it as much as you can and some way you can do that is by exercising often, sleeping well and a well-rounded diet based mainly on whole foods.


Go Out Often On Sunny Days

Whenever you see that the sun is out and the weather is nice, go out and have a walk. The more sunlight you get the more vitamin D you create and vitamin D is directly linked to the production of testosterone in your body, increase testosterone naturally.

In a research that took a whole year it was discovered that taking a supplement that contained 3000 IU of vitamin D every day raised the testosterone levels of the participants for 25%.

This means that if you manage to go out and get some sunlight regularly you’ll definitely improve your testosterone levels and if you’re not able to get sunlight regularly you can supplement your vitamin D deficiency by taking 3000 IU of vitamin D.


Utilize Natural Testosterone Raising Herbs

On herb in particular that has a good research behind it is the ashwagandha herb that has been used for a long time by eastern medicine. It’s able to help with the improvement of testosterone levels by reducing your stress and anxiety.

A research that was done on this herb involving the sperm quality in infertile men has discovered that it was able to increase the testosterone levels by 10 to 22%.


 Increase Testosterone Naturally


Another research discovered that ashwagandha has the ability to better the exercising ability as well as the strength of the person that is using it. In turn this also increased the testosterone levels of the participants in the research.

Another herb that is pretty good with increasing testosterone levels is ginger which is able to raise testosterone levels. It’s often used as a spice and it has a lot of healthy benefits for the human body. It has the ability to reduce inflammation and increase the luteinizing hormone as well.


Consume Protein, Carbs and Fat

Your diet has a huge impact on all of your hormone levels including your testosterone. Having a well-balanced diet that can be followed forever is one of the best ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.

It’s been discovered that consuming the right amount of protein plays a significant role in keeping a healthy amount of testosterone levels and it can help you lose unnecessary fat which can also increase your testosterone.


 Increase Testosterone Naturally


Consuming enough carbs is linked to optimizing your testosterone levels especially during weight lifting workouts, increase testosterone naturally. Although fat is generally bad for your testosterone levels, consuming healthy fats in the right amount can be important for your overall health and testosterone levels.

Keeping testosterone levels up is especially important for men that are aged 25 and above since this is the time that most men start to decline in their testosterone levels.

It’s important that they keep their testosterone levels up because decreased testosterone levels were linked to obesity, earlier death and higher risk of chronic illness.

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